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Fall is around the corner, and with it comes cooler air and re-energized NYC chapter members. See below for some interesting Caring Times articles to kick off the new season.

Don’t miss these articles:  
  • Amy Epstein’s article: “Got the Dreaded ‘FOF’?”
  •  Joan Menschenfreund’s article “These Feet Were Made For Walkin’,” about the Slo Walkers Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Barbara Stahura’s updated article about the Shingrix vaccine
And be sure to check out:  
  • Our upcoming TTN events    especially “A Better Balance for Life” on November 12th with author Carol Clements (more below)
  • The Caring Collaborative Orientation on Saturday, September 14th
  • The JASA Senior Resource Fair on September 19th
  • Summer Neighborhood Group reports
  • Caring Collaborative Members’ Do’s & Don’ts chart
  • Sally Dougan's In Case You Missed It

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Amy Epstein,
7 Year Member

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. FOF is Fear of Falling.  

The problem with having a fear of falling is that it becomes a really good predictor for actually falling. Why, you wonder ... MORE 

By Joan Menschenfreund,
20 Year Member

For a long while I knew I needed more exercise to strengthen my hips. Walking slowly was a good solution along with the (ugh!) gym.  I decided to try and recruit others... MORE

Barbara Stahura,
5 Year Member

Talking with friends who had experienced the pain of Shingles motivated me to place this at the top of my healthcare “to do” list. My own primary care doctor also had Shingles while still in her 50’s, so she urged all her eligible patients to take advantage of SHINGRIX, the enhanced Shingles vaccine, as soon as possible. I tried, but ... MORE 
Victoria Weill-Hagai,
7 Year Member

Neighborhood Groups (NG) continue to grow and be one of the most important parts of the Caring Collaborative. Read what NGs have been talking about and gain valuable health tips... MORE

Did you know that Balance is a skill you can learn? There is a way to conquer the fear -- and gain this skill.
The Caring Collaborative presentation, “Better Balance for Life”, on Tuesday, November 12 will show you how, featuring renowned  personal trainer, teacher, and author Carol Clements leading the way! Learn how Carol will help us to break the cycle of fear by getting a firm understanding of and grip on this skill... MORE

Sally Dougan, 14 Year Member

What Did You Do This Summer?
Check out our adventures... MORE

Victoria Weill-Hagai,
7 Year Member

Do you know the Do’s and Don’ts regarding giving and receiving help joining a CC Neighborhood Group, advice, and privacy?... MORE

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