TTC Newsletter
Issue 5 | Spring 2019
We are pleased to introduce the twelve members of the TTC Advisory Board (2019-2021). This esteemed and accomplished group is in the process of writing a mission statement for the TTC, reviewing DESE's reaccreditation report, and developing a marketing strategy to extend the reach of the TTC.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our TTC Jobs Board, a page dedicated to job opportunities from and for TTC graduates. Take a look!

To post a job, simply fill out a job application form and we will share the details on our Jobs Board and LinkedIn pages.

As always, be sure to check out the SHS  website  to learn more about current SHS job openings as well.
Are there job openings at your
school or organization?
The TTC Class of '19 is on the hunt! Get to know each of the apprentices and reach out if you have a position that you think would be a good fit.
TTC News & Happenings
 Share Your Words of Wisdom
with the TTC Class of 2019

Members of TTC '19 are almost halfway through their second placement. With spring around the corner, job applications on the horizon, and graduation coming in June, we would love to know what words of wisdom you have for these aspiring teachers? What do you wish someone had told you before you started your first year of teaching?

Send us your insights and advice and we will share them with the apprentices at their graduation in June.
Bruce Shaw, SHS Head 1994-2010, discusses Shady Hill's strengths

At a recent event hosted by the SHS Parent Council and Alumni Board, former head Bruce Shaw reflected on parenting, schools, and his tenure. When one parent asked him about Shady Hill's strengths, he responded, “The TTC is the single best thing that Shady Hill has ever instituted. When I was a Grade IX gradehead, my apprentices kept me on my toes by asking me why I did things the way I did. The resulting reflection, sense-making, and explaining kept me at the top of my game, benefiting me, the apprentices, and my students. This embedded professional-development engine keeps Shady Hill current, thoughtful, and focused on what is best for students.”

MA Department Reviews Teacher Training Center for Reaccreditation
On March 12 and 13, a review team from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) visited Shady Hill as part of our reaccreditation process. The TTC is recommending three new programs: Math (8-12), History (5-12), and Tech & Engineering (5-12) to be available starting next year. Thank you to those of you who met with the team and talked about your TTC experience.
Shady Hill Middle School Hosts Social Justice Day
Shady Hill hosted its second annual Middle School Social Justice Day focused around the theme "Mainstreams and Margins." Students heard from psychologist and performance artist, Dr. Michael "Mykee" Fowlin , and engaged in workshops throughout the day. Click for a full recap of the event.
Closing the Equity Gap in Front of the Classroom
Shady Hill and Morehouse College have teamed up to increase diversity of its teachers. Take a look at the full article.
Upcoming Conferences
SHS Central Subject Institute
June 18-20, 2019 | Cambridge, MA

Join us for our first Central Subject Institute, a 3-day institute designed for professionals seeking to develop interdisciplinary curriculum that is thematic, experiential, and project-based. O rganized and designed by co-directors Katherine Hesko TTC '08 and Aneesa Sen, both current Grace VI gradeheads, this 3-day learning experience will be full of in-depth workshops and presentations.

Classroom Resources
Students can comprehend the spoken at two to three grade levels higher than the written word. Listenwise has lessons and scaffolded materials for all learners to increase comprehension and build listening skills.
Dr. Kim Parker, Assistant Director of the TTC, has created a website full of resources and musings about literature and teachings. She presented a selected bibliography of African-American literature for Black Boys PreK-12 at Shady Hill's recent Lower School Professional Development Day and at the AISNE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference in October as part of her workshop on finding books that resonate with Black boys and the wonderful world of #blackboylit.
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