TTC Pickleball - September, 2020 Newsletter
There's a lot going on at The Pickleball Club at Newport Beach!

We've tried to include everything in one place here, but keep your eyes open for emails with updates as needed. There's a lot of information in this newsletter - be sure to scroll down so you don't miss anything. The September calendar is at the very end!

Feel free to contact us individually, or by replying to this email. We are doing our best to improve everyone's pickleball experience at TTC and welcome your feedback!

Your Pickleball Committee

Pickleball Director - 949-228-1680


Member Clinics
Take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your game with instruction from our Pickleball Director, Abbi!

Sign up on GroupMe to attend. Members can only attend ONE clinic per week. If you're not sure which one you should attend, please ask Abbi.
Beginner Clinic
Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm
(followed by Thursday League - 5:30pm)

Intermediate Clinic
Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm
(followed by Monday League - 5:30pm)

Advanced Clinic (beginning September 2nd)
Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30pm
(followed by Wednedsay League - 5:30pm)
TTC Pickleball continues to grow!
Welcome to these new members who joined so far in August!
Carol Altieri
Laura Ananberg
David Arnold
Candis Arnold
Julie Bagnal
Caroline Bethel
Brooklyn Bryan
Leslie Casserly
Pam Cherpas
Doug Citro
Victoria Clement
Carol Dalton
Kathy Edgley
Rick Edgley
Stefanie Erdahl
Cecilia Fileti
Bridgette Gallagher
Kelly Gamble
TJ Gamble
Garrett Gosselin
Lindy Hickman
CJ Jacobs
Mitch Junkins
Jeffrey Koury
Karen Lamie
Jeff Larson
Denise Larson
June Marchigiani
Helene Markel
Tom Markel
Lauralyn Markle
Deirdre McTeggert
Elyse Murphy
Lisa Nagamoto
John Parenti
Nancy Parenti
Chris Patterson
Merry Patton
Clayre Petray
Michelle Poage
Eric Redman
Eric Reichert
Lance Reichert
Liz Reichert
Melissa Reichert
Peter Reynolds
Rose Reynolds
Barbara Riggs
Laura Roche
Tom Roche
Kent Rockwell
Dana Rockwell
John Rosenblatt
Bill Rowcliffe
Justin Saddi
Byna Sipos
Julie Taylor
Heidi Theisen
Tom Trinh
Peg Wallin
Darryl Webb
Michael Wold
Membership Info - Effective September 1st
Application Fee $250
Initiation Fee $250

Monthly Dues
Individual - $100
Couple - $150
Family- $200
Young Adult (under 30) - $50

Application and Initiation Fees waived with up-front annual dues payment.

Prospective members can request a tour by contacting Patty Weber at 480-292-1499, or schedule a one-time lesson with Abbi by contacting him at 949-759-0711.
Please remember to always wear a mask, unless you are playing on a court. The CDC recommends that you wash your hands and sanitize before, during and after play.

We all feel like family, but must respect and maintain social distancing at this time. If you aren't feeling well, stay home and watch YouTube pickleball videos!

TTC remains member-only. Family from a member's household are permitted for a $10/day guest fee.
Pickleball Lessons

Private - $70
Semi-Private - $55/person
Groups of 3 or 4 - $45/person

"Three and Me" with Abbi
Play for an hour, with instruction

Contact Abbi or Mel directly to schedule your next pickleball lesson.

Pickleball Director

League Nights
Monday League - Intermediate
Wednesday League - Advanced
Thursday League - Beginner

Our League Nights continue to grow! We encourage you to participate in League play - it's a great way to meet other TTC members at your skill level, and it's fun!

Registration for Monday and Wednesday Leagues will begin after the results email is sent. Members who played the previous week will have priority for the following week. Court assignments will be emailed the day of League play.

There is no registration needed for Thursday League. Court assignments are made on-site.

All Leagues are preceded by a clinic with instruction by Abbi. Clinics begin at 4:30pm; Leagues begin play promptly at 5:30pm. Arrive no later than 5:15pm to check in and warm up. As days get shorter we may move to an earlier start time, so be sure to read your League emails carefully!

