TTC Newport Beach Pickleball
November, 2021
Fall has arrived and Winter is coming... the sun is setting earlier every day, and pickleball players at TTC have been struggling to find enough courts with lights. We are thrilled to announce that courts with lights will be added by January 1st!

A membership app will be available soon! The app will allow members to check their billing status, book lessons and clinics, reserve courts, register for events and more. We hope to announce the new app this month - keep an eye out for an email with detailed information.

The Clubhouse Grill will be officially opening this month with a Grand Opening Celebration. Date to be announced.

Let's go!
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The Clubhouse Grill hosted the first annual Halloween Party on Saturday, October 30th. It was a resounding success with over 150 costumed members and guests attending All enjoyed Glow Ball, dancing to DJ music, an endless full spread of gourmet food and an open bar featuring specialty drinks. A good time was had by all!
Check out The Clubhouse Grill and Newport Beach Pickleball on Instagram to see more pictures from the party!
Who will be our next Club Champions?

The second annual TTC Pickleball Club Championship will take place Saturday, November 6th and Sunday, November 7th. Don't miss the opportunity to compete in this member-only tournament!

This tournament is open to all TTC members, regardless of skill level. Brackets will be adjusted to accommodate everyone and we will do our best to place players in brackets with players of a similar skill level.

Find a partner(s) and sign up. If you currently don't have a partner, sign up anyway and we will do our best to match you with another TTC member.

Registration closes TODAY, November 1st!
The holidays are just around the corner - get some early shopping done at our Holiday Boutique! Over twenty local vendors will be selling a variety of items during the Club Championship weekend, 9am-2pm.

Vendors include a glass artist, jeweler, weaver, candle maker, and much more. We have room for a few more vendors, let us know if you know someone are interested.

A portion of all sales will be donated to the charity of the vendor's choice.

Come check it out and help us support charity and local small businesses!
Our final tournament of the year, the Newport Beach Open, will be held November 20th-21st. We are looking forward to a fun weekend of top-level play on our courts, with many TTC members competing with players from near and far. This tournament will be limited to 500 players.

Registration closes Sunday, November 7th.

The Clubhouse Grill will be serving food and drink all weekend long. If you are not participating, we hope you'll come by and cheer for your fellow members. Let's go!
Prospective members can get more information and schedule a tour by contacting the Front Office at 949-759-0711.

Current members are permitted to change their membership status (i.e. from individual to couple) for a $25 administrative fee.

Join us for a New Member Intro Clinic on Sunday, November 14th, 2-3:30pm. This clinic is free to all recent new members, one time only. Our coaches will give on-court instruction and we will help you navigate the numerous clinics and organized play offered at TTC Pickleball.
Courts 1-4 and Grandstand Courts (behind the Clubhouse) are designated as Drop-In Courts. This allows our members to play even when they don't have a scheduled match, especially during busy times.
These levels are a guide and adjust based on members playing at any given time. You should challenge on a court at your skill level. Watch the matches in play and challenge on a court that is at your skill level.
Court 1 - Advanced
Court 2 - Intermediate
Court 3 - Advanced Intermediate
Court 4 - Social/Beginner

Grandstand Court - Advanced
Court GS1 - Advanced Intermediate
Court GS2 -Intermediate
To challenge, place your paddle in the rack outside the court and notify the players you are making a challenge. Once the current match is completed, the winning team stays on the court with the challenger(s). If your team wins three games in a row, you must vacate the court and re-challenge.

Court reservations are available only for groups of members needing three or more courts, so that group play can be assured of adjacent courts. Members only!

A maximum of eight courts can be reserved up to one week in advance
(minimum of 24 hours in advance)
Reservation sessions are an hour and a half
Court reservations on upper courts (13-28) only
No group reservations or guests Saturdays

We recommend checking in at the Pro Shop prior to playing to determine which courts are reserved and avoid being asked to move due to a group reservation. You can also see the current schedule by clicking the button below.

Click the button below, or contact us at to reserve courts for a member group.
Members may bring a maximum of 3 guests to play pickleball for a $30/day fee per person. Guests must be accompanied on the same court with a member, and must sign a liability waiver. Guests may not participate in any club-organized play (ladder, etc.)

Guests must be registered and paid for in advance before entering the club. Make a reservation with the front desk, or by clicking the link below - 24 hours in advance please.

Contact the Front Desk at 949-759-0711, or email

Newport Beach Classic
May 13th-15th

USA Pickleball/Newport Beach Championships
June 27th-July 3rd

PPA/Takeya Showcase
August 8th-11th

Newport Beach Labor Day Challenge
September 2nd-5th
Newport Beach Invitational
October 14th-16th
Newport Beach Open
November 17th-20th
Would you like to introduce a group of friends to your favorite activity, in your favorite place? Are you looking for a new idea for a birthday celebration, holiday party, corporate or team building event? Would you like to host a fundraiser for your preferred charity?

