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A Message from Our NYC Chapter ChairEileenNote

Hi Members!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I'm amazed how a few helpings of stuffing put pounds on in a few minutes, which then take months to work off!  To get started, check out Naomi Goodhart's healthy eating suggestions in "My Tips For Eating by Yourself."

Also, don't miss Amy Epstein's article, "Oh, My Aching Back," which provides helpful tips and exercises that will be especially useful as you navigate through the physical and  emotional stresses that occur at this time of year. 

And be sure to note Barbara Stahura's comprehensive list of items for your Go Bag.  After Sandy, I had prepared my own Go Bag, but found things on Barbara's list that I had never thought of.

To learn about some of our recent events you may have missed, see "Were You at These Events?" by Sally Dougan.  And keep an eye out for our e-blasts every Monday listing our upcoming events or check our Events Calendar.

Finally, since December tends to be so hectic, we will be welcoming in the New Year with our Holiday luncheon on January 17th, so check it out!  And don't forget to

Have a Great Day!
Barbara Alpern
Feeling Older? Puleeze.
"Oh, My Aching Back"My-back
by Amy Epstein

Every morning, for at least the past 4 years, no matter where I am (except if I'm on an airplane), I pull out of the closet my yoga mat (or a towel if I'm in a hotel) and do about 15 minutes of exercises. 
At this point, they are an integral part of my morning routine.  Although my lower back might not let me know immediately if I omitted them, I have no doubt that within a day or two, I would feel the same nagging lower back pain that motivated me initially to see Dr. Michael Sein at Weill Cornell several years ago.
Dr. Sein is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is one of the physicians at Cornell's Center for Comprehensive Spine Care. 
Those TTN members who attended his talk, sponsored by the Caring Collaborative on October 26, 2017, entitled "OH MY ACHING BACK" will recognize much of the advice in this column. However, I thought his advice was so helpful to many of us who suffer from back pain that I wanted to share it here... Read More

What is a Medical Emergency GO BAG
and why you should have one  Go-bag
By Barbara Stahura

 At the last meeting of my Caring Collaborative Neighborhood Group we compared our experiences with unexpected visits to Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Offices, including one that resulted in a hospital stay. 
We talked about the things we wished we had readily available during the waits for consultants, tests, and decisions about care.

Preparing a small tote or backpack with the following items, in advance, can make your medical emergency trip less stressful  . ..   Read More
It's Flu Season Again! Are YOU Ready?Flu

Flu activity peaks between December and March. Here are steps you can take to minimize the impact of flu:


Get immunized now if you have not already received the 2017 flu vaccine.

  • It takes about two weeks to develop immunity after you are vaccinated, so don't delay.
  • Ask your doctor whether FLUAD(TM) - trivalent flu shot made with adjuvant (an ingredient of a vaccine that helps create a stronger immune response in the patient's body) or the FluzoneĀ® High-Dose flu shot is right for you. They were formulated for persons 65 and older.

While vaccination definitely reduces the impact of the flu virus, some people may still get symptoms.

  • If you experience any possible symptoms of flu, including fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue, call your doctor right away.
  • A prescription antiviral medication, such as Tamiflu, oseltamivir, or Relenza, can lessen your symptoms and prevent complications like pneumonia, if it is started within 48 hours of the first symptoms of flu.
Encourage everyone you know to get a flu shot.
  • Flu is most dangerous for persons over 65 and under 5 years of age.
  • Anyone who visits or cares for young children, especially infants under 6 months who cannot receive flu vaccine, should be immunized.
  • Persons with a chronic disease, like asthma, COPD, or diabetes, are at high risk for serious flu complications at any age.
  You can read more about flu readiness here:

My Tips for Eating by Yourself Tips-Eating

by Naomi E. Goodhart
For me, eating for one isn't the same as eating alone. I have a good relationship with food (maybe too good!). I know how to buy and cook it. This relationship started in a Home Economics class back in Junior High School.

I keep some basic items on hand which include milk, eggs and bread. I'm salivating just thinking about the omelet I can make with these ingredients. I usually have a few zucchinis in the refrigerator. I recently purchased a standing grater with a hand crank. I'm having a grand time grating my zucchinis for cooking. It's much easier to use than standing at the sink chopping and a lot more fun ...    Read More

Were You at These Events? 

by Sally Dougan  
People & Passions 
November 4th 

Too bad if you missed TTN's semi-annual Signature event, back for the 8th time!   

A record number of TTNers and Guests attended, all of the 8 "special interest" circles were full throughout the three rounds.  Numerous Special Interest Groups were formed and expanded from film, dining groups, book groups travel, culture, to civic action groups and general Transition Peer Groups. P&P continues to be a wonderful way to meet new friends with whom you can share special interests and activities. Don't miss the next edition
. ..    Read More

 Neighborhood Group NotesNGs
Neighborhood Groups continue to grow and be one of the most important parts of the Caring Collaborative. At our meetings we share and learn from each other about topics that contribute to our well-being. Read what Neighborhood Groups have been talking about and see if there's a topic that would work well for your group, too. Read More
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Our Annual Holiday Luncheon Kicks Off The New Year on Wednesday, January 17th at noon. Let's skip the January blues and extend the holiday spirit. Join us for our Annual Holiday Luncheon for a  sumptuous 3-courses in the elegant Salon at Rue 57, a French-American brasserie in midtown.

And there will be surprise entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Come one, come all to this fun and delicious event!    Read More

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TTNer Ellen Easton, is a writer, lifestyle and etiquette leader, speaker and a hospitality consultant whose clients have included The Waldorf Astoria, Plaza Hotels and Bergdorf Goodman.  For those interested in afternoon tea and entertaining articles, menus traditions, etiquette and recipes be sure to review her column TEA TRAVELS on 

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If you're over 70 and looking for people with whom to share the joys and challenges    and discuss topics of special interest to us at this time of our lives,  we have openings in four Over 70's Peer Groups.

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