It's Time

It’s time for the first days of glorious weather, for peonies and roses and many ways to connect with the vibrant women of TTN NYC.

It’s time for renewal. Through the challenges of the past year, TTN has been with us, keeping us connected, engaging us with fulfilling activities and lifting our spirits. Just as each of us are renewing and restarting, so is TTN NYC. Our all-volunteer organization is seeking “a few good women” to fill openings in key leadership positions.

In the articles that follow, Joyce Grossman highlights the benefits of becoming a TTN leader, drawing on the experiences of current and past leaders. Nancy Gold challenges us to think about situations when we are excluded and asks for our comments. Joan Menschenfreund writes an ode to the meaningful connections TTN women make, describing how friendships made by a group of outdoor diners will move into Spring. Learn how Sally Dougan turns flowers into art and check out her “In Case You Missed It.”

Judy Glass, 8 Year Member
April Newsletter Editor

Joyce Grossman,
2 Year Member

TTN, a volunteer-powered organization, seeks talented members to step into, or share, leadership roles on several key committees:... MORE
Nancy Gold, 6 Year Member

The more things change, the less they do. Remember junior high school and the popular crowd? Remember cliques? Times may change but people and circumstances are still the same. What to do?... MORE
 Nancy Gold, 6 Year Member

Some things we learn under duress. Some things we knew already and learned to practice better. Here are some things you to shared about what you learned... MORE
Joan Menschenfreund ,
20 Year Member

At first, in March of 2020, there were six of us that walked together every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Our reward was... MORE
Sally Dougan, 17 year member 

In April, as usual, TTN presented a number of events during the month -- mostly via Zoom, but also a PopUp in-person walk along the HighLine! Yea for getting out and about again! Whew. Here are some of the events of the month, and the comments we received about them... MORE
Judy Glass, 8 Year Member

We all know that there are many talented artists in the TTN-NYC Chapter. Sally Dougan specializes in flowers, so I wanted to interview her about her art – and show some examples. It may look like photography, but there is no camera involved... MORE

New TTN Members

Jill Altman
Jean Burg
Sandra Grassby
Kathleen Miller
Robin Segal

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