Meaningful, constructive, fun, warm connections are what TTN-NYC is all about. So, at the start of this holiday season, because so many of our warm memories are centered on meals with friends and family, we focus on two groups that have taken that theme to a logical conclusion: “LET’S EAT…TOGETHER!” MORE

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These two poems by our own TTN poet-in-residence, Harriet Shenkman, capture both the joys and complexities of holidays and family memories. “Our Rooms” is from Harriet’s newest book, The Present Abandoned. Additional information about the book follows the poems... MORE

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Walking on the east side, I saw the clothing store, J. McLaughin. I remembered that 25 years ago dear friends that had lived across the street on West End Ave. used to own/work that chain of stores. On a whim, I walked into the store and asked if Steve and Cecy still were associated with them... MORE

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Looking to entertain friends, family or just yourself this holiday season? Here are our recommendations - get ready for fun... MORE
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This is still an issue that I keep mulling over and guess what! So did a lot of other people. Maybe I am too kind hearted. Maybe I worry about feelings more than the next person but if I do, I just found out... MORE

Join TTN for a unique & festive evening of Improv Comedy on Tues Dec 3, 6:00-8:30PM. Bring your girlfriends and kick off the holidays with a delectable buffet dinner, wine and lots of laughs... MORE
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Talk about a bumper crop of TTN events in October. Wow!

Hope you didn’t miss these great events... MORE
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