July 2019
TTC monthly news & updates
President's Message
Yes, it’s July already and it is HOT. I hope your training and racing is going well. If not, maybe your having a mid-season training rut? Consider changing up your routine. Have a look at the TTC Calendar. We have multiple group activities many days of the week. One event of special note this month, is our July 50 and 100-mile supported ride. We have sag support with snacks and Base Performance Hydro and bars. Injured and still want to participate? The club and the triathlon community at large always need volunteers. See Volunteer Opportunities under the Members Area tab on the TTC website. Or, maybe you need some social time with your fellow TTC members. We have a social the first Tuesday at Mellow Mushroom – Cary and on the second Tuesday, the club has a social at Krafty’s Burger and Brew in Garner. The club buys the first beer at both events.
TTC has lots of cool events throughout the season, Kickoff party, cookout, end of season extravaganza, and more. How do we do it? In part through your membership fee but really through our sponsorship support. So, when you are looking for a coach, a lawyer, a mortgage, a bike, a burger, a pizza, a brew, a Sport Shield and more, please first look to our sponsors when making your buying decisions. 

Fred Arnold
Please support our 2019 Sponsors
TTC 50/100 Mile BS* Squared Bike Ride
July Ride
Date: Sun, July 21, 2019 @ 8:00 am
Type of event: Bike

BOTTLE REV Chapel Hill
3130 Environ Way
Chapel Hill, NC

A TTC monthly (April-October) 50/100 mile bike ride sponsored by BASE Salt and ButtShield. The ride starts/ends at Bottle Rev Chapel Hill, an awesome beer & wine store that sponsors TTC. There are several food options available for purchase post ride.

1) Please park on Prestwick Road to avoid being towed from the retail shopping parking area in front of the store.

2) ButtShield samples will be available

3) TTC will have an aid station with water and BASE Nutrition approximately halfway on the routes.

4) Cue sheets will be available at the start of the ride. You can download the route into your bike computer by using the links above. You can also download PDF by clicking on the route name above, under "Cue Sheets".

5) One free pint from Bottle Rev CH for participating TTC members post ride.
Building Resistance to Fatigue
Written by Jackie Miller of Britfit Personal Training and Coaching LLC

As endurance athletes, the number one enemy we face is fatigue. At race intensity, she/he who slows down the least has a more successful outcome.

While working on your fitness, pay attention to any form changes in the latter stages of the session. Your biomechanics should be as efficient and correct in the last stages, as they were at the beginning post warm up.

Below are some training ideas that can be dropped into any training session. They help produce quality results and build resistance to fatigue.

  • Negative split training sessions- complete the second half of an interval or session faster than (or at a higher Normalized Power) than the first.

For example- This can be done all through your season. Make it more race specific as your training plan evolves. It focuses on form and the mind too. It challenges you to stay in the moment and focus on what you are doing in the present.

Warm up: 10-15 mins, include your own specific dynamic stretches and drills.

Main Set: Run 6 x (4min+1min+4min) first 4min effort @ X per min/mile pace, recover 1min @ Y per min+ pace, last 4min @ Z per min/mile pace. – Run the last 4 minutes faster than the previous.
Take 3 minutes easy recovery jog between sets.

Warm down, stretch
  • Complete a Progressive paced session-this can be done for any sport. It can be applied to any training session such as in a swim ladder- swim a 50-100-150-200. Increase the swim pace through the set but hold the same interval for each so you get more rest as you increase the pace.

  • Surges- Good for your strength endurance but also for the Central Nervous System. When fatigue sets in, you lose mental focus and just ‘let it slide’. Add a block of 15-30 second surges about 1-3 minutes apart. They will wake up the legs and you will find a resurgence of ‘freshness’ to help you from finishing with poor biomechanics.

Give it a try and good luck! Happy training and Racing!