You don't need to play every week, just join us when you can. Let's play!
Ladder Play
Ladies Ladder - Fridays, 9-10:30am
Open Ladder - Saturdays, 8-9:30am

All players are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early to warm up. Rounds are 13 minutes each with a two minute water break between rounds. Winners move up one court, lowest score moves down one court and everyone changes partners for their next match. All skill levels are welcome.

It's fun, competitive play - come join us!
Contact Bev McCabe
for more information.
Sunday Funday - August 30th

Players will be assigned a court for Ladder play
(13 minute games with two minute breaks between - winners move up, losers move down).
Ladder will begin at 4:30.

Or... play on our Challenge Courts... or bring your own set four... whatever works for you!

Two tacos (steak and/or chicken),
salsa, guacamole, chips and a drink
will be available for $10.

Feel free to BYO food and drink... or just come to play!

Members only - but household family members can attend for $10/person.
Save the Date!
Sunday, September 20th

Details to follow!
Our first tournament at TTC is in the books, and it was a huge success! If you were able to attend you saw top level pickleball play with the best players in the country on our home courts. It was awesome!

Thank you to all of our members who volunteered in different ways to make the event run smoothly. You were fantastic!

And congratulations to our Pro Athlete, Kris Anderson! Kris brought home Gold in Women's Senior Doubles with her partner Lisa Naumu, and Bronze in Mixed Doubles with Dave "The Badger" Weinbach. Well done, Kris!

Our guy Riley Newman won the gold in Mens Mixed Doubles with fan favorite Tyson McGuffin, and Lindsey Newman won Silver in Womens Doubles (while 7 1/2 month pregnant!)
Courts 1, 3, 5 and 7 are designated as Challenge Courts. This allows our members to come to TTC and play even when they don't have a scheduled match, especially during busy play times (evenings and weekend mornings). We encourage you to play on these courts, with the understanding that you may be challenged.

To challenge, place your paddle(s) in the rack outside the court and notify the players you are making a challenge. Once the current match is completed, the winning team stays on the court and plays the challenger(s).
Looking for something to do Tuesday nights? Tired of putting together a set four? Come join us for Challenge Tuesday!

Every Tuesday evening from 4 to 8pm, come test your skills with other members on our Challenge Courts. While the Challenge Courts are always open (except during League nights), Challenge Tuesday is a new dedicated event. All skill levels are welcome!
Court 1 - Highest Level
Court 3 - Advanced
Court 5 - Intermediate
Court 7 - Beginner
GroupMe is a great tool for our members to set up matches and sign up for events (other than League). Our page is "TTC Newport Beach Pickleball Club".

Patty Weber is the administrator of our GroupMe app. Give her a call at 480-292-1499 if you have any questions, she's happy to help!
Remember your posts are being seen by all our members - GroupMe should not be used for personal communication.

We recommend muting your notifications on GroupMe as some of our members LOVE to post! To mute, click the TTC icon on the top right of the screen - the top item is a toggle to mute.

A calendar of upcoming events can be found under Calendar. This is where you will see events posted by other members.

You can set up a separate string within GroupMe to communicate with specific members. Patty can walk you through the process if you need assistance,
Follow us on Instagram!
TTC Pickleball is on Instagram at @pickleballttc. Check it out!

Please send photos or videos to Patty Weber, our social media guru.
Pickleball Machine
Do you want to drill but no one else is available to practice with you? Use our pickleball machine!

The machine is on the patio and is available to all members for $20/session. Drilling ideas and instructions are inside the storage bin, with the machine and balls.
Equipment Donations

Don't throw away your broken pickleballs! Place them in the bin (next to the pickleball machine). One of our members is working on a special project and will put them to good use!
And we'd like to have some paddles on hand for new players to use until they buy their own. Paddle donations will be gratefully accepted at the front desk!
The Tennis Club at Newport Beach
11 Clubhouse Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660