February 2013, Volume 1, Issue 6
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Coordinator's Corner  Jean Palmer at Flying Star 



We are looking forward to meeting and greeting our members in the month of February at the Zip-Bonding gatherings in homes of our members. We'd love to have you be included, so if you haven't joined yet, do so by February 6 so we can make sure you are invited to attend a special zip-bonding session in your neighborhood! 


Go to www.thetransitionnetwork.org/join and follow the instructions for joining. It's easy and this makes you a member of both the National and the local organization. Scholarship money is available if you have a financial need.


Membership: What is Zip-Bonding? It's an opportunity to get together and meet with other members who live in similar zip-codes. We currently have 117 members so these smaller group gatherings gives us a chance to get more acquainted with you and your interests, for you to give us feedback and ideas and for us to let you know more about what we have planned for 2013 including a Members Showcase in April.


Peer Groups: We have different kinds of peer groups, some that are on-going and some that are drop-in. To participate in a peer group, you need to be a TTN member. One of the most popular ones is the Coffee Club which meets every Wednesday afternoon at 3 PM. This is a drop-in group where you have a chance for conversation, to connect with others informally and share resources and information. Maria Francis, Coffee Club coordinator, sends out a weekly reminder each Monday. If you'd like to receive the weekly announcements, please let Maria know at mfrancis@livingforwardalliance.org.


Website: We want you to get in the habit of going to the website to get the latest news and updates and to learn more about the chapter. Go to www.TheTransitionNetwork.org click chapters, Santa Fe, and then read all about us and also check the events calendar, member directory and any other categories of interest to you.


Monthly Programs: Our monthly programs are open to all and the topic in February will be The Enneagram: Liberation from Habitual Patterns to More Balance and Joy presented by Beth Johnson. We meet on Monday evening, February 25 and Tuesday afternoon, February 26.  To find out more about this month's program, see below.


Program Committee: The Program Committee welcomes people to hand in proposals to speak at our monthly programs. If you are interested, contact Pat Shapiro, Program Chair, at shapiropat@gmail.com. She will send you two forms to fill out: TTN Guest Speaker Guidelines and TTN Guest Speaker Application. The program committee will be meeting in early February to plan the programs for the rest of 2013 so respond soon.


The Program Committee reviews applications from people who want to present at our monthly programs and they make recommendations to the Steering Committee. Following approval, the Program Committee contacts the presenters and introduces them at the monthly programs. If you would like to serve on the Programming Committee, contact Pat Shapiro if you are interested.


Gratitude: Thanks to the members of the Programming Committee: Patricia Boies, Ellen Fox, Eppie Herrera, Irene Herrera, Stephanie Hiller, Christine Johnson, Mary Rives and Pat Shapiro, Chair. They have a very important job and they do it extremely well.


Jean Palmer, Coordinator
TTN-Santa Fe

February Monthly Program Meetings  


Beth JohnsonMonday, February 25, 2013
Time: 6:15 - 8 pm
Location:  Unitarian Church: 107 West Barcelona


Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Time: 1:45 - 3:30 pm 

Location:Christ Church, 1213 Don Gaspar X Cordova

$3 donation requested.


Topic: The Enneagram: Liberation from Habitual Patterns to More Balance & Joy

The Enneagram is an ancient system with roots that appear to lie in Asia and the Middle East and date from several thousand years ago. This ancient system contains the depth of Eastern spiritual wisdom and the somatic and psychological understanding of the West. Embracing the wisdom of the Enneagram provides the opportunity to create balance with oneself and each other. The Enneagram is a resource in providing an individual with more self-awareness. It helps people unhook from habitual patterns and conditioned thinking that obscures their essence, allowing for change so that the individual can become more conscious and expansive, access higher levels of intelligence, and achieve results beyond what they knew to be possible. Uncovering our essence and expanding our consciousness are the keys to experiencing true joy and abundance in life. 

Beth Johnson  

Pre-registration not required. Just show up -- and bring a friend! This is a members and non-members event. 
Coffee Club

Ready to have a break in your day?

Ready to meet new people and foster new friendships?

Hot or cold, coffee or tea, women of TTN gather weekly to share camaraderie and conversations.

"I look forward to joining friends or introductions to new acquaintances. The social outing brings me new ideas and conversations on diverse topics from finance, to writing, to living in Santa Fe.  It's an opportunity to eat or drink and engage in individual connections that bring a smile to my heart" says Susan Kay Wilson

The Coffee Club is a wonderful place to:relax, laugh, meet friends and foster new ones. You will have an opportunity to share what is happening in your life, make requests, share ideas and discuss topics that are interest to you.


