September - 2019


Free Once Again                                  September 9                      San Francisco
Legacy Film Festival                            September 20-22               San Francisco
How-To's of Home Sharing                  September 24                    On-Line
Paramount Theater Tour                     October 5                           Oakland
Retirement Routine Discussion           October 14                         San Francisco
Women in Transition Workshop.          November 16                     San Francisco

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September Monthly Meeting
What keeps you from living the retirement of your dreams? For women, it's often duty. We've worked so hard to be the responsible wife, mother, daughter, and colleague. We're experts on duty! Freedom to be ourselves?  Not so much.  

Here's a question for you: If there was a way to make the second half of your life even juicier than your first, without years of guesswork, worry, and guilt, would you finally have the confidence to let your quirky heart shine?

Join Janet Kodish, founder of  Free Once Again as she leads us through her FREE to PLAY™ Framework for creating your inspired next act. You'll let your heart lead the way to envisioning a life that is playful, engaged, connected, and 100% you. And you'll leave with the tools you need to make it true.
After retiring from U.C. Berkeley in 2012, Janet discovered her purpose as a certified Retirement and Transformational Life Coach. But first, she had to set herself free from a lifetime of duty to work and family responsibilities. Through small retreats, workshops, and private coaching, Janet delights in helping women envision the life they've been waiting for and release old guilt that gets in the way, so they can fall head over heals in love with their life after 50.

When :  Monday, September 9,  5:30** PM
Where: 50 California 10th Floor San Francisco (one block from the Embarcadero BART, reduced parking rates in Embarcadero Buildings)
Cost:  Free
To register, click HERE
**Note new starting time
Small Group  Discussion
October Monthly Meeting
Free at last!  You have retired or are anticipating retirement.  No more early morning wake ups. No more days filled with meeting after meeting.  No more weekends packed with endless errands that won't get done during the week. It all sounds wonderful and yet, how will you create fun, meaningful days, weeks and months? Join us for small group discussions around creating a retirement that has just the right amount of structure for you.  

 Already retired and made a successful transition? Join in to share what you have learned. 

Questions to ponder before the meeting:
  • What does your ideal day in retirement look like?
  • What is a satisfying mix of structured and unstructured time for you?
  • What level of connecting with other people makes you happy?  What types of interactions are satisfying to you?
  • What are activities or interests that you are interested in but haven't had time to explore? What are passions from your younger days that you might revive?
Thought provoking resources:
When:  Monday, October 14 - 5:30. **  
Where: 50 California 10th Floor San Francisco (one block from the Embarcadero BART, reduced parking rates in Embarcadero Buildings)
Cost:  Free
To register: Click HERE
**Note new starting time

legacy film festival
September 20 - 22

The 9th Annual Legacy Film Festival of Aging will take viewers to adventures in far-flung locations, such as Switzerland, Italy and Mexico, as well as across the U.S. Over 20 dramas and documentaries this year, with sound tracks from opera to the blues, will immerse viewers in life-long perspectives on topics ranging from overcoming loneliness to new sexuality, from creative renewal to spiritual revival in the face of illness, and from fighting racism across the years to standing against ageism.

Among the films will be a three-generation saga of family and Alzheimer's with Oscar winner Hilary Swank and Emmy and Tony Awardee Blythe Danner; a documentary of blues legend, Sterling "Mister Satan" Magee, and his remarkable partnership with white harmonica master, Adam Gussow; and a surprisingly tender documentary of three Mexican brothers caring for their grandmother, age 93. 

One that Sheila thinks might have particular appeal to TTNers is Les Dames.  It is a Swiss film about women: single, widowed or divorced; they have had children, husbands, work; they have a life behind them, but also one to come. The film reveals the intimate lives of five women in their sixties and seventies who are waging a discreet daily battle against alone-ness, but they still believe in love, and it's never too late to dream.

Making a special guest appearance the first day to screen his whimsical video, "Age Without Ageism," will be Bay Area comedian and playwright Josh Kornbluth.

Director, Malkind says, "10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, and their Gen X children will start turning 55 in 2020. Our aging society needs more exposure to how we experience life differently - often with greater wisdom -- over the years. That's what our festival shows, taking life more in stride with both the joys and the challenges."

When:  September 20 - 22
Where:  New People Cinema
              1746 Post Street - Japantown
              San Francisco

For more information on the program and how to order tickets click HERE.  

A workshop for women 50+ 
exploring what's next
We are pleased to offer The Transition Network's Signature Program, Women in Transition, on Saturday, November 16, 2019, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, at The Cartwright Hotel, 524 Sutter St., San Francisco. 