Coach Jackie
Jackie Miller, Owner
ACE Personal Trainer, since 1996
USA Triathlon Coach, Expert Level II, since 2007
Functional Movement Screen Specialist, since 2007
Cell: (919) 818-7096
First Tuesday Post Ride Socials Mellow Mushroom - Cary
July first Tuesday social , July 2nd Mellow Mushroom - Cary
4300 NW Cary Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513
Starting in April, on the first Tuesday of each month (through September), we will have a post ride social at Mellow Mushroom - Cary. We generally meet on the indoor patio about 7:45PM. You don't have to ride to attend the social. The club buys the first beer or soft drink for all club members. We do ask that you RSVP on the club calendar. 
The ride starts at 6PM at Inside Out Sports - Cary. There will be an "A", "B" and a no drop "C" group. "C" group calendar entry
Speed and Run Form Series
WHAT:  One hour sessions working on drills to improve your run form, speed and fitness
WHERE:  Dorothea Dix Park
WHEN:   June 28 th , July 12 th , July 26 th and August 9 th
TIME:  We are offering 2 sessions: one at 7:30 am and one at 8:30 am; you need to choose a session as we WILL CAP AT 10 PEOPLE PER HOUR
COST:  $75 for the series
Based on the teachings and research of Chloe Lanthier of X-Training School, this clinic will focus on run specific drills and exercises to improve running biomechanics, form and overall speed. Each week will be a progression for the runner as they train through the summer getting ready for the fall season. 
You will learn how to push off your feet, open your hips and project your body forward with efficiency. You will also be taken through a series of dynamic warm-ups that you can apply to your daily routines. 
To sign up:
E-mail Brian Lesesky at brian@runraleighpt.com to reserve your spot.    Again we will cap this at 10 people per hour so please specify which time slot is your first choice. Also let him know your average mile pace so we can group people during the workouts. 
Open Water Swim Practice
Date: Wed, July 10, 17, 24, 26 6PM-7:30PM
Type of event: Swim

Seaforth Beach Pittsboro

Open Water Swim practice
Personal buoys are MANDATORY.

Note: You may have to pay to enter the park $7 or buy an annual pass for $75

Please be on time. Since this is a group activity, everyone MUST exit the water before we can conclude the activity.

The club has an extra kayak available
Interest rates have fallen - should you refinance?   Ask Frank!
A refinance might combine a 1 st & 2 nd mortgage. Or it could tap equity to pay for college tuition or a home renovation = a “cash-out” refinance. But when rates fall, you might have an opportunity to lower your interest rate with a “rate-and-term” refinance. The interest rate on this type of mortgage is the same low rate offered for a purchase mortgage. 

Is it smart to do this? If you can lower your interest rate and let the lender pay the closing costs, this is an easy YES. Your NO-CLOSING-COST refinance will need new escrow accounts – but you will skip 1 monthly payment and receive a refund of your current escrows, so this balances out. I think of this as trading in your old mortgage for a better mortgage - for free.
Some people don’t like the idea of re-starting a new 30-year or 15-year loan when they have already made payments for several years. Good news - I can offer fixed rate loans with ANY term from 10 to 30 years. If there are 26 years left on your current loan, you can choose a new 26-year loan.  

You may be able to roll the new escrows to the loan - if the appraisal supports it. Your skipped payment and the refund of escrows from the old loan could pay for a kitchen renovation…or a new bike😊.

Just take 2 minutes to email me your current rate, loan balance, estimated home value and credit score and I will let you know what could be available for you. Or give me a call.
Frank Rexford, NMLS# 119234
Senior Mortgage Banker
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group
Did you try your ButtShield sample?
Included in your club packet were samples of SportShield and ButtShield, if you have not tried them out now is the time.

This year you can get discounts on Amazon.com and Medi-Dyne.com (10% and 20% respectively). TTC members also get a 20% discount at Inside Out Sports.

They have created a COUPON CODE that is good through 10/31/2019. They are also giving a SportShield and ButtShield sample in each bag for our expo!

The discount codes are listed in the Members Only section of the TTC website.
Check out the reviews for yourself! This stuff has been top rated by Canadian Running Magazine, Ultra Running Magazine, Slowtwitch, and Cycling Weekly to name a few. To top it off, they do 100% satisfaction guarantee. Stays on longer, last longer, and it’s waterproof. Roll-ons for general chafing or handy wet wipes available for portability and “down there” you know what I’m saying!?
Go longer. Finish stronger.
New discount opportunities for TTC Members
Adding more value to your TTC membership!

We have arranged for a 30% discount on Blue Seventy wetsuits and Tifosi Glasses. This discount is only available to current TTC members at I nside Out Sports.

Please note, discounts are not available at Expos. These discounts are available in the store or online when you login with your credentials.
Second Tuesday Post Run Social
Join us for a run starting at Rex Wellness in Garner - 5:30PM RSVP and details here

Then join us for :

The second Tuesday of the month (April-September) we have a post-run social at Krafty Burgers and Brew in Garner. Tuesday night special is $10 Burger & Beer of your choice.

The club will buy the first beer for all members in attendance.

