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As Nancy Pelosi said, “No one gives you power. You have to take it from them.” And she’s a woman to listen to. At 78, with the press, fellow male politicos, and young, newly elected women biting at her heels ( high heels at that) all predicting she couldn’t get the votes to be reelected Speaker, she defied them. “Too old,” some said, “Time to step aside said others.” Nancy just put her shoulder to the wind and pushed ahead...   MORE

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A very sincere thank you to those of you who responded to this article. You make this follow up article more valuable because you are sharing your experiences with all of us. We learn more through shared experiences ... MORE 

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“Highly Recommended” has evolved into “TTN's Short List.” Check out our February finds of culinary, cultural, and educational experiences for TTNers by TTNers... MORE

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Lately I have been hearing complaints from women of a certain age that they feel “invisible.” I am guessing that they feel men do not look at them. Maybe sales clerks ignore them. Maybe they are not offered a seat on the subway. Still others feel singled out and say that being offered a seat is age-ist ...   MORE
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Our Poet in Residence shares a trio of poems celebrating female bonding, that were featured in Pink Panther Magazine in 2018 ... MORE 

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The January 15th luncheon was among the most successful events held recently. It was richly colorful and festive - just in time to counter the January “blahs”...   MORE

On Saturday, April 27 join in on the
music, wine & hors d’oeuvres, fun demonstrations, sweet treats
special guest speaker and so much more ... MORE 
Sally Dougan, 14 Year Member

Every Event, Luncheon, Talk, Seminar, Communication, Marketing Effort, the Caring Collaborative, Workshop, Sponsorship, Newsletter and more happens because members… TTN Volunteers… make it happen. ...   MORE
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