Happy 2019! January is a time for taking stock and making resolutions. Perhaps you have decided this is the year to eschew fad diets or a new spin class, and feast on good deeds - scientifically proven to make you feel much better.

Be encouraged by Eileen Kobrin’s work at The Fortune Society and check out Judy Glass’s tips for jumpstarting your volunteer efforts.

And while we're on the subject of helping others, don't forget about your own precious self. Read Nancy Gold's terrific advice about not letting others take advantage of your precious time . And do share your thoughts and comments. Speaking of...read the fun feedback to Nancy's "3 Weddings and 1 Hissy Fit."

And remember, there's a whole year ahead of TTN-NYC events, get togethers and meetings!
Betty Rauch & Judy Glass
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Eileen Kobrin, 6 Year Membe r

It has always been part of my DNA since the days of my Peace Corps experience. Despite having spent 35 years plus in corporate America, I always tried to help somewhere, but where I volunteered always depended on the time I had available and much less on what interested me.

When I finally retired in 2012, I searched for a volunteer opportunity that was truly meaningful to me...   MORE

Judy Glass Year 5 Member

Are you new to volunteering?
Or are you an experienced volunteer looking for new challenges?

Here are five tips you may find useful...  MORE 

Join in on Tuesday January 15 at our Annual Holiday luncheon, as we collect toiletries for the clients of The Fortune Society. Some of these men and women are living in shelters. A fresh bar of soap, comb, socks or toothbrush can make a BIG difference in their daily life. So, why not pay it forward...   MORE 
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member
Yesterday in exercise class an acquaintance of mine walked up to me and said "I want to thank you for telling me not to let other people waste my time. I listened to you and have really changed. " Wow! My reaction was... MORE 
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

Never think that everyone responds the same way! Heck, no!

An incredible gamut of responses to this article. All are valid but the diversity of opinion is amazing. To recap...   MORE

UJA Federation supports a network of nonprofits serving all New Yorkers.
UJA Federation is looking for skills based volunteers to help strengthen the organization...   MORE
Susan Nieder Acunto, 4 Year Member
Karen Gens, 9 Year Member

“Highly Recommended” has evolved into “TTN's Short List.” This is the monthly, must-read recommendation list for culinary, cultural, and educational experiences for TTNers by TTNers... MORE 
Sally Dougan, 14 Year Member

Holiday cheer and memeriment was in the air this December!

Did you miss out out on these TTN festivities...   MORE
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