Spring, finally!

With the arrival of April light, and two shots in my arm, I’m cautiously looking down the road in joyful anticipation. How about you? Have you ever been happier waving goodbye to 12 months in the rearview mirror?

While TTN still offers plenty of opportunities for us to meet on Zoom, now vaccinated members can finally begin to connect safely in person! Check out the latest Events Calendar to find out about TTN Pop-Up Events this Spring.

In the articles that follow, Nancy Gold shares lessons she has learned over the past year, and I reveal your post-pandemic fantasies. TTN Poet in Residence Harriet Shenkman offers up a celebratory poem, and we spotlight TTN author Erica Abeel’s soon-to-be-released novel. Finally, read In Case You Missed It to learn all about recent TTN events.

Mary McCaffrey, 3-Year Member
April Newsletter Editor

 Nancy Gold, 6 Year Member

Some things we learn under duress. Some things we knew already and learned to practice better. Here are some things I “learned”. I ask you to share what you learned... MORE
Mary McCaffrey, 3 Year Member

Back in February, we asked TTNers to tell us their fantasies for the post-pandemic world. Here we share those findings... MORE

The Commune, Erica Abeel’s 7th book, is a comic satire and roman a clef that takes us inside the Hamptons commune populated by the newly liberated women present at the creation of the seminal 1970 Women’s March for Equality... MORE
Harriet Shenkman,
3 Year Member

Dance along to the words of our Poet in Residence Harriet Shenkman. Her poem this month is a celebration of the achievements of brilliant, brave, bold and beautiful women... MORE
Barbara Stahura,
7 year member 

March had a number of exciting events for TTNers. And not just completion of their COVID Vaccination! We offered our first in-person, outdoor events, and virtual talks with engaging new presenters... MORE
Spring is here and as more and more of us are vaccinated, we are looking for safe, healthy and fun ways to connect with each other. Have a fun activity in mind? Please submit your suggestions here.... MORE
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