Welcome to TTN’s Summer Newsletter

Remember the “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”? We’ve certainly had the
(enforced) Lazy ones, and the Hazy ones, but Crazy seems an understatement
for our ongoing Pandemic mode! These are the “Hanging In” Days of Summer so far. And Hang In we will!

Some of the holidays we could be celebrating in July and August (National Ice Cream Month, National Cat Day, National Left-Handers Day) are swell, but I’d like to celebrate and give recognition to TTN for providing such good support for us throughout this challenging time.

Meanwhile please enjoy these special articles:
  • TTN’s Support System, by Joyce Grossman
  • Good To Be Heard, by Nancy Gold
  • Poet’s Corner – Explorers of the Heart, by Harriet Shenkman
  • Online Yoga Zoom classes with Elizabeth Hansen
  • TTN-NYC’s New Series: TTN Reads, by Debbi Honorof
  • Nancy Gold’s Follow-up on Little Positive Stories
  • In Case You Missed It, by me.

Have a Safe and Healthy Summer.

  Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member
Newsletter Editor

Joyce Grossman, 1 Year Member

When the global pandemic hit this Spring, TTN made a commitment to embracing new modes of support and communication, and establishing new forms promoting community on behalf of our ourselves, our families, our friends and our caring TTN. We are a vital support system for NYC and a national network of interested, dynamic women—do-ers and resilient problem solvers... MORE

Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

What do we all want? We want to be heard. We want to know that our voices matter. From the time you first started crying as a baby to raising your hand in school wanting to answer the teacher’s question to growing up and yearning to make lasting friendships, we all wanted to be recognized, to “matter”. We want to be acknowledged as “mattering” to someone else... MORE

Harriet Schenkman, 3 Year Member (TTN poet in residence)

Explorers of the Heart 

The senior dating site never sleeps:

Artfuldodger64   says hi.
Weasle69h   likes my photo
I caught the eye of   Archimedes85
Seeker4Love   wants to chat
Roy of Culpepper  admires my profile... MORE 

Elizabeth Hansen, a long-time TTN member, has been teaching Yoga to older adults – including many TTNers-- for more than ten years. Elizabeth is now offering Zoom Yoga classes TTNers. She says, “In this period of lock-down, Yoga is really, really good for mental and physical relaxation, not to mention to maintain physical conditioning – and offer relief from the pain and stiffness of arthritis."For more about Elizabeth and her classes ... MORE

TTN-NYC is hosting the first-ever virtual “TTN Reads", and all TTN Chapter and National members are invited to join us on this unique literary journey. We will read the recently-released and widely-acclaimed novel, An Elegant Woman by Martha McPhee, a sweeping multi-generational family saga that takes place in many locales around the country... MORE 

The Short List
Susan Nieder Acunto 4 Year Member & Karen Gens 9 Year Member

The Shortlist is going a hunting for a well chlorinated swimming hole this July/August. Wishing you all a good summer:
 Stay Hydrated! 
 Stay Healthy!
 Stay Happy!
Nancy Gold, 5 Year Member

There were responses to the original May 2020 article. Many of them echoed the same sentiments but one response pretty much said it all. Please read what KK wrote as it speaks for many of us. Here is her short list. Explanations are further down... MORE

Sally Dougan, 17 Year Member

Despite our lock-down mode, June was an amazing month for supportive TTN events -- from our NYC Chapter and from our sister Chapters. NYC’s offerings have been many -- and the addition of shared events from Long Island, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia made for a rich assortment of programming during the month.... MORE 

A Warm Welcome to Our New Members
Ellen Armitage
Marilyn Machlowitz
Marcia Mermelstein
Lisa Smith

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