February  - 2017 

TTN-HOME Reunion                                        February 4th                               Oakland
Paramount Theater Tour                                  February 15th                             Oakland
OWL Social Agenda Meeting                           February 25th                             San Francisco

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The Paramount Theatre is a wonderful example of art deco design that has been recently renovated.

Join us for an informational, 90 minute guided tour of the theatre.  Following the tour, lunch
at a nearby restaurant will be organized for those interested in attending.

Date:   Wednesday, February 15th, 
Time:   10:30 am
Place:   Box office entrance
             475 - 21 Street, off Broadway
            Oakland, CA
Admission:  Members $5, 
                      Non-Members $10
Register at the TTN Website Events page 

For further information, please contact Barbara Aspelin at bjkaspelin@outlook.com.


You are booked for outpatient surgery and have no one to drive you home from the hospital. Or even worse, you're facing a prolonged serious illness, and you need a lot more help than a friend or relative can provide. Perhaps you can turn to a relatively new model of caregiving: a network of volunteers who join forces to lend you a hand.

Several years ago, when Lynn Richards needed hip surgery, she tapped into the Caring Collaborative of the East Bay/San Francisco. The collaborative is an all-volunteer service of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of  The Transition Network, a national membership organization for women ages 50 and older.
Richards, who lives alone in Berkeley, Cal., says she gave the Caring Collaborative's coordinator a schedule of the help she would need over the projected four weeks of her recovery. The coordinator sent an e-mail bulletin to the collaborative's 25 or so members-many of whom Richards, now 72, did not know.
Caring Collaborative members, as well as Richards' friends, assumed numerous tasks. One volunteer took notes when a visiting nurse described the exercise, care and medication regimen she would need to follow. Others cooked meals, ran errands and walked with her outside while she struggled on crutches. "It was just life-saving, both physically and emotionally," says Richards, a retired program developer for a nonprofit. She hired someone to help her bathe and clean the house.

For the full article click HERE.  


All TTN members in the East Bay may join the Caring Collaborative, a group of women who volunteer to support each other in times of illness, injury, or other personal needs.  Our goal is to create a supportive safety net to preserve and promote healthy independence. 
Sample services include rides to and attendance at medical appointments, providing meals, and assistance with household chores such as grocery shopping. For more information or to join, contact Janet Mandelstam, Collaborative lead.

We hope you will join us at a TTN-HOME reunion to reconnect and to hear what has been happening with some of our TTN-HOME members and associates, as well as hear about the direction our planning team is taking in 2017.

We'll hear updates from women representing a variety of housing options:  
  • Susan Stewart, Phoenix Commons Senior Co-Housing resident 
  • Susan Green, Aria Intergenerational Co-Housing resident-to-be, Boulder, CO 
  • Mary McDonald, Hibiscus Commons, A local housing project focused on building community 
  • Susan Runyan, Ideas on Finding Affordable Housing in the Bay Area 
  • Charlotte Meyers, Shared Housing Resident, Alameda 
Plus, we'll update you on TTN-HOME's latest outreach projects focused on offering motivation, information, and resources for those seeking help with decisions regarding housing options. 

We look forward to seeing you again and finding out how you are progressing with your  housing decisions! 

Mix and mingle with previous TTN-HOME participants.
Feel free to bring a friend interested in housing solutions
Join us for refreshments

When:       Saturday, February 4, 2017
                 1:30-3:30 pm 
Where:      First Congregational Church of Oakland
                  2501 Harrison St.,  Oakland 
                  New Oakland Room 
Cost:        $10.  No one will be tuned away because of   
                          lack of funds.
RSVP Deadline:    No later than January 30, 2017 to                                  Arlene Reif f:  arlenereiff@gmail.com    


Many of you have shared interesting articles and videos that have been appreciated by our readership.  We'd like to encourage this sharing; to this end, we have created a monthly column called Readers' Corner.  Submit your articles to Nancy Ware at nanwebware@sbcglobal.net

25 Famous Female Leaders on Power
As we head in to a new administration, it is clear that women will have an exciting role to play in determining the direction our country will take.  NY Magazine  looked to 25 women for thoughts on power - how to define, attain, wield, and share it.  Among the women offering their wisdom are Condoleezza Rice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Tina Fey.  For the full article click HERE.

What's your passion? 
 Any member can start a special interest group. If you have an interest that is not represented by a new or existing group, contact  Janice Wallace  at
janicewallace2016@gmail.com  to create a group description and recruit other members to join you.

For more information about other new groups as well as information about existing groups, see the   Special Interest Page on our website. 


A special benefit of being a TTN member is getting involved in members-only peer groups. 
Participate in peer and special interest groups that range from discussions about transition issues and business networking to activities such as cultural events, gourmet dining and book clubs. There is no limit to the groups that can be created because they all originate with the members!

Here are our Current Openings:

San Francisco 
All queries about San Francisco peer groups should go to Barbara Aspelin

East Bay   
All queries about East Bay peer groups should go to Toby Stewart.
Peninsula/South Bay
We have a new coordinator for the Peninsula/South Bay region.  For information about Special Interest Groups and Peer groups, contact Nancy Hawes.

