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Time to be out and about! Check out the ‘Short (Longer) List’ of fun things to keep these summer days hopping. And while you are making plans to meet up with friends and family, Nancy Gold offers her ‘‘should I phone or text or email?’ advice to make that happening happen. Our new (to NYC Chapter) member, Debbie Honorof, explores lifelong learning opportunities at our doorstep. See what passed us by in June   as recapped by Sally Dougan, 'In Case You Missed It', and finally vent those frustrations we encounter as tourists swarm to our great city.

Karen Buros, 2 Year Member
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Karen Gens, 9 Year Member

Temperature rising means the pace may slow down for some - but look sharp - TTN'ers revel in this season of happenings. Read on for a few favorite recommendations certain to 'bring on da fun'...   MORE

Do you text? Do you email? Do you call? What is your preferred way to communicate? Long ago we only had two forms of communication, a letter or a phone call. Times have changed and now we have even more choices. I know my preference but let's explore what you think. I went around questioning people... MORE
Debbi Honorof, 1 Year Member

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
(Quote widely attributed to Dorothy Parker.) I’ve always been a curious person, so when I retired over a year ago, I looked forward to spending more time satisfying my
curiosity... MORE 

Summer is always more fun with other TTN’ers! You still have time to join us at our Annual Summer Cocktail Party. This Tuesday, July 16th at Sojourn Restaurant from 5:00 - 7:00 PM... MORE

Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

Well, I have a lot of pet peeves. I bet you do also. Let’s just take a look at the Top 9 of mine. You get to share yours later. I bet we have a lot of common ones.... MORE
Sally Dougan, 14 Year Member

June offered a myriad of events
for our members... MORE
A Warm Welcome to Our New Members

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