TTN/LI Chapter Newsletter
February 2021
A Message from Lindsey Draves,
Chair of TTN/LI
Back in March 2020 how many of us would have predicted that almost a year later we would still be wearing masks and social distancing? Yet, here we are, with our lives having changed dramatically and many of us struggling in multiple ways. However, I hope you feel as I do, that TTN has eased that struggle and continues to expand our horizons. Prior to the pandemic, for me, that was one of the most significant benefits of TTN. It enabled me to expand my horizons intellectually, culturally and socially. While it may seem that our lives are currently “on hold,” I am still reaping those benefits and am now even more grateful for the organization that provides them.
Although virtual programs and get-togethers on Zoom have proven more rewarding than I initially expected, I look forward to seeing all of you in person at a future luncheon or lecture. In the meantime, I hope you are continuing to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by your TTN membership, whether it be participating in a Zoom SIG meeting, listening to a lecture on a topic of interest, joining a meditation or fitness class, or connecting with TTN women in chapters across the country.
LI Chapter Committees
Community Volunteer Committee
We Have Been Busy!
The “North Star” of the Community Volunteer Committee is the group known as the TTN Stitchers. They are a constant presence, always producing points of light for those in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice in the form of scarves, hats, blankets, and afghans. In 2020 they created 171 items, which were given to Care to Knit, a nonprofit agency that distributes the items to places where they are needed. With meetings canceled due to the pandemic, the women continue to produce pieces in their homes, knowing that their knitting and crocheting talents will be appreciated. If you are interested in participating, please contact Suzanne Sham at,
While we have had to cancel our monthly general meetings, our many volunteers have been able to complete other projects in their homes, such as 14 soft blankets that were given in January to residents of The Safe Center, a refuge for victims of domestic abuse.
The Book Fairies continues to collect and distribute books (more than 500,000 in 2020!) even though the warehouse is officially closed to volunteers. They will arrange to pick up books from your home if you have five boxes or more. Otherwise, you can drop off your donations (contactless) at the warehouse located at 70 N. Main Street in Freeport. Email Linda Sotomayor at for more information.

For those interested in a new virtual volunteer opportunity, TTN recently has joined forces with the Long Island Crisis Center, an organization that provides a lifeline to those in crisis. Volunteers commit to a thorough six-month training program to learn how to listen, reach out, and counsel those individuals who make a call as their last hope. For more information and/or to apply for training, please contact Jeanine Briefel at
Program Committee
The Program Committee began 2021 with Women March, presented by the New York Historical Society about the activist paths that women have taken, ultimately leading to the historic inauguration of the first woman Vice President of the United States. We followed that event on February 1 with a program in celebration of Black History Month entitled Black Citizenship in the Days of Jim Crow, also presented by the New York Historical Society.

Upcoming programs include Equal Means Equal on March 16. Now that the required three fourths of the states have approved the Equal Rights Amendment, we are hopeful that the ERA will become the 28th amendment to the Constitution. This program is presented in collaboration with the LGBT Network.

Then on April 14 at 10:00 am, we will take a virtual “Little Pillbox Hat Walking Tour”. You are invited to visit the NYC sights that were influenced by one of our most popular First Ladies, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, which includes her efforts on the restoration of Grand Central Terminal.

You can register for these programs on the Events Page of the TTN/LI website. Keep checking as we are continuing to create programs that keep our members engaged virtually (and hopefully, in person, in the not too-distant future).
Membership Services Committee
Membership Services has been meeting monthly on Zoom and working proactively to maintain and enhance our membership base. We encourage members to continue meeting with their existing SIGS on Zoom, and where there is sufficient interest, we will help create and mentor a new group. We anticipate forming new SIGS with themes of comedy, cooking, and current events. We have a successful new book discussion SIG and five new groups centered on the theme of Living Alone. For more information on these groups, or to share suggestions for other new groups, email Debbie Fox at  Note that in order for new groups to succeed, they must be mentored during the initial startup period by a current TTN member. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact Phyllis Weberman at by February 22.
Committee on Health & Wellness
The Health and Wellness Committee's vision for 2021 continues to be "Seasons of Self Care". Our goal is to uplift, support and educate our members in a positive way so that we cannot just survive, but thrive and come through this pandemic with a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Examples of some of our past programs that have reflected these goals are: Super Foods for Super Immunity and Helpful Hints for Winter Wellness. Going forward, we are offering a program on Women's Heart Health in February and in March, look for Spring Awakening: Rebirth & Renewal, which will address keeping motivated and being the best version of ourselves. You can sign up for these programs on the TTN/LI Events webpage.
What Do You think?
We reached out to our members to ask them a few questions on a subject about which we have all become experts in the past year: Pandemic Life. Below are our questions and some of the responses we received.
“Normal” activities like theater, movies, dining inside restaurants, travel.

"I booked a trip to Japan leaving in October 2021, that has been my guiding star keeping depression at bay.”

I’m looking forward to the freedom to leave the house without my “To go” kit: masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and a mindset to remember to socially distance. What a joy to have that freedom!
Learning to use Zoom to stay connected, more phone calls, more Facetime, more planning ahead to reach out to friends and family.

I’m doing a lot more walking, and it’s something you can do right now safely with friends.

I’m cooking and eating at home a lot more, and I hope to continue to do that.

I’ve learned I don’t have to shop for clothes so much; so much is sitting in my closet.

I’ve started researching family ancestry and history.

I’m reading so much more!

I’ve made changes to prioritize my actions. I now take self-care very seriously and make time for dear friends and family. The tasks in life take second place. There will always be laundry and dishes.
I’ve appreciated having a warm home, having the financial ability to order food from restaurants and stores, having my family nearby. I think I just took so much of this for granted. In reading about families that have struggled, it made me realize how lucky I am.

TTN has kept me entertained and educated so all is not lost. I’ve made new friends through various zooms that I hope to keep in touch when this is over.

My husband no longer has to do the onerous commute to Wall Street every day. So instead of a tired and often irritable husband arriving home at 7 pm, he is now stopping work at 5:30. His commute is now from the dining room to the sofa. His being home has been a bonus for our relationship.

I believe we can learn something from every experience. Through TTN I have made even more friends this year in the new groups I’ve joined and became closer to several friends as we checked on each other regularly. I appreciate each moment and treasure the simple things like taking time to have a second cup of tea in the morning or watch the sunset. Life is more fulfilling when you “take time to smell the roses”.
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TTN/LI TALENT POOL is available
TTN/LI talent pool - a place to find, sell, or share the wealth of expertise and experience acquired by our chapter members.
This is what TTN/LI members have to offer: 
·    arts & crafts instructor
·    attorney
·    corporate gifts & promotional products (logoed items)
·    retired dental hygienist
·    free picture book videos
·    interior designer
·    hearing aid knowledge
·    leadership/management/professional business coach/mentor
·    parent advocate for children with or without special needs
·    party art – caricatures & fashion sketches
·    presentation skills training for business people & other professionals
·    personal trainer & group fitness instructor
·    piano teacher
·    Spanish tutor
·    spiritual director
For contact information and fees (where applicable) 

 If you have a talent to offer, and did not respond to the initial eblast you can always be added to the list.
Email Suzanne Sham at 
with the following information:
           YOUR NAME  
           YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS          
           (include the fee if there is one)

Especially in this time of the pandemic let's help each other!!
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October 2020 - January 2021
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