Let’s celebrate the role of women in American society as the mid-term election approaches. Learn how to harness your energy to service democracy in Every Vote CountsNow More Than Ever by Marticia Moore Madory. Treat yourself to a great meal after you vote on November 6th at one of the restaurants in Highly Recommended.  Be inspired by The Rise of Women in American Politics and the courage of an actress turned activist in Cynthia Nixon Takes on Cuomo by Suzanne Charlé from NYCitywoman.  Women Dancing with the Stars by Harriet Shenkman reminds us of what great women can accomplish. And catch up with Sally Dougan’s Did You Miss These?  

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Since Nov. 8, 2016, many of us have been saying to ourselves and each other: “What can I do? I have to do something!” The choices we have now are many and varied. Just a month away is the first general election since 2016, and we must be more focused and active. Here are some ideas...   MORE

Ellen Freed, 3 Year Member

Treat yourself to a great meal after you vote on November 6th...  MORE 

For the first time in history, 304 women will be running for key political offices...   MORE

  Suzanne Charlé ,

Cynthia Nixon's campaign for New York's first female governor is an example of an outstanding profile in courage... MORE 
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Celebrate the impressive accomplishments of 4 amazing women...   MORE
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We kicked off the fall season with a duo of lively TTN events... MORE 
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