A Fresh Breeze

We welcome a sense of calm and civility as we move forward through February, the shortest month. Have we escaped the worst of winter? Can the splendors of Spring be far behind?

Looks like we’ll still be pretty much holed up for a while though, even if we’re lucky enough to have snagged appointments for the Covid vaccine. Happily, we can continue to participate in the myriad wonderful Zoom possibilities offered by TTN.

Sit back and enjoy Joyce Grossman’s helpful article on ways to survive the pandemic. See and comment on Nancy Gold’s article on computer readiness and her vaccine hunting issues. Our Poet in Residence Harriet Shenkman has provided a poem to ponder. And catch up on recent TTN events with Sally Dougan.

Also be sure to check out our special feature, Post-Pandemic Fantasy, which asks you to let us know if you have a particular dream or fantasy for the post-pandemic world.

Finally, if you want to laugh and feel uplifted, check out the Inward Bound issues of January 6th and 20th.

Claudia Gerson, 3-Year Member, Newsletter Editor
Joyce Grossman, 1 year member

So many of us eagerly awaited 2021, seeking the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the COVID rampage.
Thankfully, several new vaccines hold the promise of alleviating this public health crisis. 

While we need to remain patient and vigilant, wearing masks, practicing social distancing and avoiding gatherings, we want to share some ways that TTN members have suggested for surviving -- and even enjoying the months ahead while we look forward to a new normal...MORE
Nancy Gold, 5 year member

Our TTN organization is a web-based group. We all know that. Some of us had careers where we had assistants, but then computers came in to play, and we had to do all our own typing.

Handling emails and being held accountable took on new meaning. Immediacy and “get it done” ruled.
When I worked, I saw senior management struggle and, in some cases, crash and burn because they wanted to have other people do their correspondence for them. The fact is that in order to fit into everyday life you need to be computer literate.
There is no way around it... MORE
Do You Have a Post-Pandemic Fantasy?
Claudia Gerson, 3 Year Member

Eating indoors in a restaurant, going to a concert, spending time with your grandkids, a trip to Africa. What’s your one dream or fantasy for the post-pandemic world.

According to Dr. Fauci, if around 80% of the population gets vaccinated, we should be back to some semblance of normal by fall 2021.

So, be sure to email your fantasy to Mary McCaffrey at mlmccaff@aol.com, and she will share the results in the April newsletter.
Harriet Shenkman,
3-year Member

Our TTN Poet in Residence takes us on romantic and haunting ride with her poem "Coney Island Union"...MORE

An uncompromising truth-seeking rebel, Academy Award-winner and trailblazing icon Olympia Dukakis finds her own voice on her own terms to assert a gigantic creative force into the world.... MORE
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

The responses were fun. They were varied. And all of them are true.

“If you walk with someone who limps, pretty soon, you will be limping too”, compliments from JBD’s grandmother. MORE

Sally Dougan 16 Year Member

We kicked off the New Year in fine style with a January where we heard stirring author interviews, reviewed our Covid-affected resolutions, drank fine white wine, worried about Hong Kong, were instructed in Yoga, discovered the latest information about Osteoporosis, and finally talked about the surprising ways that TTN has affected us. Oh, and there was also the Inauguration! MORE
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