November - 2019


Life Goals & Resiliency                        November 11                     San Francisco
Women in Transition Workshop.          November 16                     San Francisco
Academy of Sciences                          November 20                     San Francisco
Holiday Social                                      December 9                       San Francisco
Holiday Lights Tour                              December 19                     San Francisco
Finding Our Purpose in Life                 January 13                         San Francisco       
Pardee Home Tour & Tea *                  March 18                            Oakland
* Note: reservation deadline 1/31
                                                            See details below
November Monthly Meeting
Now that you are retired, or thinking about retirement, why bother with Life Goals? Isn't goal-setting a part of your professional life you'll be glad to relinquish? Come learn why goals are important in later life and actually contribute to resiliency. Speaker, Clint Wilkins, Co-Founder of Resiliant Aging Lab, will share research on resiliency and help us explore the creation of Life Goals.  Clint will lead us in a hands-on exercise to show how the four "intrinsic goals" (accomplishments, relationships, contributions to others and society, and being part of something "bigger") apply to our lives, in the present and in the future.  

Clint Wilkins has a long and distinguished career in education-in both independent and charter schools and as a social entrepreneur.  
Currently Clint is serving as an "Encore Fellow" in the Mayor's Office in San Jose, designing and implementing an intergenerational mentoring program for youth ages 14-18.      
When:  November 11th - 5:30
Where: 50 California 10th Floor 
San Francisco (one block from the Embarcadero BART, reduced parking rates in Embarcadero Buildings)
Cost:  Free
To register: Click  HERE
A workshop for women 50+ 
exploring what's next
We are pleased to offer The Transition Network's Signature Program, Women in Transition, on Saturday, November 16, 2019, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, at The Cartwright Hotel, 524 Sutter St., San Francisco. 

The purpose of this highly experiential TTN workshop is for participants to: 
  • Enhance skills for successfully navigating change 
  • Expand possibilities and options 
  • Know how to create a meaningful life 
  • Create a "next steps" action plan. 
  • Engage and connect with other women 50+ in transition 
If you are exploring new possibilities, rethinking your life and/or work, contemplating changes in your lifestyle or want to expand your networks, this informative workshop will give you a guiding framework to understand the process of transition, with structured conversations for personal reflection and interactive learning. 

What sets this Workshop apart is the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community of women, and to make connections that can continue to enrich your life and support your journey over the next several years.  

This workshop will be co-facilitated by Linda Brown and Susan Christopher, experienced instructors and members of the SF Bay Area Chapter. 
Linda Brown is a San Francisco steering committee member. Linda's career encompassed 20+ years in marketing and sales in the tech industry for companies including IBM. Today she capitalizes on her love of global travel and leads groups as a certified international tour director.

Dr. Susan Christopher is a TTN member.  Susan has been faculty member and/or administrator at seven different institutions of higher education. From her teaching in the fields of feminist studies, education, and research design, she has developed a highly interactive, engaged pedagogical approach to facilitating workshops for women. She currently works part-time as a Title IX Coordinator and Investigator at a local university. 

When:  Saturday, November 16th - 10:00 - 2:00
Where:  The Cartwright Hotel
              524 Sutter St. San Francisco
Cost:   This workshop is open to members ($50) and non-members ($65). Women new to TTN are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served. Space is limited to 30 participants.  Register now, HERE.

There will be a follow-up workshop  to be offered
 December 7, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm, at the Cartwright Hotel.

Imag(in)ing Your Next Act: 
A Guided Exploration  for Women in Transition

 In this interactive workshop, educational consultants Jenny Michael and Susan Christopher will lead you through a mindful and creative process for envisioning the next segment of your life journey. You will be invited to actively reflect on your personal history, to imagine possible changes for your life, to consider alternatives, and to clarify what is most meaningful and important to you. You will be encouraged to identify strategies for holding yourself accountable, to help ensure that you take the steps needed to move forward along your chosen path. In sharing your ideas with other women in a mutually supportive environment, you will gain deeper insights from their feedback - and they will learn from you. 
Mark your calendars.  

When:   Saturday,  December 7, 2019
Time:    9:30 AM - 2:30 PM PST
Where:   The Cartwright Hotel - Union Square
              524 Sutter Street,  San Francisco, CA 94102
Cost:     $95.00

More information will be forthcoming.   To register for this event click HERE.