Treat yourself to coffee and friendship every Wednesday at 3:00 pm at El Tesoro Caf´┐Ż (inside Sanbusco Mall).  It is open to members and first time non-member visitors.

Maria Francis leads this group and if you are not on her mailing list and like to receive a friendly weekly reminder of the meetings times and place you may contact her at mfrancis@livingforwardalliance.org or her cell, 713-304-6262.

Women WalkingTwo TTN members, Ann Church and Maria Francis, have joined a Santa Fe Light Hiking Meet Up group for women and are calling all nature lovers, would-be hikers, rose-sniffers to join them.
All levels of hiking experience are welcome here. The rule for these hikes is that the slowest person goes in front and sets the pace that gets their own heart rate up (whatever that turns out to be).  The group will gradually increase difficulty through the hikes in the book "25 Easy Day Hikes in Santa Fe" (available at Good Books downtown or REI), which ranks 25 local hikes in order of difficulty.
Many hikes are under 1 hour and within 20 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza. The group meets 3 times a week at different times and hiking locations currently are: Santa Fe Reservoir, Dorothy Stewart Trail, Dale Ball Trail North and Weekend Southside hike near SFCC.
You may join this group by registering at www.meetup.com and join the Santa Fe Light Hiking Group. Make sure you are sign up for the correct group as there are several Hiking Groups in town.
Any questions or if you need any help with registration , you may contact   Ann Church at 505-670-9718 or ann@annchurch.com, or Maria Francis at 713-304-6262 or mfrancis@livingforwardalliance.org

Participation in our 4th Monday and Tuesday monthly programs remains open to both the community and members, with a request for a $3 donation to cover expenses. We especially enjoy hosting National TTN members visiting from out of town, new and long-term community residents, and women aspiring to be "50 and forward".


While you may attend one Peer Group meeting or Social Peer Group Event without being a member, to continue to participate in the Peer Group activities, you must become a member. Other member benefits include access to the member directory*, the online chapter bulletin board, opportunities to promote your book and view job postings at the national website. Certain events are also designated for members only. Click here to view our membership flyer.

Dues: 12 Month membership: $80 ($6.67/month)
           24 Month membership: $150 ($6.25/month)


Scholarships: No one should feel they are unable to afford membership. Participation in the scholarship program is confidential. For more information, contact TTN Executive Director, Betsy Werley at 212-803-6121 or betsy@thetransitionnetwork.org.


* The TTN Membership Directory is for personal use only. TTN does not sell or share our membership directory for business solicitation.

Santa Fe Pin photo

Members can display

brochures, flyers, and

announcements at the

monthly programs and are

responsible for bringing them

and picking them up each time.


Save the dates!
Details to follow:
February: Zip Bonding
Neighborhood gatherings
to honor/foster TTN
friendships. Members
will receive personal
invitations. Contact
Membership Chair
have questions.
Sun, April 14: Membership
Showcase and TTN
Santa Fe Birthday Party
at the Woman's Club
of Santa Fe. (Event will be
open to public, but only
members can showcase.)


Coffee Club 


The Coffee Club Social Peer

Group currently meets

every Wednesday

 at 3pm and is open to members

and first time non-member

visitors. Meet at

El Tesoro Cafe,

inside the Sanbusco Mall
500 Montezuma # 104
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone # 505-988-3886

See Events page for details and RSVP contact info.


Women Walking   

Santa Fe Light Hiking Group

This is a collaboration between an existing Meet Up group and Santa Fe TTN.  See invitation in left column. 


Book Club 


The Book Club Social

Peer Group.  A new group is 

forming and hopes to

start in March.  See the 

January newsletter article. 

Contact Glynn Anderson

 if you are interested.


Hiking Group  

The Hiking Social Peer Group

Next hike TBA.  Check the

Events web page for updates. 

You can also e-mail

Portia Blackman 

or call Barb Radov

at 816-500-4478. 


women's peer group hands
There are also Transition Peer Groups and more are always forming.  A Transition Peer Group is a regular group of 10-12 women who meet for an extended period of time to talk about subjects of their own choosing and provide support.  View our Peer Groups web page for more information.  Contact Jean Palmer to sign up.



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This is the year to:

  • Sponsor a national or local TTN program;
  • Advertise on the website and in the national or local newsletter, or on the website alone;
  • Mix and match your advertising with postings or Tweets to our rapidly growing Facebook fans and/or Twitter following audience.
Our national website and social networking programs will put you in front of the women you  want to reach...and you can expand the impact with an ad in our newsletters. 


For more information download our Ad Rates flyer here then contact Carole Holland at  advertising@thetransitionnetwork.org to discuss placing your ad Here -- or on our web page.
The Santa Fe Transition Network