November 2019
TTC monthly news & updates
President's Message
As I assemble this month’s newsletter, it saddens me to have to call your attention to not one, but two of our club members that were struck by cars, injured and left with life altering injuries. Please see the video below that talks about Lori Cove and her struggle after being hit by a drunk driver. I also want to call your attention to a fundraising event for our club member, Andrea Thorne. In June, Andrea was hit by a car while on a group ride. The fundraiser details are listed below. Additionally, there is a link to a WRAL interview with Andrea.
I know these two club members are not the only ones that have been hit by cars. They are just the most severe. Unfortunately, I also know there are likely more of these tragedies ahead. What can we do? Be prepared through defensive cycling, although, It would not have mattered in either of these cases. Be an active advocate for safe roadways. We do not have to accept the current conditions. There are many other states and communities which have a greater focus on safe roadways and public education. Know your rights and know what type of insurance coverage you need, as well as, what to do if you are involved in a collision. Regarding the last few points, we are planning a presentation on Road Safety by Thomas Henson from HensonFuerst. Please watch for an announcement about this event.
Fred Arnold
Please support our 2019 Sponsors
Bombshell Fundraiser for TTC member Andrea Thorne
Saturday, November 9th 3PM-7PM Bombshell Beer Company

On June 27th, tragedy struck the life of our dear friend Andrea Thorne when she was hit by a driver while out on a group cycling ride. Andrea has a positive attitude but is recovering from several broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, and a severe spinal injury. Due to these injuries she is facing life altering paralysis affecting her legs and lower body.

Andrea is a compassionate, well-loved individual. She loves her family, friends, animals, and beer. Andrea is a strong and avid runner, cyclist, and triathlete and she is the co-founder of the Raleigh RunningNUTZ Run Club, responsible for helping running athletes of all levels reach their fitness goals, while building a stronger community in the Triangle over the last 4 years.

On Saturday November 9th from 3pm to 7pm, Bombshell Beer Company is sponsoring a fundraiser for Andrea to ensure that she receives the proper medical treatment/equipment needed for her long-term care and to help cover expenses that will not be covered by insurance (i.e. home modifications). We will be raffling off a number of gift baskets.

Please join us to celebrate Andrea, a dedicated mother to Aeden, wife to Brian and friend to many in our community. Donations welcomed at the Fundraiser or thru GoFundMe.

RSVP to the fundraiser on Facebook

Editors Note: There will be a couple of 2019 TTC memberships and sweatshirts included in the auction.

Stronger and Faster Durham
Since 2013, Stronger and Faster strength training for runner’s program has helped over a hundred runners remain injury free during their race season, along with providing insight and strategy for their overall lives. The virtual program includes all the benefits of the original S.A.F. program sent remotely.

Runners run a lot. Strength training is not a priority for most runners until an injury occurs (which is likely during a long race season.) Injuries typically occur from overtraining or muscle imbalances. Every athlete has muscle imbalances. Imbalances can occur because of prior injury, sedentary jobs, or body composition. Regardless of how they occur, imbalances are a primary source of injury for runners.

The philosophy of Virtual Stronger and Faster is to train the body from the back to the front. Our programs are very glute, hamstring, and back dominant. Each training session focuses on the hinge, pull, and loaded carry movements- the primary movements for stabilizing and improving running mechanics. 98% of the movements in the program are compound movements, meaning we use multiple muscles at the same time for an exercise
The S.A.F. program is suitable for both beginners and the advanced. Each training program can be regressed (easier) or progressed (harder). We use the modalities of reps, time, and supersets-to creative both physically and mentally challenging workouts. Each session builds on the previous session to increase the level of difficulty. The virtual Stronger and Faster strength program is an affordable and priceless supplement to any runner’s regimen.