Our members come from many places and experiences and offer numerous talents and skills.  This column will feature a different member each month so we can share the wealth and diversity of this organization.

Member of the Steering Committee
in charge of Event Planning
Where did you grow up and what was it like?
I grew up in San Jose at a time when there were fruit and flower orchards everywhere.  No one had yet conjured up the name of Silicon Valley.  As kids we didn't need to tell our parents where we had run off to, we just needed to be home by dinnertime.  It was an age of  close knit neighorhoods, silliness and games,  a time of innocence sadly lost.

Do you have any siblings?  What were they like growing up?
I have one sibling.  Growing up Michael and I were very close, best friends really.  At the age of 40 Michael transitioned to Michelle and was never happier.  You see, Michael had the brain of a female in the body of a male.  It was shocking and exceptionally difficult for my parents to accept the change, but by the time of the physical transition we were again a solid family unit, full of love.  Sadly, Michelle died of a brain tumor at 56.  She was a highly respected Mechanical Designer.

Where do you live now?
I moved to Oakland after I married, now almost 30 years ago.  I still love living in Oakland for it's edgy and eclectic society.  One can never become bored living in Oakland!  There is something exciting happening every day.

What is your education?
I was trained as a Textile Conservator, earning a bachelor's degree at UC Davis under the tutelage of a Textile Conservator from Jerusalem.  After graduation I was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant to study for a year at the Textile Conservation Centre at Hampton Court Palace, outside of London.  

What was your occupation?
After my return to California from Europe my job at the California Parks & Recreation department - museum collections unit got hit by severe cutbacks due to the passage of Proposition 13.  

It was then that I decided to switch to business management and join the rise of technology in Silicon Valley.  I got an MBA at Santa Clara University and then began working at IBM helping to build the PC and OEM distribution network.  IBM was a very exciting place to be during that time.  I later moved to an aerospace company, continuing to utilize my expertise in global distribution management for technical products.  I retired at 55, about 10 years ago.

How long have you been a member of TTN?  Why did you join?
I have been a TTN member since 2016.  I had been a widow for a couple years and was longing to expand my network of women friends.  It was difficult to be a widow among couples, and my social life was non-existent. 

What do you value most about your TTN membership?
TTN meetings have been rich with encountering accomplished and interesting women at the wine & cheese time before the talk/lecture.  Like all groups, you only get what you give.  It takes effort to reach out to make new acquaintances but through Adventuristas, Travel, TED and other group gatherings I have made new friends, and have learned much about my new world and about my new self.

How have you contributed to the success of TTN?
I am on my second year as a member of the steering committee for our SF chapter.  It is fun to utilize my business skills in support of this valuable and vibrant chapter.  

I am also about to lead my second Women In Transition Workshop on Nov 16th, a TTN Signature program.  Everyone needs to sign up!  It is a fabulous gathering of women who are looking for support in finding their way through loss, retirement, an empty nest, or other big changes in life that cross all of our paths at some point.  It is so helpful to meet and befriend others  to share your experiences with.

What do you see for yourself in the years ahead?
Travel!  I say that because my husband and I were always passionate world travelers.  Today it's travel that makes me feel most alive. 

Capitalizing on that love, I have become a Certified Tour Director/Guide and work with both adults and teenagers.  I love making a place come alive with stories and tales that can take you to another place and time.  It feels great to watch expressions change with that 'Aha!' moment.  Lives can be forever changed by the experience. 

I hope to find out where our TTN chapter members dream of going to, and then make it happen.  Where would you like to go next?  Let me know!

Groups With Openings
  • SF Non-Fiction Book Club is looking to add two new members.  If you are interested in joining us, contact Nancy Ware at
  • Artists Group - if interested in joining this East Bay group please contact Dianne McCutcheon at 
  • SF Movie Goers  - if interested in joining this group please contact 
    Mae King Go at 
  • Travel Partners - if interested in joining this group please
    JaniceWallace at
    Group meets in locations all over the Bay Area
  • Exploring Life Over 70 - if interested in joining this San Francisco group please contact Shelley Friedma at 

Groups That are Currently Filled 

 If you are interested in starting a new group with the same interest, contact Janice Wallace at

  • East Bay Dining Out 
  • East Bay Non Fiction Book Club  
  • SF TED Talks 
What's your passion?   

