What Are We Celebrating Now and Throughout 2020?

2020 is a year of significant anniversaries: the 150th for NYC’s beloved Metropolitan Museum, the 100th for Women's Suffrage and the League of Women Voters and the 50th for Earth Day. 

2020 also marks the 20th Anniversary of TTN! For twenty years, TTN-NYC, the first and original chapter, has been the home for women who continue to lead the way and break the rules. 

  • We are celebrating in June and playing host to members from around the country for a weekend full of activities. See Debbi Honorof's article.
  • Do you remember the leading female authors in 2000? See Joyce Grossman's article for a fascinating look back.
  • We are also celebrating tips for overcoming the winter doldrums and interesting TTN events you should not have missed. See the February Short List by Karen Gens & Susan Acunto and In Case You Missed It by Sally Dougan.
  • Not quite ready to celebrate? Are you someone who "kicks the can down the road"? See Nancy Gold's latest article.

Get ready to celebrate TTN’s 20th Anniversary Year!

  Judy Glass, 8 Year Member
Newsletter Editor

Debbi Honorof, 2 Year Member
Chair, 20th Anniversary Committee

New York City is where it all began! Twenty years ago, The Transition Network was born. Now, as we plan celebrations for our 20th Anniversary, NYC Chapter members are hard at work creating a series of events right here in New York City, to which TTN members from across the country are invited...  MORE

Joyce Grossman,
1 Year Member

A range of women authors had their narratives published in 2000, often receiving literary acclaim and attracting scores of readers. The content of their works varied widely, reflecting the diversity of their perspectives.... MORE

Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

The old saying “kicking the can down the road” is apropos in so many ways. To me it means avoiding making a decision. Some time that is not a bad thing. You just need more time to gather more information. It makes sense to “sleep on it” before you decide your next step. Maybe you want to consider the situation from different angles, get another person’s perspective before you move ahead. All these things are smart to do but there comes a time when “kicking the can down the road” becomes a true test of character. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?... MORE

Susan Nieder Acunto,
4 Year Member
Karen Gens, 9 Year Member

Tempus Fugit! The month of February always whizzes by double quick - try any of the below to make it more memorable. ...  MORE

Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

We welcomed the New Year in the usual grand TTN tradition -- with a fabulous film offering, the always super Annual Luncheon! And more. Including an only-in-TTN-NYC event, a “Barbaras Lunch"... MORE 

Feb 23-March 2,The NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival showcases contemporary voices steeped in the history, traditions and rich mosaic culture of Greater Sephardic communities. Take advantage of the special discount code for TTN members:

The code is REG20. This will get you 20% off passes and 50% off daytime movie prices...  MORE 

Have you thought about going out on your own? Or are you already working independently as a freelancer or consultant? Want to learn how to succeed and control your own destiny?

Your invited On February 13th to learn from an expert... MORE 

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