Barbara Aspelin  
Chair -The SF Bay Area Chapter 
Dianne McCutcheon  
Publicity  Coordinator
Charlotte Myers

Joan Varrone
Event Planning

Bunnie Quint
Event Planning

Janice Wallace
Special Interest Groups Coordinator 

Hilda Hernandez-Gravelle
Special Projects

Nancy Hawes
Peninsula/South Bay Coordinator

What are you doing?  We'd love to hear from you and share some ideas and stories.  Send us pictures too! Send your updates of your adventures and discussions to Nancy Ware at   nanwebware@sbcglobal.net

Advancing a Social Agenda
with Collaborating Organizations
TTNer  Sheila Malkind invites all TTN members to a program presented by OWL (Older Women's League) 

Join others to fight for ongoing issues: 
  • Preserving Social Security and Medicare
  • Protecting the environment
  • Insuring availability of housing for all groups
  • Advancing older women's health and women's choice
  • Supporting diversity, social justice, transparency       
When:  Saturday, February 25, 2017,
             10:00 AM - Noon
Where:  Community Room,     
               Northern Police Station 
              1125 Fillmore Street at Turk St.
               San Francisco
              (No parking in police parking lot)
              MUNI # 5, 22, 31 & 38 (4 block walk) 
              Wheel Chair Accessible:  
 All Welcome
 Phone 415-712-1695
To view the activities of OWL click   HERE

Click  HERE to join or renew

When you break down the membership dues it comes to $8.00/month or $2.00/week...  less than the cost of a latte!!!  What a bargain! 


The only three-day film fest on aging, once again we will  present independent and innovative global cinema that advances our
mission: to educate, entertain, inspire intergenerational and diverse
audiences about the issues of aging.

We are seeking new board members who meet several of the
following requirements:

Love of film; interest in researching and reviewing potential films;
comfortable with issues of aging; available to meet once a month in San Francisco for board meetings, plus 3-4 hours' extra work during the month.
Experience or interest in fundraising and/or publicity a plus;
experience with social media (Constant Contact also helpful). Flexibility and  sense of humor.

If not board member, would you like to help out 3 hours per week
organizing 'stuff' (myriad fest details)?

For the full announcement, click HERE or contact   Sheila Malkind, Executive Director, info@legacyfilmfestivalonaging.org

2016 LFFOA Board members, l to r: Koko Kawasaki, Sheila Malkind (Executive Director); Arlene Reiff; Howard Bloomberg, and Maxine Berzok.Not in photo:  Zel Anders, Amy Hittner, and Alan Klaum.
Growing Roses in the Bay Area

Arete Nicholas, TTN Member and Director of the Master Gardeners Speakers Bureau, announces a free talk and pruning demo on  "Growing Roses in the Bay Area.  The event will be held on Saturday, February 4th at the SF Richmond Public Library located at 351 9th Ave., S.F.  The time is 1p -2:30p. 

You may also find more information about this class and The Master Gardeners of San Mateo and San Francisco:  HERE

How To Make Plans for Life

TTNer Rolene Walker will be teaching a class on how do make plans for life Feb. 21st to April 25, Tuesdays from 6 to 9 in Berkeley.

Most of our lives we have parents, teachers or bosses telling us what to do with our tie.  The class is about moving from work to proactive retirement and how to do it.  In the class you will discern what your true work, study, rest and play are, and come up with plans for work in those areas.  We will use a variety of intuitive thinking activities such as art and movement.  We will do exercises from Joanna Macy's book, Coming Back to Life.  There will be opportunities to try new physical spiritual practices and emotional spiritual practices that help you get in touch with your spiritual self, like Taiko drumming, Taize chanting, or Sufi dancing.

There will be a spiritual component to figure out what you are called to and how to be balanced in your life, and a practical component to figure out how to realize work you are passionate about--how to find meaningful work.  It is to help you clarify what you are being called to do with your life.  It has two parts--listening to what Spirit is calling us to do, and then practical steps to making it a reality.  It is aimed at people who want to do social justice, peace, or environmental activism primarily, but not exclusively.  

It will be very interactive, and will include various meditation practices.  People will choose a physical spiritual discipline and an emotional spiritual discipline to help get information from spirit that is not necessarily from the intellect. There will be practical steps to getting involved in volunteer opportunities and or starting your own organization and how to help groups make good decisions.

Where:  Berkeley, Ca.
Who:     People who retired or                  are  thinking  about 
When:   Tuesdays 
              Feb. 21st to April 25.
RSVP:   Rolene Walker 
              415 359 9297 
               85 Western Shore La.               #2, SanFrancisco, Ca. 


What's Next? 
Redefining Retirement

Hello Friends, 

I will be presenting my February Sunday Salons in Tiburon through the Tiburon/Belvedere Community Recreation Center instead of my office in Corte Madera. I am attaching the link if  you are interested. You will register directly with them.

Certainly, let me know if you have questions. I'd love to see you there. In addition to the link below to register,  I am attaching the Salon flyer you are familiar with.

When:  February 5 - February 26
             Each Sunday, 2pm- 4pm
Where:  Tiburon Town Hall
 For more details click HERE.

 Thanks for forwarding this email to friends who may be interested.

As usual, I will have personal coaching appointments available. Contact me for more information. 

Thank you.

Luanne  Mullin


Arlene Reiff
Exploring Housing Options 
Mona Kreaden
Exploring Housing Options

  Janet Mandelstam
 East Bay Caring Collaborative     

Nancy Ware
Newsletter Editor   
Janet Mandelstam
Arlene Reiff  
Co-Founders of SF Bay Area Chapter

For further information on our Chapter please email SanFranciscoChapter@TheTransitionNetwork.org

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