Any member can start a special interest group. If you have an interest that is not represented by a new or existing group, contact  Janice Wallace at  to create a group description and recruit other members to join you.

For more information about other new groups as well as information about existing groups, see the Special Interest Page on our website


Many of you have shared interesting articles and videos that have been appreciated by our readership.  To encourage this sharing, we have created a monthly column called Readers' Corner. Submit your articles to Nancy Ware at

Linda Brown
Event Planning

Mae King Go 
Event Planning

Dianne McCutcheon  
National Liaison Coordinator

Bunnie Quint
Event Planning

Gail Benton Shoemaker
 Program Planning Coordinator

Joan Varrone
Event Planning

Janice Wallace
Special Interest Groups 
and Membership Coordinator


Arlene Reiff
Exploring Housing Options 
Mona Kreaden
Exploring Housing Options

  Janet Mandelstam
 East Bay Caring Collaborative     

Nancy Ware
Newsletter Editor   
Janet Mandelstam
Arlene Reiff  
Co-Founders of SF Bay Area Chapter


We are back to our Monthly Monday Meetings.  These meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at Robert Half  on the 10th floor of 50 California in San Francisco (one block from the Embarcadero BART).  We'll have refreshments at 5:30 and start the program by 6:00.   We are adding a new feature to our meetings this year by alternating thought provoking speakers with small group discussions on a variety of topics.  Below is the schedule for the year:


November 11th:   Speaker, Clint Wilkins
 Life Goals and Resiliency 

December 9th:     Holiday Social

January 13th:       Discussion-   Finding                        our Purpose in the Third Age

February 10th:   Speaker, Angela Godley
Friendship among women

March 9th:     Discussion- Plan B 
Expecting the unexpected 
 and how planning can help

April 13th:
        Speaker, Barbara Rose Brooker
Ageism in Hollywood

May 11th:   Discussion:  How does ageism      affect us  and what can we do about it

June 8th:    Spring Social- 
              TTN 20th Anniversary

Our Steering committee members have been hard at work planning these interesting programs.   Kudos to them!

& Cookie Exchange
Mark your calendar for Monday, December 9th and join us for holiday cheer and social exchange where we ask each person attending to bring some treats such as cookies to "exchange".  These do not need to be home made but the idea is that everyone will get a sample of various treats to bring home after the event.  

When:  Monday, December 9th 
Where: 50 California 10th Floor 
San Francisco (one block from the Embarcadero BART, reduced parking rates in Embarcadero Buildings)
Cost:  Free
To register: Click  HERE
January's Monthly Monday Meeting
Studies have shown that having a purpose leads to a happier, longer and more satisfying life.  Stepping away from a life where the priorities of work and family life may have driven your actions, ***what is the interest or activity that makes you jump out of bed in the morning?  This discussion is an opportunity to seek and uncover the underlying thread that connects your most satisfying life experiences and make that the focus of your day-to-day life.

Questions to ponder before the meeting:
  • Identify three peak experiences from your life so far;  experiences that still give you a warm glow when you remember them or tell them to a friend.  What might be the common hidden core of these experiences?
  • What issues evoke powerful emotions for you?
  • How do you want to be known and remembered by friends and family?
Thought provoking Resources:
Where:   50 California 10th Floor San Francisco 
(one block from the Embarcadero BART, reduced parking rates in Embarcadero Buildings)
Cost:  Free
To register: Click HERE.
*** note new starting time

Join the TTN Adventuristas on an exciting array of outings!  Each month we will visit/tour interesting locales in Oakland or San Francisco, usually followed by an optional lunch at a nearby cafĂ© . 
Check the newsletter for details on the exact dates, meeting locations and any admission fees. 

11/20:  Academy of Sciences Tour 
            with Joan Varrone, docent. (SF)
12/9:  Holiday Lights Walk with Marilyn Straka, On The Level Walking Tours (SF)

1/22:  Burning Man Exhibit  at the 
          Oakland Museum of California
2/19:  San Francisco City Hall Tour
3/18:  Pardee Home Museum Tour and               afternoon tea. (Oakland)



On Wednesday November 20th, Joan Varrone, a TTN member and veteran docent will conduct a tour of the California Academy of Science which is in Golden Gate Park.  We plan to meet at 11:30AM at the entrance with the tour lasting about 90 minutes.  After the tour, those who want to stay can join the group for lunch at the Terrace Restaurant which is in the garden.  The Academy has a breadth of exhibits including an aquarium, planetarium, rain forest and a  living roof.  The tour is not scripted and as such we can truly explore.  Admission is $26.75 for Seniors and free if you are a member.  For more information check out the Academy website HERE.