The Five-0 Memorial Ride - $5 off for TTC Members
10th Annual Five-O Memorial Bike Ride to benefit the Raleigh Police Memorial Foundation
Sunday, August 18, 2019 


Price with discount after June 15th, $35.00

$45 day of the ride - No discount day of ride

Begins/ends at Life Time Athletic, located at 8515 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh

50K or 100K option – cycling the beautiful open roads of Northern Raleigh and Wake County
100K: On-site registration at 6:30 am – 100K begins at 7:30 am
50K: On-site registration at 6:30 am – 50K begins at 8:00 am
– SAG vehicles and mechanical support on both routes
– Fully stocked rest stops
– Breakfast and Lunch options available
– Helmets required and rules of the road and safety apply
T-Shirts guaranteed for those that register by July 31st.  
Raleigh Police Memorial Foundation and Law Enforcement United "Road to Hope" Bicycle Ride
Stronger and Faster Durham
Stronger and Faster reloads for the 2 nd part of in season training.
Stronger and Faster Durham will begin our next season, S.A.F. In-Season Strength Training for Runners, on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Classes will be held Wed 6am, Wed 6:15pm and Saturday at 11am. All classes will be held at The Choice Performance Center in Durham located at 5314 Hwy 55, Suite 105.
S.A.F. In-Season training will focus on building muscular endurance and improving functional movement patterns that are essential to economical running, injury prevention, and overall running performance. S.A.F. workouts are geared to improve the six functional movement patterns of pull, push, squat, hinge, loaded carry, and rotation. Each week’s workout differs using time, reps, and recovery as the modalities. Our in-season training is geared to getting you “supremely fit” for your target event, whether it be a world major, or many of the other endurance races in the fall. Each program is designed to challenge you both physically and mentally with stability, strength, and power exercises. Each week’s challenge is different, but they are all geared to develop uncompromising strength.
This season, we are taking Stronger and Faster to a new level of training. We are bringing in new equipment including the Rogue Dog Sled, 10 speed parachutes, and 4 additional battle ropes. We have developed several new training programs that combine elements of our signature training programs.
The cost for the 12-week season is $115 per person. Registration begins 7/17/19, while the new season begins 7/24/19. S.A.F. Wed am members receive free Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee every week and all members are invited to our once a month LIFT-RUN-DRINK BEER SOCIAL on the last Wednesday of the month after class. For more information or to register, contact Tyrone Irby at ttirby@yahoo.com . Classes are limited to 22 participants per class and is on a first come, first served basis. 
Yours in health,
Tyrone T. Irby, NASM-CPT, CES
Owner, The Choice Performance Center
Office: 919.237.2173
Mobile: 919.384.5590
The Choice Performance Center strives to be the recognized leader in the personal fitness and sports performance industry by providing creative, challenging and innovative training programs in addition to the highest level of customer service inside a state-of-the-art facility. We are dedicated to achieve the goals of each and every client we proudly serve.
Change in USAT Insurance Program
New for 2019, all club members are required to have a USA Triathlon annual membership in order to be covered as part of the Club Insurance Program.

Please note, this change was initiated by USAT, not by TTC.

This supplemental insurance covers you for scheduled TTC Club activities. Scheduled activities are those activities listed on the official club calendar.

The annual cost of a USAT Membership is $50. Go here to join / renew

IF you have never been a member of USAT use this link to save $5 off registration:
TTC Gear
Trucker hats are in!

We also have TTC Sweatshirts and a few visors.

There are a few race kit items as well.

Let us know what other TTC logo items you would like to wear.

You can purchase these items in the TTC online store.
TTC Discount Codes
TTC discount codes are posted in the Members Area of the TTC website. Go here

Why not post them here and on Facebook. Our newsletter has a wide distribution beyond current club members. The discount are for current paid club members, so we only list them in the password protected portion of the website.
Swim - Bike - Run - Community - Fun
IRONMAN TriClub - Are you affiliated with TTC?
We need everyone doing an IRONMAN branded race to be affiliated with the Triangle Triathlon Club USA (there is another Triangle Tri Club in Ireland).

Go here   to create an account and/or affiliate with TTC USA .

Program Details:
Priority Bike Racks   the top five clubs with the highest number of registered members will receive priority bike rack.   Members must be affiliated and registered 45 days out to event date. Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

VIP Passes -   At all events, the top three clubs with the highest number of registered members will receive (2) spectator VIP Passes.
Members must be affiliated and registered 45 days out to event date. Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.
Race Entries -  Earn 1 free entry for every 20 affiliated members registered to race for the same event!   Does not apply to sold out events.     Max 5 entries  .  Does not apply to RELAY registrations.    
Members must be affiliated.  Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.  

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