July - 2017 


Ollie Brown Bag Lunch                                     July 5                                                         San Francisco
Sunday Salon                                                   Sundays in July                                         Corte Madera
Mostly Fiction Book Club                                 July 12                                                       Alameda
Adventuristas:  Dorothea Lange Exhibit     July 19th                                                Oakland Museum
Legacy Film Screenings                                  July 23 & July 26                                       San Francisco
Adventuristas:  Degas Exhibit                    August 16th                                           Legion of Honor, SF

                                                             See details below

Dorothea Lange:  Politics of Seeing

Join us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dorothea Lange's gifting her personal archive to the Oakland Museum.  The exhibit includes 130  remarkable photographs.

We will meet at the ticket desk at 10:45 am.
Following the exhibit we invite you to join the group for lunch at the museums Blue Oak Cafe.

When:    Wednesday, July 19th  11:00 am
Where:   Oakland Museum, 
              1000 Oak Street, at 10th Street
One block from the Lake Merritt BART station; parking garage available

Please  RSVP to Barbara Aspelin at   bjkaspelin@outlook.com

  Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade

We will visit the Degas exhibit, that includes Impressionist paintings and pastels, plus exquisite examples of period hats.

We will meet at the exhibit entrance at 11:15 am.
Following the exhibit we invite you to join the group for lunch at the Legion Cafe.

When:    Wednesday, 
               August 16, 11:00 am
Where:   Legion of Honor,
               Lincoln Park, San Francisco
               Parking is available.

Please  RSVP to Barbara Aspelin at  bjkaspelin@outlook.com


The SF Healthier Living Coalition is offering a 4 day training to become a co-leader for Healthier Living workshops developed by Stanford School of Medicine which show adults with chronic conditions, e.g. diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, how to self-manage their health.  Participants must attend all 4 days of the training.

When:  August 2, 4, 9, 11  
Time:    9:00-5:00
Where:  Richmond District Police Station
              Community Room (behind station)
               461 6th Avenue @ Geary    
Cost:     Free

For a video featuring alumni who have taken the program click HERE.

For more information about the workshop click HERE.

Summer Sunday Salon
It wouldn't be a full summer without attending a Sunday Salon right in the middle to reflect on living our lives to the fullest.  Let's take time to take stock! Are there any gaps in our well being? Are we "being well"?  Are there new directions to explore before this year rushes away? Am I doing what I want to be doing? What now? Take some time now to join others who are also considering future personal goals. 

Click HERE to read the flyer inviting you to join TTNer Luanne Mullin on any of the following Sundays in July:  9, 16, 23, or 30. As we slide into the fun, full, crazy days of summer, no doubt many of you have already made plans. We will be happy to have you on whatever Sundays work for your schedule. Come on any of the available dates-or on all four Sundays. Each Sunday will have its own theme. You can choose any that most interest you. And to secure a limited seat please just let me know in advance as soon as you can.

July 9:    The Big Picture & Life Balance

July 16:  Transitions-Big & Small

July 23:   Interests/Passions/Encore Careers-
                 What motivates me ?

July 30:   What's the Plan? Setting goals and 
                   moving forward.
To learn more about Luanne and her work, click HERE.

Legacy Film Festival on Aging is Co-Presenting Two Films at the SF Jewish Film Festival

TTNer  Sheila Malkind , Director of the Legacy Film Festival on Aging, has announced they will be co-presenting two films at the SF Jewish Film Festival this month.  

BIG SONIA will be shown Sunday, July 23 at 4:10 pm at the Castro theater. Sonia   is a92-year-old, who drives herself to her tailoring business six days a week with a set of brightly painted fingernails and an equally vibrant smile, was forced to come of age in Auschwitz and now shares her story with school children and prisoners alike.  For more information and tickets click HERE

 SUBTE-POLSKA will be shown on Wednesday, July 26 at 4:05 at the Castro Theater.  This is the captivating story about Tadeusz Goldberg who is having a midlife crisis.  For more information and tickets click HERE.

Seeking Advice About Senior and Mixed-Age Affordable Housing

I'm writing on behalf of a TTN member who needs to identify senior and mixed-age affordable housing for people who have a higher threshold of annual income than the $32,500 annual income limit.  Hers is $42,000 annual income. 

Have any of you been in a similar situation -- where you have sought or are seeking senior and mixed-age affordable housing with a higher annual income than most of the affordable housing allows? If so, did you come across any affordable housing in the Bay Area where she might apply that has a higher limit, where she could meet the higher income limit?

What about some of the new affordable buildings that are cropping up?  Do you have any knowledge about them and contact info?  

For those of you who have "been there" or who are coping with this now in your life -- 

-  What -- in your experience -- is the easiest way for researching these options? 
-  Any places that don't have long waiting lists?   
-  Also, if you have any other advice to offer that I can pass on to her -- that would be great. 

This is a very stressful time for her, and I want to help as much as possible. Whatever insights, contact info, including my talking with you directly, will be very appreciated by both of us.

Please email me directly at awr1@mindspring.com

Many thanks,
Arlene Reiff
TTN-HOME Planning Team


Brown Bag Lecture & Discussion with OWL Board Member Sheila Malkind: Founder and Director of the Legacy Film Festival on Aging.   Ollli's Gwen Sanderson and Judy Goddess will interview Sheila! Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the incredible year-long process to put together this one-of- a-kind festival. See clips of some of this year's films focusing on the unique challenges and triumphs of this profound time of life. 

Bring your own lunch. No RSVP required. Free. We invite members of the public to join us and check out our program.
When:             July 5, Wed. 1:00-2:30 PM
Location:        SF State's Downtown Campus, 
                       835 Market St., Room 677 
Directions:     Enter from the sidewalk into 
                       835 Market Street  under  the purple                         SF State banner.
Click HERE for the full events page on the OLLI website. 