When:  Wednesday, November 20 
Time:    11:30 am
Where:  Academy of Science;  55 Music Concourse Drive
Cost:  Academy admissions:  $26.75.  
          Free to Members of the Academy.
RSVP:  To reserve a space click HERE.
There is a parking garage that services the Academy and many MUNI lines lead to the Academy.



A fun and fat-free way to enjoy the holidays. Join your fellow Adventuristas and local guide, Marilyn Straka on this fun-filled tour providing insights into San Francisco history as well as current city trivia. Highlights include a lighted garden, uniquely decorated and festive hotels, office lobbies and retail locations. See all that glitters during the holiday season. 

When:  Thursday, December 19
Time:    5:00 pm
Where:  Palace Hotel lobby, 2 New Montgomery, San Francisco
Cost:  $25 (payable in advance via the tour company website)
RSVP:  To reserve your spot and buy a ticket, click HERE.

Pardee Home Tour  and 
Afternoon High Tea (Oakland)

Here's your chance to discover a local historical treasure and enjoy a sumptuous afternoon high tea! Oakland's Pardee Home Museum is one of California's architectural and historical treasures. From the outside, the beauty of the house and gardens is striking enough-and once you get inside, you'll be astonished by the unique interiors and artifacts from around the world. Be prepared to discover its outstanding historical importance as the home of one of the East Bay's most influential families. The tour will be followed by a private tea party served in the elegant dining room of the Pardee Home

See sample menu  Click HERE

Date: March 18, 2020
Time: 10:30 - 1:30 pm   House Tour and Afternoon Tea 
Location : 672 Eleventh St, Oakland
Cost: $40 
Space is limited. Reservation deadline January 31, 2020.  To save a spot click HERE.

We encourage all of our membership to share anything they come across that might be of interest to our readers.  You may share upcoming events, services, announcements, workshops, needs you may have, etc.  We have a sizable mailing list, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to reach a large audience.  Submit your ideas to Nancy Ware at 

                Carefree Solo-Aging                   Plan and Be Prepared
Are you aging alone? In this interactive workshop with TTNer Betty Burr learn keys to creating community with other solo-agers and begin to prepare your specific plan for a successful and carefree solo journey.  For over 30 years Betty Burr's passion has been helping people realize their potential.                          
When:    S aturday, November 2nd         Time:     1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                    Where:   San Francisco Center for                        Spiritual Living                                        280 Claremont Blvd                                 San Francisco CA 94127            Cost:   FREE           
For more information about the event click HERE.
To read an article about Solo Aging written by Betty Burr, click HERE.
Embracing The Journey
5th Annual End of Life Resource Fair
Learn compassionate and dignified ways to navigate the pathways that we and our loved ones will all travel. Throughout the day speakers share spiritual wisdom embodied in various traditions concerning the end-of-life journey, and businesses and organizations offer a wealth of end-of-life resources.
Sunday, November 3;          Time:  9:15 - 5:00                                    Where:   Jewish Community Center    Cost:  FREE
For more information on the programs and to register, click  HERE.


Medicare Health Fair
A program of the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy

Get health screenings and expert guidance that will help you stay healthy and well. University of the Pacific student pharmacists will check your blood pressure, bone density, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, mental health and more. Get your seasonal flu and pneumococcal vaccines while you're here. A pharmacist can also review your medications to make sure they can sa fely be taken together and evaluate your Medicare Part D plan, potentially saving you money (advanced registration required for both services).
When:  Sunday, November 10
Where:  Jewish Community Center   3200 California Street, San Francisco   Cost:   FREE
For more information, and to register,  click  HERE.
Click  HERE to join or renew

When you break down the membership dues it comes to $8.00/month or $2.00/week...  less than the cost of a latte!!!  What a bargain! 


For further information on our Chapter please email

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