Tis the season of thankfulness. We are thankful for, celebrate and honor those we hold dear - our family and friends. Take a trip down memory lane as Betty Rauch narrates some of our TTNers “ Favorite Holiday and Memories.”  Let the Food Network SIG inspire the chef in you with “ Highly Recommended.” Interested in celebrating the holidays TTN style? Mark your calendar for two upcoming TTN events. Looking for a juicy read during your holiday travels? Dive into Nancy Gold's, “Responses to What Is In Your Pocketbook” and “3 Weddings and 1 Hissy Fit.” Or Sally Dougan’s “In Case You Missed These.” Finally, reflect on what matters most by enjoying a poem about thankfulness and gratitude in our " Writer’s Spotlight."
Betty Rauch, 7 Year Member
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Betty Rauch, 7 Year Membe r

The Holiday Memory and Recipe request generated delightful, delicious, and funny responses.  The bad news: Not a single Jell-O mold. There must be one out there! We’ll just have to wait till next year.

Slightly curated, here are recipes and memories for a complete holiday meal, sans veggies. (If you are desperate for a veggie dish, write me for the recipe for green beans with canned mushroom soup, topped with Durkee’s Fried Onions. Actually that IS the recipe!)...   MORE

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Perhaps you noticed there was no recipe for turkey in TTN-NYC's Holiday Memories and Recipes article?

Read on, because Highly Recommended has 3 delicious holiday recipes from the Food Network SIG....  MORE 

Got some ideas for holiday cooking? Then join us for our TTN Holiday Potluck Dinner

Or is dining out your perfect holiday? The first event of a new Special Interest Group (SIG), Holiday Dining, will be Thanksgiving Dinner. No fuss, just friends. To join email - nycchapter@thetransitionnetwork.org

Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

We have all been there, so and so is getting married, maybe your good friend’s child, and you are sincerely happy for them. Then you get the wedding invitation and “receiver remorse” sets in. The wedding is far away or you are invited to a bridal shower on your day of rest... MORE 
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

Looks like I touched a raw nerve! There are a lot of self confessed heavy pocketbook people out there. Let’s see the results...   MORE

That 'old saw' is right on the money. Study after study, article after article, tells us that we feel better, happier, even healthier when we are generous and act on behalf of others. So, if you are looking for ways to give back, TTN-NYC has some good suggestions.

We’re committed to connecting our members with exceptional programs which draw upon their wisdom and professional skills and which make a real difference to the program participants... MORE

Sally Dougan, 14 Year Member

We are so thankful for all the members who enjoyed and participated in the cornucopia of October's lively TTN events... MORE 

TTN-NYC’s Poet-in-Residence recommends a perfect poem for the season: “Messenger” by Mary Oliver. Born in 1935 in Ohio, she is the recipient of both the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize...   MORE
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