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 Dear Members -

I can't believe it's already April and I've just celebrated my third TTN anniversary!

As the weather transitions from one season to another, so our lives continue to transition.  You may have recently retired or moved to the City, or perhaps you're thinking of starting a new career, but you're not quite sure.

We introduced a new program last year called Life Transition Services (LTS) that focuses on talking circles and workshops led by professional facilitators with expertise in transition.  Read on to learn more about LTS, and visit the Events Calendar to register.

Hope you enjoy Spring for however many hours, days or weeks it lasts.

And don't forget to... Enjoy Your Day,
Barbara Alpern
Appearances Aside -  A Talking Circle from Life Transition Services Appearances-Aside

Kathryn Kaplan and Karen Merson

What is it like to participate in a Talking Circle? 

Imagine being greeted warmly by trained facilitators and entering a room that is well-lit and organized with name tags, water and snacks. Learning objectives are clarified at the beginning so that participants know what to expect.

The Appearances Aside Talking Circle focused on clarifying values and choices, expanding perspectives, and reflecting on self-acceptance ...     Read More
Focusing on TransitionFocusing-transition

Elaine Kinney & Karen Merson

On a cold Saturday morning, eighteen women made their way to a workshop called Women In Transition (WIT), a Signature TTN Program, led by two highly skilled facilitators, Karen Merson and Joanne Leweler Harpel. Karen and Joanne brought their deep understanding of the complexities of moving through the endings and new beginnings that make up all of our lives. They made this phenomenon tangible, concrete, and actionable within the few short hours it took to complete the workshop.
Participants came with work, retirement, and relationship issues.  In their own words they said they were looking for "guidance," how to overcome "the fear of leaving," "how not to have work define me," how to "get more comfortable," "find structure," "overcome social isolation," and "live a richer existence."  The guidance and sharing quickly began...  Read More
Check Out These Upcoming Programs from Life Transition ServicesCheckOut

  Discuss, discover and explore a range of experience and varied perspectives

Talking Circles
A structured group discussion led by a trained facilitator
  • Retirement --- April 6th
  • Un-partnered Aging --- May 3rd SOLD OUT
  • Breaking the Stereotypes of Aging --- June 1st
4 sessions over a 4 week period, allowing you to dig deeper and explore ways to move through life's most challenging changes with purpose and confidence. 
Around TTN Town Around-TTN_Town

Something is Coming...
As part of A Very Special Event coming this fall TTN will host a Silent Auction! Do you have a talent. skill or service to auction?   Learn More

TTN Member Sally Wendkos Olds's latest NYCity Woman   article
Sally writes about  Marjorie Eliot, another woman of a certain age, who learned piano as a child and now 
performs for jazz lovers every Sunday in her Harlem apartment.   Read More

Save the date - People and Passions
Saturday, May 13th at 2:00PM
Theater?  News Groups?  Films?  Food?  Travel?  Books? Games? Museums? What's YOUR passion? Meet with other TTN'ers who like to explore, enjoy and participate in a wide variety of activities. Read More

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