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On behalf of the Caring Collaborative Council, we wish you all a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Don’t miss this issue’s features:
  • Amy Epstein’s article about taking a seat on the subway
  •  Repost of an important article by Barbara Stahura about Urgent Care Centers
  •  A link to our recently updated manual “What You Need to Know When You Go to the Hospital -- Before, During and After”
  • Sally Dougan's Review of TTN programs presented in November

And be sure to check out:
  • Our upcoming TTN events highlighted by our Holiday Luncheon
  • Neighborhood Group reports
  • Caring Collaborative Members' Do’s & Don’ts chart

Barbara Alpern, Chair, Caring Collaborative
Karen Gens & The Caring Collaborative Council
Newsletter Editors

Shawndra Card-Grant, Production Editor

Amy Epstein,
6 Year Member

When someone offers me a seat on the subway as I stand, hovering over him.  I always say, “Thanks so much” and immediately sit down as soon as the good samaritan vacates the coveted space.

However, if I had a nickel for every friend who has been thrown into an existential crisis by the offer, I’d have several nickels  ... MORE 
Barbara Stahura,
4 Year Member

In my neighborhood, it is impossible to take a short walk without passing multiple signs proclaiming Urgent Care. There are more than 200 Urgent Care offices in New York City. 

Do you know when an Urgent Care Center may be the best, and less expensive, choice for immediate medical attention - and when urgent care is not a wise choice?... MORE

Updated: October 2018

Originally written in 2011 by some of the founding members of TTN, this hospital manual has been reviewed and updated by a team of TTN members who are Health Care professionals with expertise in a variety of areas, led by Barbara Stahura. Whether you are healthy with no foreseeable medical procedures or have surgery scheduled next week, we encourage you to
download the manual and at least review the Table of Contents. You never know when you may need the valuable information provided ... MORE

On Tuesday, January 15, at Copinette Restaurant (First Avenue & 50th St.)
come extend the holiday spirit and join us for our Annual Holiday Luncheon .... MORE
Victoria Weill-Hagai,
7 Year Member

Do you know the Do’s and Don’ts regarding giving and receiving help joining a CC Neighborhood Group, advice, and privacy?... MORE

Victoria Weill-Hagai,
7 Year Member

Neighborhood Groups (NG) continue to grow and be one of the most important parts of the Caring Collaborative. Read what NGs have been talking about and gain valuable health tips... MORE 
Sally Dougan,
15 Year Member

What a month! There were so many super TTN events in November. Register right away when you see events first listed so as not to miss out next time!  MORE

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