Yes, OK, Halloween is this month, but don’t you think we have more than enough to be jittery about? So this TTN-NYC newsletter has no scary stories or goofy ideas for homemade costumes or treats for tricksters. Instead, we focus on the story of one TTN-NYC woman who helped make quite a difference in what we will see on our walks in Central Park. Read Susan Karp’s fascinating account of how the monument to the pioneers of women’s rights came to be. Also, given that we’re all in a place where self reflection is something we actually have time for, do read and comment upon Nancy Gold’s latest thoughtful offering. Catch up on TTN events from last month with Sally Dougan.

  Betty Rauch, 9 Year Member
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Susan Karp, 3 Year Member

August 26th saw the successful culmination of a seven-year fundraising and political campaign by the organization Monumental Women to see the first women acknowledged, valued and recognized with the unveiling of a beautiful monument of Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Central Park... MORE
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

Consider this your own personal self quiz. Do you agree with the points below? The scoring is up to you. No need for grades. All I ask is that you share one, at least one, insight that you have learned in your lifetime.
I’ll go first.

Here is a list of the 23 things that I have learned in my lifetime... MORE

We look forward to seeing you all at the October 14 – 15 virtual celebration of TTN’s 20 thAnniversary. You will get to meet and interact with TTNers from all over the country. There are fun, engaging, interactive events planned. Don’t forget, it all began here so let’s show up in force. WE –TTN-NYC -- are the mothership!.. MORE

Eileen Gray, The Unsung Modernist Architect and Designer, Comes Into Full View - A Retrospective at the Bard Design Gallery. Join an interactive small group viewing of furnishings, sketches, and archival documents produced during the Irish architect’s groundbreaking, 7 decade career... MORE
Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

Once again there was no lack of activity bustling around within TTN-NYC and among our sister Chapters and Partners...  MORE

In addition, we had two Inward Bound issues on Sep 2 and Sep 14. View past issues of IB here.

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