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Summer is almost here, and I’m sure you’re all wondering as we are what kind of summer it will be! Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. Hopefully, you’ll find some of the information in this issue of the Caring Times helpful during this challenging time!

Don’t miss these articles:  
  • Sally Olds’ article, “Rediscovering the Telephone”
  • Barbara Stahura’s article, “Exploring the New World of Telemedicine”
  • Sally Dougan’s piece, “Dealing with Quarantine Emotions” (shared with NYC by Chicago Chapter Lead, Ann-Marie Dowling)
  • Barbara Stahura’s TIPs on “Updating Your Medical ‘GO BAG’ for an Emergency Hospitalization”

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  • Our upcoming TTN Events
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Barbara Alpern, Chair, Caring Collaborative
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Sally Olds,
9 Year Member

When I was 13 I walked home from school every day with my best friend, Lois. As soon as we closed the doors to our apartments, either Lois or I would immediately call the other. My mother’s eyes would widen as she asked, her mouth agape, “You were just with each other. What do you have left to talk about?” I’d roll my eyes and say, “Everything.”As the years went by, I spent less time on the phone .. . MORE 

Barbara Stahura,
6 Year Member

I’ve recently begun asking friends and relatives to tell me if they’ve had a Virtual Visit yet. No, I don’t really want to hear about FaceTime chats with grandkids. I’m curious whether they have tried a video visit to replace an in-person appointment with their doctor. Just a few months ago virtual visits were not readily available in the New York Metro ... MORE

Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

TTN Talks with TED, a new series from TTN-Chicago, and open to all, featured a TED talk by Harvard Medical School psychologist Dr Susan David on “The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage.” The attendees broke out into smaller sub-groups to reflect and discuss the topic. When they came back, they shared their own experiences of what “tools” they are using to cope...  MORE

Barbara Stahura,
6 Year Member

New precautions since the outbreak of Coronavirus mean each of us must now be prepared to go to the hospital for a serious medical condition alone - without the support of a family member or “health buddy”. Here are the items you should locate and prepare in advance of a medical emergency... MORE

Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

Who’s surprised?! Once again, TTNers were determined to make the best of the continuing quarantine by participating in lots of Zoom meetings of Peer Groups, SIGs, CC Neighborhood Groups – and a rich assortment of online events, including those mentioned here .. . MORE

Victoria Weill-Hagai,
9 Year Member

Do you know the Do’s and Don’ts regarding giving and receiving help joining a CC Neighborhood Group, advice, and privacy... MORE

Thursday, June 25 join the CC orientation, to learn how the CC works, how to access health-related information and help. Get answers to your questions about CC, and meet other CC members ... MORE 

Victoria Weill-Hagai,
9 Year Member

Neighborhood Groups (NG) continue to grow and be one of the most important parts of the Caring Collaborative. Read what NGs have been talking about and gain valuable health tips... MORE

BTW -- Don't want to miss each Wednesday's Inward Bound with its "curated" list of events, sites, places to edify and entertain during the lock-down!

If you missed a week, check out the Inward Bound Archive.... MORE
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