San Francisco-based Community Living Campaign is launching SF ReServe to match older adults with rewarding part-time service opportunities at nonprofit organizations and public agencies. SF ReServe is the newest affiliate of the national nonprofit, ReServe.  Started in 2005, ReServe has placed more than 8.000 older adults in stipended, part-time assignments throughout the country.
Supported by a 3-yr grant from the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services, SF ReServe has been actively recruiting both organizational partners and "ReServists."  Initial SF ReServist positions include peer mentors, volunteer coordination and computer tutors.   To learn more and sign up for an upcoming First Impression Session, visit  www.sfreserve.org.


Arlene Reiff
Exploring Housing Options 
Mona Kreaden
Exploring Housing Options

  Janet Mandelstam
 East Bay Caring Collaborative     

Nancy Ware
Newsletter Editor   
Janet Mandelstam
Arlene Reiff  
Co-Founders of SF Bay Area Chapter

Click  HERE to join or renew

When you break down the membership dues it comes to $8.00/month or $2.00/week...  less than the cost of a latte!!!  What a bargain! 



East Bay "Mostly Fiction" Book Club
 Being Formed

We are making plans to forge ahead with a mostly fiction book group.  Our first meeting will be on  July 12, at 7:00 p.m .  The selection is Trevor  Noah's recent book Born A Crime about growing up in apartheid Africa.  If you are interested in joining this new group or would like some more information, contact Aleen Colitz at   acolitz@yahoo.com

East Bay Golf Group Forming  
Beginners Welcome

We are forming a golf group for members who want to have fun with golf in a non-competitive setting. Jean knows of several courses in the East Bay that are reasonable in cost and fun to play.  
Contact  Jean Raines at 

Sa n Francisco TED Talk Group
Just Starting Up

The San Francisco TED Talks group is well underway.  If you would like more information contact Gail Benton Shoemaker at   gailbentshoe@igc.org 

East Bay Ted Talk 
Discussion Group 

TNN East Bay TED Talks Discussion Group had it's first meeting.  It was a great time for everyone with a lively discussion. If you are interested in joining the group, please email me at terry@polarisone.com 
and I'll keep you posted when future meetings will take place.

New Groups Forming

Love Live Performance  
A theater going group is forming to attend performances quarterly at SF Playhouse or at Berkeley Rep. Contact Mae King Go to join at mkgo @earthlink.net .

Let's All Go to the Movies!
Attending a Saturday or Sunday matinee with friends...does that take you back to your younger days? Join other TTN members in viewing a movie and discussing it over a meal. Once a month in San Francisco. Contact Mae King Go to join at mkgo @earthlink.net.  

What's your passion?  

Any member can sta rt a special interest group. If you have an interest that is not represented by a new or existing group, contact  Janice Wallace  at
janicewallace2016@gmail.com  to create a group description and recruit other members to join you.

For more information about other new groups as well as information about existing groups, see the   Special Interest Page on our website. 

TTN Adventuristas at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens

TTN Adventuristas at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens


A special benefit of being a TTN member is getting involved in members-only peer groups. 
Participate in peer and special interest groups that range from discussions about transition issues and business networking to activities such as cultural events, gourmet dining and book clubs. There is no limit to the groups that can be created because they all originate with the members!

Here are our Current Openings:

San Francisco 
All queries about San Francisco peer groups should go to Barbara Aspelin

East Bay   
All queries about East Bay peer groups should go to Toby Stewart.
Peninsula/South Bay
We have a new coordinator for the Peninsula/South Bay region.  For information about Special Interest Groups and Peer groups, contact Nancy Hawes.

Many of you have shared interesting articles and videos that have been appreciated by our readership.  We'd like to encourage this sharing; to this end, we have created a monthly column called Readers' Corner.  Submit your articles to Nancy Ware at  nanwebware@sbcglobal.net

Social Interaction is Critical 
 for Mental and Physical Health

  Turn your cell phones off,     close up your lap tops and   call a friend.  In a N.Y.  Times article, Jane  Brody  gives us some  common  sense ways to  stay healthy longer and  backs them up with  compelling research. To read more, click HERE.

More Older Couples are "Shacking Up"

TTNer Nancy Ware came across this N.Y. Times article wri tten by Philadelphia TTNer Paula Span .  In the article, Ms. Span notes, "The number of people over 50 who cohabit with an unmarried partner jumped 75 percent from 2007 to 2016, the Pew Research Center reported last month - the highest increase in any age group."   For the full article click HERE.
Eleven APPS That Will Change Your Life in 2017

Ever worry about returning to a large parking lot
and not being able to find your car?  Ever forget to take your medication?  Can't read the menu in a darkened restaurant? There's an app for that and many more.  Check out this helpful and interesting slide show and show off your technological skills to your friends.  Click HERE.

Six Reasons to Hire Older, Out-of-Work Workers

TTNer Joan Varrone sent in this very interesting article from LinkedIn where author Gail Miller says, "Ignoring or discarding the rich experience and wisdom of our aging work force may one day lead to large voids of expertise and skill across many industries and markets."  For the full article click HERE.
Barbara Aspelin  
Chair -The SF Bay Area Chapter 
Dianne McCutcheon  
Publicity  Coordinator

Joan Varrone
Event Planning

Bunnie Quint
Event Planning

Janice Wallace
Special Interest Groups Coordinator 

Hilda Hernandez-Gravelle
Special Projects

For further information on our Chapter please email SanFranciscoChapter@TheTransitionNetwork.org

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