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So, let’s get into the spirit of it all with these pieces;

  • Balance for a Better Life (New Date, Nov 6, 6:00-8:00pm)
  • Nancy Gold’s Confession: I Unfriended 3 Friends                         
  • Debbi Honorof’s : Lifelong Learning                      
  • Susan Nieder Acunto & Karen Gens’ TTN Short List                    
  • Suzanne Charlé’s Just in Time: NEW Statue of Liberty Museum opens
  • Nancy Gold’s Responses to 9 of My Pet Peeves     
  • Sally Dougan’s In Case You Missed It (Hey, that’s me!)

  Sally Dougan, 16 Year Member
Newsletter Editor

Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

Well, I just did it. I unfriended 3 former friends. They are not bad people and they did not do anything monstrously wrong but as time has gone on, they were just wrong for me.
Let's take it case by case and you can tell me if you agree with my reasons and my methodology... MORE

Have a Fear of Falling? 

Of course. We all do. Did you know that Balance is a skill you can learn? And that Fear can be a real predictor of falling.There is a way to conquer the fear and gain this skill... MORE 
Suzanne Charlé, in NewYorkCitywoman

A wonderful Museum has arisen in NYC: The new Statue of Liberty Museum opened in the Spring to accolades -- and huge popularity with visitors... MORE
  Debbi Honorof, 1 Year Member

Today’s internet offers a vast array of 
information and experiences without 
having to leave the comfort of your 
own home. A multitude of sites offering news, event listings, travel opportunities, photos, podcasts, and videos... MORE 

Susan Nieder Acunto,
4 Year Member
Karen Gens, 9 Year Member

Fall is in full swing, with so much to do. Get ready for fun... MORE

From - Artist to Zoo Conservationist and everything in between. Our talented members shine bright and are featured in our NEW Member Spotlight . Notify us of your latest project, or accolade and you could be featured next... MORE

Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

Pet peeves, everyone has them and doesn’t it feel great when you can say them and know others who feel exactly the same way? MORE
Sally Dougan, 16 Year Member

September got us all off to a lively start to the new season... MORE
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