Virtual Stronger and Faster debuts January 15, 2020. Limited spots are available. Sign up today. Contact Strength Coach Tyrone Irby at to get started. Visit us at strongerandfasterdurham or on Facebook and Instagram at Stronger and Faster Durham.
Congratulations to our triathletes Craig Helms, Dan Lehman, and Rodney Shepard on a great season.
Yours in health,
Tyrone T. Irby, NASM-CPT, CES
Owner, The Choice Performance Center
Office: 919.237.2173
Mobile: 919.384.5590

The Choice Performance Center strives to be the recognized leader in the personal fitness and sports performance industry by providing creative, challenging and innovative training programs in addition to the highest level of customer service inside a state-of-the-art facility. We are dedicated to achieve the goals of each and every client we proudly serve.
RDC Marathon - Volunteers Needed
Volunteers needed SATURDAY for the 5K and 10K runs that are part of the RDC Marathon weekend.

TTC will be staffing the run turn around at Scott King. We need 5 3 more volunteers. The race could use more, this is just the count of our official station.

Pick the 5 & 10K box and then select Scott King.

The turn around is a lot of fun and we will have our own morning "refreshments" for the volunteers.
This is a great opportunity to fulfill your TTC Pledge of Service, help the local race community and help raise funds for ALS Research. Win-Win-Win!
Lori Cove Update
Here is a link to a video profile of Tonya Roy done by IRONMAN. In this video she talks about her friend and our club member, Lori Cove.

Tonya Roy races for more than herself. Tonya is racing for her friend, Lori, who was injured during a training ride by an intoxicated driver.

She hopes to help Lori return to IRONMAN racing and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Tonya and Lori are proof that Anything Is Possible.

TTC End of Season Extravaganza


Get out your calendar now and reserve the evening of Sunday, December 8nd. This is will be the date of our End of Season Extravaganza.

This event will run from 5PM-9PM.

We are working on the details now.

Food - Drink - Door Prizes and more
Join Inside-Out Sports for our Cross/Mountain Bike NIGHT RIDES from the Cary Store.
Just because Fall is here and winter is approaching quickly, it doesn't mean you cannot ride outside.

Join Inside-Out Sports for our Cross/Mountain Bike NIGHT RIDES from the Cary Store.

Here are the details....Come join the FUN!!!!
  • What: Cross / MTB bike ride (some of everything...road, greenways, gravel and sidewalk but no single track)
  • Where: Inside-Out Sports Cary
  • When: Every Tues and Thursday at 6pm sharp
  • How Long: These rides are just shy of 2 hours long...groups may break apart on hills but everyone waits at certain turns...NOBODY IS LEFT ALONE.
  • Must Have: You will need a white helmet/bar light or both, a red rear light, warm clothes, and a positive attitude

Our Cross/MTB rides are fun rides to keep us in shape during the winter. They are for all levels of riders so everyone is welcome. Although at certain places, the paces may split a group apart...we rejoin together so nobody is left in the dark alone.
Contact Mike Beaman at for more info.
Interest rates have fallen - should you refinance?   Ask Frank!
A refinance might combine a 1 st & 2 nd mortgage. Or it could tap equity to pay for college tuition or a home renovation = a “cash-out” refinance. But when rates fall, you might have an opportunity to lower your interest rate with a “rate-and-term” refinance. The interest rate on this type of mortgage is the same low rate offered for a purchase mortgage. 

Is it smart to do this? If you can lower your interest rate and let the lender pay the closing costs, this is an easy YES. Your NO-CLOSING-COST refinance will need new escrow accounts – but you will skip 1 monthly payment and receive a refund of your current escrows, so this balances out. I think of this as trading in your old mortgage for a better mortgage - for free.
Some people don’t like the idea of re-starting a new 30-year or 15-year loan when they have already made payments for several years. Good news - I can offer fixed rate loans with ANY term from 10 to 30 years. If there are 26 years left on your current loan, you can choose a new 26-year loan.  

You may be able to roll the new escrows to the loan - if the appraisal supports it. Your skipped payment and the refund of escrows from the old loan could pay for a kitchen renovation…or a new bike😊.