The purpose of this highly experiential TTN workshop is for participants to: 
  • Enhance skills for successfully navigating change 
  • Expand possibilities and options 
  • Know how to create a meaningful life 
  • Create a "next steps" action plan. 
  • Engage and connect with other women 50+ in transition 
If you are exploring new possibilities, rethinking your life and/or work, contemplating changes in your lifestyle or want to expand your networks, this informative workshop will give you a guiding framework to understand the process of transition, with structured conversations for personal reflection and interactive learning. 

What sets this Workshop apart is the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community of women, and to make connections that can continue to enrich your life and support your journey over the next several years.  

This workshop will be co-facilitated byLinda Brown and Susan Christopher, experienced instructors and members of the SF Bay Area Chapter. 
Linda Brown is a San Francisco steering committee member. Linda's career encompassed 20+ years in marketing and sales in the tech industry for companies including IBM. Today she capitalizes on her love of global travel and leads groups as a certified international tour director.

Dr. Susan Christopher is a TTN member.  Susan has been faculty member and/or administrator at seven different institutions of higher education. From her teaching in the fields of feminist studies, education, and research design, she has developed a highly interactive, engaged pedagogical approach to facilitating workshops for women. She currently works part-time as a Title IX Coordinator and Investigator at a local university. 

When:  Saturday, November 16th - 10:00 - 2:00
Where:  The Cartwright Hotel
              524 Sutter St. San Francisco
Cost:   This workshop is open to members ($50) and non-members ($65). Women new to TTN are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served. Space is limited to 30 participants.  Register now, HERE.

There will be a follow-up workshop  to be offered
 December 7, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm, at the Cartwright Hotel.

Imag(in)ing Your Next Act: 
A Guided Exploration  for Women in Transition

 In this interactive workshop, educational consultants Jenny Michael and Susan Christopher will lead you through a mindful and creative process for envisioning the next segment of your life journey. You will be invited to actively reflect on your personal history, to imagine possible changes for your life, to consider alternatives, and to clarify what is most meaningful and important to you. You will be encouraged to identify strategies for holding yourself accountable, to help ensure that you take the steps needed to move forward along your chosen path. In sharing your ideas with other women in a mutually supportive environment, you will gain deeper insights from their feedback - and they will learn from you. 
Mark your calendars.  More information will be forthcoming.

Groups With Openings


  • SF Non-Fiction Book Club is looking to add two new members.  If you are interested in joining us, contact Nancy Ware at
  • Artists Group - if interested in joining this East Bay group please contact Dianne McCutcheon at


  • SF Movie Goers  - if interested in joining this group please contact 
    Mae King Go at


  • Travel Partners - if interested in joining this group please contact Janice Wallace at  janicewallace2016@gmail.comGroup meets in locations all over the Bay Area
  • Exploring Life Over 70 - if interested in joining this San Francisco group please contact Shelley Friedman at


Groups That are Currently Filled 

 If you are interested in starting a new group with the same interest, contact Janice Wallace at

  • East Bay Dining Out 
  • East Bay Non Fiction Book Club  
  • SF TED Talks 
What's your passion?   

Any member can start a special interest group. If you have an interest that is not represented by a new or existing group, contact  Janice Wallace at  to create a group description and recruit other members to join you.

For more information about other new groups as well as information about existing groups, see the Special Interest Page on our website

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  Event Planning

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Starting in September, we are back to our meetings at Robert Half in San Francisco. These meetings are held on the second Monday of the month on the 10th floor of 50 California in San Francisco (one block from the Embarcadero BART).  We'll have refreshments at 5:30 and start the program by 6:00.   We are adding a new feature to our meetings this year by alternating thought provoking speakers with small group discussions on a variety of topics.  Below is the schedule for the year:


September 9th:  Speaker, Janet Kodish
 Free Once Again- Let your Quirky Shine 
 after Midlife!

October 14th:  Discussion- Retirement Routines Can structure increase our happiness 
 in retirement?

November 11th:   Speaker, Clint Wilkins
 Life Goals and Resiliency 

December 9th:  Holiday Social

January 13th:  Discussion- 
 Finding our Purpose in the Third Age

February 10th: Speaker, Angela Godley
Friendship among women

March 9th: Discussion- Plan B 
Expecting the unexpected 
 and how planning can help

April 13th: Speaker, Barbara Rose Brooker
Ageism in Hollywood

May 11th:  Discussion 
 How does ageism affect us 
 and what can we do about it

June 8th:  Spring Social- TTN 20th Anniversary

Our Steering committee members have been hard at work planning these interesting programs.   Kudos to them!
The next TTN National Discover online session will feature:
Annamarie Pluhar, Founder of Sharing Housing, Inc.on
Considering a Shared Housing Arrangement?
Have you ever considered sharing your home or renting space in another person's home? According to Annamarie Pluhar, founder of the nonprofit Sharing Housing, Inc., it is an option more people are considering for financial, as well as for quality of life reasons. This concept has gained traction with Baby Boomers leading the charge. Many want to live out their later years with more control over their housing arrangements, thanks to better health and longevity. 

