As the first Spring flowers come up, it’s a good time to think about nurturing our relationships. See Nancy Gold’s “Whose Feelings Are Hurt…Yours or Mine?” Spring is also a good time to explore new things. See “What Can You Learn From Looking At A Rose?” by Barbara Lerner-Linder about our new Mindfulness Special Interest Group. Check out restaurant and travel suggestions in “Highly Recommended” and see what TTNers have been up to in “Did You Miss These?” .

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Nancy Gold, 4 Year Membe r

Question: When and how should you offer advice? Never? Very carefully? To close friends only? To everyone whenever you feel like it? (The last question, only kidding). Sometimes we feel compelled to make a comment, to help someone else BUT under the heading of “No good deed goes unpunished” that “helpful opinion” may come back at you in the form of unintended hurt feelings.

Was it your fault? Should you have kept your mouth shut? Maybe your feelings should be hurt now. Is anyone ever grateful for your frank opinion or do you run the risk of ruining a perfectly good friendship and who needs that? You decide. Read More

Nancy Gold, 4 Year Member

We got shout outs in the form of “You go, Girl!” so there must have been a lot of agreement that rude behavior does exist not only in the yoga class but also in life in general. You have probably figured out that the article was not totally about yoga but more used as an extended metaphor for social interaction... Read More 
Barbara Lerner-Linder,
5 Year Member

Take part in a mindful observation exercise with the women of “Learning to Love What Is” a new Mindfulness SIG open to all chapter members. 
Learn how Mindfulness focuses our awareness of the present while acknowledging and accepting our thoughts, feelings.... Read More
Member Survey Fact #1:
TTNers Volunteer 600 Hours a Month

Community Impact: Did you know that more than 6 in 10 members donate their experience and skills as volunteers? And, that 3 in 10 volunteer weekly. This comes to almost 600 hours of volunteering each month. The total number of hours could be as high as 1500 each month if this rate of volunteerism is true among all our members. Add to that the hours of members who volunteer occasionally.

TTN members are strengthening local non-profits and having a positive impact on our community --- keep up the good work!

244 members participated in the 2018 Member Survey. Thank you! This is an impressive level of participation. 

Watch for more Survey Facts coming soon…

Sally Dougan, 15 Year Member

Spring Member Mingle Mar 20
This was a grand gathering on the first day of Spring. (Who knew that we’d be getting another Nor’easter a day or so later!) ... Read More

Join us Saturday, April 7 at 2 pm
if you have a passion for:
Culture, Books, Food, Film, News/Politics, Writing, Finance, Photography, Civic Action, Business, or Travel and more!

Engage in a breakout circles and meet other women who like to explore, enjoy and participate in a wide variety of activities. Guests are welcome and it's FREE ... Read More
“Highly Recommended”
Ellen Freed, 2 Year Member
  Endorsements from TTNers for educational, cultural, and culinary experiences…  

  ~ RESTAURANT : Daniel (French)
60 East 65th (between Madison & Park); 212-288-0033
Gets a 29 in Zagat; expensive, but worth it for those very special occasions.
“Phenomenal food, charming ambience, exquisitely choreographed service that doesn’t hover, but is there with whatever you need, before you need it!”
Superior Food Group

~ JAZZ BRUNCH: Smoke Jazz and Supper Club
2751 Broadway (between 105 and 106th Streets), 212-964-6662
Sunday Jazz Brunch featuring Harlem jazz vocalist Annette St. John and trio; sets at 11:30 AM, 1:00PM, and 2:30 PM; no music charge or minimum
“terrific music, excellent brunch food, accommodating service, very good value”
All That Jazz

~ ARTICLE: “ Senior Women and #MeToo
By Linda Dyett
"How are Boomers and pre-Boomers responding to the explosive Millennials-driven movement that’s sweeping the world today?"... Read More

~ HOT TRIP: Cuba
“For those who like to see places as they are before the waves of change roll in, Cuba is safe and extraordinarily interesting. To quote Reif Larsen in the New York Times: ‘No one can predict what will happen to Cuba in the coming years, which is why you must rush there now. As in, right now.’”  Read More
Travel Mates

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