Just take 2 minutes to email me your current rate, loan balance, estimated home value and credit score and I will let you know what could be available for you. Or give me a call.
Frank Rexford, NMLS# 119234
Senior Mortgage Banker
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group
Bike Cameras - Bulk Order
To help keep everyone safe, TTC is working with Cycliq to provide a dramatically discounted price for front & rear camera & light combos.

Cycliq is one of the only all-in one units on the market today. The Fly12 (front) retails for $289 and Fly6(rear) retails for $189 or $478 for both.

Depending on the interest from the club we can potentially offer up to 30% off the retail price with a bulk club order saving ~$143 on a set. Check out the product

We have done an online poll on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook and want to express your interest. Click here to send an email indicating you would like to purchase this camera set.
Learning From Mistakes by Lauren Brandon
We all make mistakes in training and racing, but we can certainly learn from them. Maybe you did too much in training and you ended up getting injured. Or perhaps you made a nutrition mistake during your race and ended up running low on fuel by the end of your day. These are all common mistakes that most of us experience at some point, but it’s how we learn and change in the future that can make these opportunities for growth and development. -- click here to continue reading what Lauren wrote.
Crystal Coast Half Booty Triathlon
Saturday, May 9, 2020

TTC Members receive a discount for this race.

Discount codes are located in the Members Only area of the TTC Website.

In addition to the half event, the Crystal Coast event will include aquabike and relay options. Course practice days will be scheduled in March and April.
Did you try your ButtShield sample?
Included in your club packet were samples of SportShield and ButtShield, if you have not tried them out now is the time.

This year you can get discounts on and (10% and 20% respectively). TTC members also get a 20% discount at Inside Out Sports.

They have created a COUPON CODE that is good through 10/31/2019. They are also giving a SportShield and ButtShield sample in each bag for our expo!

The discount codes are listed in the Members Only section of the TTC website.
Check out the reviews for yourself! This stuff has been top rated by Canadian Running Magazine, Ultra Running Magazine, Slowtwitch, and Cycling Weekly to name a few. To top it off, they do 100% satisfaction guarantee. Stays on longer, last longer, and it’s waterproof. Roll-ons for general chafing or handy wet wipes available for portability and “down there” you know what I’m saying!?
Go longer. Finish stronger.
New discount opportunities for TTC Members
Adding more value to your TTC membership!

We have arranged for a 30% discount on Blue Seventy wetsuits and Tifosi Glasses. This discount is only available to current TTC members at I nside Out Sports.

Please note, discounts are not available at Expos. These discounts are available in the store or online when you login with your credentials.
TTC now has a group on LinkedIn

You can join this group to help with job and career networking.

This group does not replace any of our other communications forums.

TTC Gear
Trucker hats are in!

We also have TTC Sweatshirts

There are a few race kit items as well.

Let us know what other TTC logo items you would like to wear.

You can purchase these items in the TTC online store.
TTC Discount Codes
TTC discount codes are posted in the Members Area of the TTC website. Go here

Why not post them here and on Facebook. Our newsletter has a wide distribution beyond current club members. The discount are for current paid club members, so we only list them in the password protected portion of the website.
Swim - Bike - Run - Community - Fun
IRONMAN TriClub - Are you affiliated with TTC?
We need everyone doing an IRONMAN branded race to be affiliated with the Triangle Triathlon Club USA (there is another Triangle Tri Club in Ireland).

Go here   to create an account and/or affiliate with TTC USA .

Program Details:
Priority Bike Racks   the top five clubs with the highest number of registered members will receive priority bike rack.   Members must be affiliated and registered 45 days out to event date. Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

VIP Passes -   At all events, the top three clubs with the highest number of registered members will receive (2) spectator VIP Passes.
Members must be affiliated and registered 45 days out to event date. Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.
Race Entries -  Earn 1 free entry for every 20 affiliated members registered to race for the same event!   Does not apply to sold out events.     Max 5 entries  .  Does not apply to RELAY registrations.    
Members must be affiliated.  Excluding IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.  

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