Let us help you with a Private Event at TTC Pickleball!
Ladies Ladder - Fridays, 9-10:30am
Event posts on Wednesday morning
(managed by Jackie Umphrey)

Open Ladder Saturdays
9-10:30am, 10:45-12:15pm
and 3-4:30pm
Event posts on Wednesday morning
(managed by June Marchigiani)

All players are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early to warm up. Rounds are 13 minutes each with a two minute water break between rounds. Winners move up one court, lowest score moves down one court and everyone changes partners for their next match. All skill levels are welcome.

A GroupMe event will be posted each week. Signup in advance on GroupMe is required. (See below for GroupMe instructions).

It's fun, competitive play - come join us!
(714) 612-5745
(via GroupMe)
for more information.

No Friday Ladder on November 12th
(LevelUp Camp)
No Saturday Ladder on November 20th
(Newport Beach Open)
Pickleball is like life. Whether you are ahead or behind, you need to manage and make the best decisions. Very often, one decision can change everything, for better or worse. Choose wisely.

Pickleball Director

Private - $100
Semi-Private - $60/person
Groups of 3 or 4 - $50/person
TTC Pickleball Coaches
Private - $90
Semi-Private - $55/person
Groups of 3 or 4 - $50/person
Clinics are a great way to improve your game and meet other members at your skill level!
One hour of skills and drills, followed by thirty minutes of play.
Private groups of 8 are also available.

If you are not sure of your skill level,
our coaches are happy to help with an evaluation.

Reservations are required, at least 24 hours in advance.
Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) will be charged.

Beginner Clinics
Mondays - 4-5:30pm
Saturdays - 11am-12:30pm
Advanced Beginner Clinic
Tuesdays - 4-5:30pm

Intermediate/Advanced Clinic
Fridays - 11am-12:30pm
To schedule a clinic, contact Coach Mel (562-760-1319).
Many of us are not familiar with all the rules of Pickleball, so we will include a rule or two in this newsletter every month.

This month's rule is #4N:
It is a fault against the receiving team resulting in a point for the server if:
  • the incorrect player returns the serve;
  • the receiver or their partner is touched by or interferes with the flight of the ball before it bounces;
  • the receiver or their partner calls a time out after the serve has occured.
Are you interested in learning more about the rules of pickleball?

TTC members Lynn Gosselin and Cindy Lightner are USAPA Level Two trained referees. They will be coordinating future training sessions, for members who are interested in becoming referees, or just want to learn more about the rules of pickleball. Let them know if you're interested!
GroupMe is a great tool for our members to set up matches and sign up for events (other than League). Our page is "TTC Newport Beach Pickleball Club".

Patty Weber is the administrator of our GroupMe app. Give her a call at 480-292-1499 if you have any questions, she's happy to help!

We recommend muting your notifications on GroupMe as some of our members LOVE to post! To mute, click the icon on the top right of the screen - the top item is a toggle to mute.

Remember your posts are being seen by all our members - GroupMe should not be used for personal communication.
A calendar of upcoming events can be found on GroupMe, under Calendar. This is where you will see Ladders and Sunday Fundays, as well as events posted by other members.
You can set up a separate string within GroupMe to communicate with specific members.

Patty can walk you through the process if you need assistance.
At TTC Pickleball, the dress code is conservative. Women should refrain from wearing any overly revealing clothing. Men should not wear cutoff shorts or muscle shirts.

Please show respect to our club and your fellow members by wearing the appropriate attire.
TTC is a smoke-free facility. Dogs are not permitted.
The Pro Shop @ TTC stocks a large inventory of pickleball merchandise, as well as drinks and snacks for all to enjoy. The Pro Shop has TTC-branded shirts and other new clothing items in stock. They will match prices of any retailer, including online. They can also special order merchandise for you.

Thank you for supporting The Pro Shop!
Many new members are unaware of the "etiquette" of pickleball (and many "old" members may need a reminder!) We hope a few basic pointers will be helpful. We should all be considerate of other members on the court!

  • Please don’t enter or exit across a court when a point is in progress. Wait until play has stopped; then move briskly so as to not hold up the match.
  • If entering or exiting from one of the gates, be sure to close the gate behind you.
  • If you hit an errant ball onto an adjacent court that is in the midst of a point, causing a potential safety issue, call out “Ball On” to notify other players and stop their play. If your errant ball is not a safety issue, wait until the point is over before retrieving your ball.
  • Members are welcome to play music on the courts, but please be respectful of other players by keeping the volume at a level that it can only be heard on your court. If other members ask you to turn your music down, please do so.