TTN in the Time of Coronavirus

Six weeks into lockdown as I write, and TTN and its resourceful members are creatively adapting to a terrifying global virus that has upended many of our assumptions and plans about the future of life as we know it. But, as they say (Wo)man Proposes, God Disposes. And God or the universe has given us Covid-19 to test our resilience and our will.

Have a safe and healthy May.

  Marie D’Amico, 1 Year Member
Newsletter Editor

 Here are some of the ways we’re coping:
Mask-making It seems like everyone in New York is making masks. TTN is participating in this effort, by sewing masks for each other, loved ones, and strangers. We are currently collecting homemade masks for workers and residents at the Fortune Society’s residential facility, the Castle... MORE
Speaking of the Fortune Society, the TTN/Fortune Society mock interview partnership has also adapted to the new reality. In this program, started six years ago by TTN-ers Betty Rauch and Eileen Kobrin, and run by Kobrin, trains volunteers to conduct mock job interviews with Fortune Society clients who may never have had a job interview. In the last month, the program has gone virtual to adapt to Covid-19 guidance. Mock interviews are being conducted over Zoom. It’s gratifying but more difficult, especially for the interviewees, says Kobrin. Even with the logistical obstacles, the program succeeded in interviewing “roughly 40-50” clients in March, compared to the usual 60-80 a month... MORE
We hope that you have noticed our new initiative, Inward Bound, included each Monday in the E-Calendar mailing. We developed this program to help our Members discover interesting sites and events during the week to enjoy from home. Every week you will find a curated listing of treasures culled from the bazillions of links that are bombarding our inboxes...  MORE 
What are your Silver Linings?
We all know that life has changed dramatically. We’re wearing masks, we’re socially isolating and socially distancing, we’re Zooming, we’re missing hugging our family and friends. But we’re also finding creative ways to confront this new world, and even finding silver linings...  MORE
Daily life in New York City Since we are in the epicenter, as it’s been dubiously dubbed, many TTNers have first-hand interactions with Coronavirus, either through affected friends, family, or acquaintances, or by getting it themselves. Although there’s so much we don’t know, some of these experiences can be instructive for those of us who are trying to stay healthy. Here’s Nanci Lanza’s recent experience...  MORE
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

Early February I walked out to Zabar’s to get some “must have” items. Little did I know that would be my last trip outside until after the quarantine is over. It is just too damn risky, not so much for me but for my loved ones to be out.... MORE

Harriet Schenkman,
poet in residence
2 Year Member

The Coronavirus has given her new insight into her mother’s eccentricities and brought out her resilience while dealing with Passover in lockdown... MORE 

Susan Nieder Acunto,
4 Year Member
Karen Gens, 9 Year Member

Were a lil' green Martian to pop a visit to the USA, what cold, strange creatures it might think we earthlings are. Do we smell? Are we slimy? Why do we maintain such distance from one another? So let's clarify this. While just now we may be apart, we've still plenty of gray matter. Here are ways to occupy all those big brains in May...  MORE
Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

Well, Spring has sprung, but we didn’t spring from our homes. There weren’t any in-person Mingles or such during April while we sheltered-in-place, since most events were cancelled or postponed.

But that didn’t stop TTNers from jumping onto numerous online events and meetings throughout the month.... MORE 
A Warm Welcome to Our New Members
Nancy Y. Cittier
Claire Hassid
Phyllis Melhado
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