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Educators and parents/families in our service area (Regions 2 & 3) may request books and materials from the T/TAC William & Mary Library.

Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors: Using the Building Blocks Model to Guide Intervention and Classroom Management

Authors: Nancy Mather, Sam Goldstein, & Katie Eklund

Call Number: LD133

Practical Strategies for Supporting Emotional Regulation in Students with Autism: Enhancing Engagement and Learning in the Classroom 

Authors: Leslie Blome with Maureen Zelle

Call Number: AU109

How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behavior: Practical, Ready-To-Use Interventions That Work

Author: Kaye L. Otten &

Jodie L. Tuttle

Call Number: BM335

Seven Steps for Developing a Proactive Schoolwide Discipline Plan: A Guide for Principals and Leadership Teams

Author: Geoffrey Colvin

Call Number: BM293

Can I Tell You About Tourette Syndrome?: A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals

Author: Mal Leicester

Call Number: MD49

Discipline in the Secondary Classroom: A Positive Approach to Behavior Management

Author: Randall S. Sprick

Call Number: BM302

Don't Suspend Me!: An Alternative Discipline Toolkit

Authors: Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan & John E. Hannigan

Call Number: BM336

Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching The Students Who Challenge Us Most 

Author: Jeffrey Benson

Call Number: BM327

Charting The Course for Treating Children with Autism: A Beginner's Guide for Therapists

Authors: Linda Kelly & Janice Plunkett D'Avignon

Call Number: AU110

Learning Disabilities and Related Disabilities: Strategies for Success

Authors: Janet W. Lerner & Beverley H. Johns

Call Number: LD123

Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools: The Behavior Education Program 

Author: Deanne A. Crone, Leanne S. Hawken, & Robert H. Horner

Call Number: BM321

Can I Tell You About Dyspraxia?: A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals

Author: Maureen Boon

Call Number: MD50

Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?: A Guide for Friends, Family, and Professionals

Authors: CJ Atkinson

Call Number: MD51

School Discipline, Classroom Management, and Student Self-Management: A PBS Implementation Guide

Author: Howard M. Knoff

Call Number: BM332

Visual/Spatial Portals to Thinking, Feeling, and Movement: Advancing Competencies and Emotional Development in Children with Learning and Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Authors: Serena Wieder &

Harry Wachs

Call Number: AU107

A Parent's Guide to High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: How to Meet the Challenges and Help Your Child Thrive

Authors: Sally Ozonoff, Geraldine Dawson, & James C. McPartland

Call Number: AU106

Positive Behavior Support at The Secondary "Targeted Group" Level: Yellow Zone Strategies

Authors: Laura A. Riffel & Melinda Mitchiner

Call Number:BM334

Causes & Cures in the Classroom: Getting to the Root of Academic and Behavior Problems

Author: Margaret Searle

Call Number: BM325

This Kid Can Fly: It's About Ability (Not Disability)

Authors: Aaron Philip with Tonya Bolden

Call Number: DA85

A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Stuff Nobody Tells You About 

Author: Haley Moss

Call Number: AU104

Once you've identified books you'd like to borrow, submit the Request for Library Materials form. Please request no more than two books at a time. If the book(s) you've requested are available, we will mail them to you, along with a postage-paid envelope to facilitate the return of the items you've borrowed by their due date.

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