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Fall is here and will bring some cooler weather that will invigorate us to exercise outdoors and appreciate the beauty of colorful leaves along our sidewalks and in our parks! Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. Hopefully, you’ll find some of the information in this issue of the Caring Times helpful during this challenging time!

Don’t miss these articles: 
  • Barbara Stahura’s article, “How to Hug Safely During Covid-19”
  • Barbara Stahura’s article, “Fall Health Care To-Do List”
  • Barbara Alpern’s article, “Medicare Annual Enrollment – Helpful Information” (and be sure to register for one of our Medicare Annual Enrollment events to be held in November)
  • Barbara Alpern’s article, “Medical Alert Systems”

And be sure to check out: 
  • Our upcoming TTN Events
  •  Spring/Summer Neighborhood Group Reports
  • Caring Collaborative Members’ Do’s & Don’ts Chart
  • Sally Dougan's In Case You Missed It

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Barbara Stahura,
6 Year Member

Before you visit with someone you haven’t seen since the dawn of the pre Coronavirus era it’s best to ask if they would be OK with a careful hug. A surprise hug may really not be appreciated. That first hug should be mutual, discussed, and pretty much planned. Remember to ... MORE

Barbara Stahura,
6 Year Member

The weather is fine, the coronavirus infection rate is low in the NYC area, and health care providers have mastered the special precautions to minimize virus transmission.

It’s the perfect time to schedule all your healthcare appointments, including ... MORE

Barbara Alpern, 6 Year Member

Annual Enrollment Period:
Oct 15-Dec 7, 2020

Medicare Annual Enrollment begins next month and TTN is co-hosting two Medicare Zoom events with Coming of Age on November 10th and November 18th from 2-4 pm, to help you understand what’s changed and what you need to do, as well as answer your questions... MORE

The Caring Collaborative is offering TTN members an introduction to “Yoga and Relief From Arthritis” with Elizabeth Hansen, a TTN member since 2003, and a certified yoga therapist who has been teaching yoga to older adults in New York City for over 15 years.

Each session will include a discussion of why Yoga is so beneficial for people with arthritis; a sample class, and a relaxation period; as well as a Q&A with participants, will be offered 3 times, on Friday mornings... MORE
Barbara Alpern, 6 Year Member

As we continue to move through the various stages of our lives, our physical status and often, our living situations, continue to change. One out of three Americans 65 or older fall each year.

Many have medical conditions that could result in an emergency and either live alone or have a spouse who is unable to assist them. It is important at this point in our lives to evaluate our physical and living situations and ensure that we have a reliable help... MORE

Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

Late July and August seemed to both stretch out and zip along at the same time! As always, the TTN-NYC Chapter provided numerous and varied programs to entertain, educate and fill needs throughout. The bi-weekly Inward Bound mailings added to the uplift, and our sister TTN Chapters invited us to join some great offerings, too... MORE

Victoria Weill-Hagai,
9 Year Member

Do you know the Do’s and Don’ts regarding giving and receiving help joining a CC Neighborhood Group, advice, and privacy... MORE

Join with us to make our chapter's offerings even better!

TTN-NYC's Events Planning Committee is looking for new members to join in our planning efforts. You can become a member
of either the Program SubCommittee or the Explore NYC SubCommittee. And it's a wonderful way to make new TTN friends as well. New ideas and new faces are welcome- Join for more TTN fun! For information contact:

Victoria Weill-Hagai,
9 Year Member

Neighborhood Groups (NG) continue to grow and be one of the most important parts of the Caring Collaborative. Read what NGs have been talking about and gain valuable health tips... MORE

A Warm Welcome to Our New Members
Karen Constantine, Roberta Greengold,
Joyce Madee, Marcia Mermelstein,
Janet Robusto, Sheila Rubin,
Tracy Stein, Judy Stewart