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Billings Chapter Newsletter
November 2019

Winey Women
Lead: Kim Bar

Lead: Kathy Nardo
One of the unique features of TTN membership is Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bringing together women who share common interests. SIGs are member-driven: members initiate them, decide the format, and provide leadership. Some are discussion groups; some gather for activities. All enjoy the bonding and interesting conversations with other members.
TTN Billings has fifteen SIGs listed on our website. Some are accepting new members while others are at capacity. This is a decision made within each group, mostly to accommodate good conversation among members or to accommodate the spaces used for meetings. Additional groups with similar focus (i.e. wine) can be formed as can groups with a new focus (the newest group is fly fishing).

We will begin showcasing different SIGs in each newsletter beginning with the Wine groups. Although each of the existing wine groups is at capacity, this will give you an idea of how they operate; what are their similarities and differences; areas of success and where they have made adjustments. AND, most importantly, ways our members are enjoying themselves and their TTN benefits.
Where do you meet?
We began meeting in members’ homes with each member bringing an appetizer but decided it was too much work. Now we meet at a different restaurant each month.
Recently, we met at Yellowstone Winery for a Wine Appreciation Class. Last year we enjoyed a grape stomping party. It’s fun to mix it up a bit. Biggest mantra…No Rules! A couple of gals even drink beer at our “wine gatherings”. 
We meet in our homes except for the women who don’t have a big enough house. In this case, the hostess plans a dinner at a restaurant. 
We meet 10 times a year, so each of our 10 members has a chance to host and plan the food and wine.
We set the next year hosting schedule a few months before the next calendar year which allows everyone to choose a date that works for them. If something comes up in our lives, we ask another person to exchange hosting dates with us.
What have been the challenges & how have you dealt with them?
In the beginning we had a hard time with attendance. Some members dropped out so we all started inviting other TTN members to join. Then our group got too big so we decided to close it. We now have 15 members which can be a new challenge if everyone shows up, but rarely does that happen with everybody’s busy lives.
As we were getting started, it was a challenge to pick an evening when everyone was available.
Deciding on a day of the month that worked for all of us. There might be times that not everyone can attend but we go ahead and plan for the available women.
How many members and how many usually attend?
Fifteen women with fewer than that most meetings.
Ten women. We usually have between eight to ten women attending. We all try to make it if possible.
What are the best things about your group?  
The leaders of each report they gather for good wine, good food, and good company finding they enjoy the company of others in the group. Kathy Nardo, leader of Uncorked, reports she has met some of her best friends in her SIG. 
Any advice for future SIGs - wine or other?
Set a date and stick with it so everyone can plan for the meeting. Everyone needs to take part in the planning and participate.   
Billings TTN Special Interest Groups 
TTN Members are the heart and soul of our Special Interest Groups.   

New Groups Forming!

Debbie Brown is our coordinator of the Billings TTN Special Interest Groups (SIGs): groups of women who share a special interest. 
If you'd like to start a TTN Special Interest Group, begin the process by contacting Debbie Brown at:

If you are interested in joining one of the established groups, simply contact the respective lead.  Descriptions of the current groups and the lead contacts are on our website! 
Some Groups that have Formed

Fly Fishing
Ladies Who Lunch
Coffee or Tea Ladies
Trekkers (Walkers)
Wandering Women (Travel)
One and Done(Volunteer Group)
Between the Covers (Book Club)
Growler Girls (Craft Beer Tasting)
Movie Roulette (3rd Weds @ Arthouse 6pm)

Next Meet & Greet

 Thursday, November 21st
Time: 5:30
We will meet in the bar.

Meet & Greet events are a terrific opportunity to learn more about TTN and meet other fabulous women working through transition!

Please register to help us know how many will attend.

Bring a friend!
Holiday Gathering

Thursday, December 5th
Time: 6:00 - 9:00pm

Members Only Event
Details on website.

One Night Only Event
TTN Members Holiday Shopping

 Monday, Dec. 9th  
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Addr: 2720 3rd Ave N

Global Village is a nonprofit Fair Trade organization dedicated to the support of the world's low income artisans and farmers through the operation of a Fair Trade retail store and educational activities that promote the values of Fair Trade, tolerance, and cultural appreciation.
Shop while enjoying wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks

A fun evening to find a unique gift for that hard to buy for someone while enjoying the company of your
TTN friends.

Please register so we have a head count for refreshments!
Members: Please remember you need to sign-in .

Photo Gallery
September Meet and Greet
If the turnout is any indication, then TTN ladies love
the craft beer culture of Carter's Brewing!!
Discussion with the Author
Cravings book club had a wonderful visit with Billings author Russell Rowland.
Thank you Marti Miller for hosting.
Message from our Chapter Chair

To each and every one...Thank you for your continued support and for making our Billings Chapter so vibrant.

Make sure to mark your calendar with upcoming program dates and Meet and Greet dates. 

Please "like" us and "follow" us on Facebook to keep up with this active group of women!

Evelyn Noennig
TTN Billings Chapter Chair