Learn about the how to's of home sharing and these benefits:
  • Whole Person Health
  • Sustainability 
  • Affordability
Annamarie Pluhar honed her knowledge as a shared housing expert through personal experience over the past twenty years.  She is the author of  Sharing Housing, A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates  which provides a step by step process for screening potential housemates. She is a graduate of Vassar College and received a Master's degree in Divinity from The Episcopal Divinity School. She shares her home in Vermont with a housemate and two of the furry variety. To view Ms. Pluhar's  website  click HERE. and to read an article  written by Ms. Pluhar on the Sixty and Me website, click HERE.

Sign up for the live, on-line one hour session below.  
Prior to the session, you will receive an email with a link to join the webinar. Please plan to log in at least 15 minutes ahead to ensure that your connection is working.

When:  Tuesday, September 24th
3:30 PM Eastern
2:30 PM Central
1:30 PM Mountain
12:30 PM Pacific

  Sign up HERE.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 17
Paramount Theater Tour
Saturday, October 5th
Come for a fascinating tour of the famed Paramount Theater in Oakland.  Jon Carroll of the SF Chronicle once wrote, "If you are a connoisseur
of fine art deco interior decoration, The Paramount is a splendid example of ornate, rococo, gaudy, let's-go-nuts-in-public decorative art, fully and lovingly restored and ornamental as all get-out."  It is also a maze of trap doors, catwalks and secret entries and home of a mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.  The tour lasts two hours and will be followed by an optional lunch in a neighboring restaurant.

When:  Saturday, October 5th.  10:00
Where:  21st Street near Boardway
Cost:  $5.00 (pay at the theater)
            plus lunch if you care to join us.
To reserve a place click HERE
The Paramount Theatre is 500 feet from the 19th Street BART Station
Note:  Some areas of the tour are NOT wheelchair accessible.

We encourage all of our membership to share anything they come across that might be of interest to our readers.  You may share upcoming events, services, announcements, workshops, needs you may have, etc.  We have a sizable mailing list, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to reach a large audience.  Submit your ideas to Nancy Ware at 

Legacy Film Festival on Aging Shorts Program
In Partnership with the Albany Filmfest
and the Albany Library
arlene TTNer and Co-Founder of the Bay Area Chapter, Arlene Reiff will be presenting a  great Legacy Shorts program called, FRESH VIEWS OF LATER LIFE at the Albany Library.  There will be six short films shown followed by a discussion. The program is FREE.  
For more information about the films click HERE.
When:    Tuesday, Sept 10, 7 pm
Where:  Albany Public Library
              1247 Marin Avenue;  Albany, CA
Odd Mondays at Folio Books in Noe Valley
TTNer Sheila Malkind will be discussing the history and current status of the Legacy Film Festival.  She will be joined by a Portland editor, Nan Narboe, who will discuss her book, Aging: An Apprenticeship.  
When:   Monday, September 9-  7:00-8:00
Where:  Folio Books 
              3957 24th Street; SF
Alliance for Girls'  6th Annual Conference
A Movement for Equity, will bring together more than 500 intergenerational leaders and champions of the girls' movement to unite their efforts to mobilize and uplift girls*. Through interactive sessions, research, and cutting-edge analysis, we better equip ourselves with effective strategies and action steps to eliminate the systemic barriers facing girls, advocate and create the conditions for their success, and transform systems to realize a future in which every girl thrives. Keynote speaker includes  Dr. Nadine Burke Harris , California's first and current Surgeon General and Award-Winning TEDTalk presenter with over 5.8 million views.  

Join us for this critical summit!

When:  Thursday, October 3
             8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Where:  Oakland Scottish Rite Temple
              1547 Lakeside Drive
               Oakland, CA
For more information and to register, click HERE.


Many of you have shared interesting articles and videos that have been appreciated by our readership.  To encourage this sharing, we have created a monthly column called Readers' Corner. Submit your articles to Nancy Ware at

Don't Call Me "Young Lady!"

This article from
Next Avenue is for those of us who take offense when some young whipper-snapper refers to us as "Young Ladies."  Written by Ellen Grassel who played "Ma" on the TV Series of Little House on the Prairie, it is a humorous yet thoughtful account on growing older.  To read the article click HERE.

Tricks for a Positive Outlook

Is it sometimes harder to get up in the morning?It has been said, "where the mind goes, the body follows."  After polling her friends as to how they are managing the aging process, Patricia Corrigan, a professional journalist, offers down-to-earth, practical advice.  
To read the article, click HERE. 

Arlene Reiff
Exploring Housing Options 
Mona Kreaden
Exploring Housing Options

  Janet Mandelstam
 East Bay Caring Collaborative     

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