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As the song goes, “Look for a silver lining”
Life is full of surprises
Full of ups and downs
And so to have a silver lining, 
first there must be clouds


We’ve certainly had a few clouds this year, but for those of you who are going virtual, here are some lighthearted upsides that may have escaped your notice:
  • No arguments about who is sitting where at the table. All Zoom squares are equal. And it doesn’t matter whether you are on the right or the left.
  • No standing in front of the gravy you’re cooking, praying that it will thicken.
  • You don’t have to color the back of your hair.
  • Some of you will be able to wear pajama bottoms. 
  • You do not have to serve Aunt Mae’s Jell-O mold or that squash recipe with the disgusting marshmallows.
  • You do not have to figure out what spatchcocking means. 
  • You don’t have to include gluten-free and/or vegan and/or vegetarian and/or Kosher and/or Hallal options. The list goes on. 
  • You can invite as many strangers as will fit on a screen – and you won’t run out of food.


Although our brave and fearless leader, The Great Fauci, says “Stay home with only those who live in your household,” other infectious disease gurus suggest that if you opt for a small gathering, at least practice Safe at Home Entertaining... MORE


 Harriet Shenkman,
TTN Poet-in-Residence
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The goldfinch chirps outside my window,
        oblivious to doom,
while I am locked inside my memories
of jostling with strangers at Grand Central
standing in line at Shake Shack
hugging good-bye after Sunday brunch
Life may never be the same,
        but dogwoods bloom and songbirds
continue to arrive.
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

When you are newly graduated, you can do anything. I moved to Boston where I knew no one, booked a room at the YWCA and ripped out the page in the Yellow Pages listing all the radio and television station in town. I got in my car, went to each location and knocked on doors trying to get a job as on air talent. (What else do you do when you have a dual MA in Acting and English? You look for a steady income.)

I got a few nibbles, jobs writing copy for ads, a possible on air talent for the Boston Bruins, but nothing substantial.... MORE

We are beyond honored to be offering this very special Discover Webinar featuring Dr. Dolly Chugh, an award-winning psychologist and associate professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University. Join us on Thursday, November 19th Dr. Chugh tol discuss how and why most of us, however well-intended, are still prone to race and gender bias, as well as what she calls “bounded ethicality.” Many of us believe in equality, diversity, and inclusion. The question is how we stand up for those values in these turbulent times... MORE

Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

You all gave me a trove of more good advice.

Check out these comments from CG... MORE
Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

October was full of great events to keep us busy, informed, entertained and out of trouble as we sailed into true Autumn.  And, of course, Our 20th Anniversary... MORE

Join Rhoda Super and Merry Newman as participants in a traditional TTN Peer Group. Meet now twice monthly on Zoom (and eventually once a month in person.) Create lasting connections with other NYC women as you share your views on topics that matter - both serious and fun.... MORE
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