January 2013, Volume 1, Issue 5
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Coordinator's Corner  Jean Palmer at Flying Star

The start of a new year is a time for setting new goals and making plans. We hope that getting involved with TTN and participating in our many programs and activities will be high on your list.


Programs: Our monthly programs are open to all and the topic in January will be Women, Wealth and Feng Shui. We meet on Monday evening, January 28 and Tuesday afternoon, January 29.  

NOTE: Two pieces of information about the Tuesday session; January 29th is the 5th Tuesday of the month, not the 4th Tuesday as usual.  Also,  because our Tuesday meeting location Christ Church is going through an extensive building renovation in 2013, we looked into meeting at another location. However, because we have so enjoyed meeting at this space and appreciate their support, we have managed to find a way to continue meeting there and work around the renovation changes.


To find out more about this month's program, see below. We also want you to go to the website, www.TheTransitionNetwork.org to learn more about the chapter and the latest updates on what's happening. Click chapters, Santa Fe, then read all about us and also check the events calendar, member directory and any other categories of interest to you.


Membership: Special thanks to Sheila Doran-Benyon, Membership Chair, for hosting the Member Holiday Celebration in her lovely home. Sheila is hostess extraordinaire and over 40 of our 110 members attended! Delicious food and luscious desserts were provided by the attendees who connected with friends, old and new.


The next member benefit will be Zip-Bonding in February. What is Zip-Bonding? It's an opportunity to get together and meet with other members who live in similar zip-codes. It's also a chance for us to get more acquainted with you and your interests, for you to give us feedback and ideas and for us to let you know more about what we have planned for 2013 including a Members Showcase in April. Join now so we can invite you to attend a special zip-bonding session in your neighborhood!  


When you join the National organization, you also are a member of the local chapter. Go to www.thetransitionnetwork.org/join and follow the instructions for joining. 


Steering Committee: The Steering Committee meets once a month to plan the direction and do many of the behind the scenes work that makes TTN run smoothly. The Steering Committee has been working on Job Descriptions and Roles and Responsibilities for each of the positions and a succession plan for the Santa Fe chapter. This will help us as we recruit and train new members to serve on the Steering Committee and other committees.


Members of the current Steering Committee are:

Communications - Patty Armstrong,

Finance - Jutta von Gontard

Fundraising - Karen Hodges

Logistics - Jeanne Roos

Membership - Sheila Doran-Benyon

Peer Groups - Lisa Reed

Programs - Pat Shapiro

Member-at-Large - Betty Bartos

Coordinator - Jean Palmer

We nine women have accomplished a lot in the short time we've been together.

Gratitude: In addition to the members of the Steering Committee, there are many others who are helping Santa Fe TTN move forward - the members of the Programming Committee, Membership Committee, Transition Peer Group Advisory Committee, Social Peer Groups, i.e. Coffee Club, Hiking Group, Book Club, Walking Group, Desert Mermaids! We will feature these committees and individuals in future issues of the newsletter. We have also had women who have donated money and gifts to help us grow. And to those I haven't mentioned, have forgotten, or didn't even know you've helped, a huge thank you!


Jean Palmer, Coordinator
TTN-Santa Fe

January Monthly Program Meetings  


Carol Olmstead Monday, January 28, 2013
Time: 6:15 - 8 pm
Location:  Unitarian Church: 107 West Barcelona


Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Time: 1:45 - 3:30 pm 

STILL AT OLD LOCATION: Christ Church, 1213 Don Gaspar X Cordova


$3 donation requested.


Topic: Women, Wealth, and Feng Shui

Carol M. Olmstead will explain the basics and practical applications of Feng Shui, pronounced "fung shway," a design system for arranging your surroundings in harmony and balance with the natural world around you. Then she will show how to use these principles to attract wealth. You'll learn the ways your home may be holding you back from abundance, how to find the money area in your home, how clutter clears blocks prosperity, and how to make Feng Shui adjustments. Carol will also share her "Top 10 Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Wealth."

Carol M. Olmstead, FSIA, is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, author, and speaker who specializes in helping rearrange spaces, shift energy, and transform lives.

Pre-registration not required. Just show up -- and bring a friend! This is a members and non-members event. 

Hiking GroupSOCIAL GROUP HIGHLIGHT: Santa Fe's Hiking Group

The TTN Santa Fe Hiking Group, led by Barb Radov, has been hiking one Saturday each month, sampling some of the best-known and beautiful trails this area has to offer, including Picacho Peak, Hamilton Mesa (in the Pecos Wilderness), Aspen Vista, the Lower Rio en Medio Trail, and the Galisteo Basin Preserve.  The group is taking a break this coming month, due to the holidays and the winter weather.  But we don't plan to let cold weather or snow stop us!  A hike is planned for early in 2013 at Cerrillos Hills State Park -- a great location for a winter hike.  The date of this hike and specifics will be announced in the next newsletter.


Click here to see photos of the September 1 Hamilton Mesa Hike.


Click here to see photos of the December 1 Galisteo Basin Preserve Hike. 


If you have a good idea for a hike in 2013, we'd love to hear about it.  Please email Barb Radov (beradov@gmail.com) or Elaine Meizlish (esmeizlish@gmail.com) with your suggestions. 


Participation in our 4th Monday and Tuesday monthly programs remains open to both the community and members, with a request for a $3 donation to cover expenses. We especially enjoy hosting National TTN members visiting from out of town, new and long-term community residents, and women aspiring to be "50 and forward".


While you may attend one Peer Group meeting or Social Peer Group Event without being a member, to continue to participate in the Peer Group activities, you must become a member.  Among benefits are the access to our member directory* and online chapter bulletin board, several opportunities to promote your business and/or nonprofit endeavors, and the ability to view job postings at the National website.Certain events are also designated for members only. Click here to view our membership flyer.

Dues: 12 Month membership: $80 ($6.67/month)
           24 Month membership: $150 ($6.25/month)


Scholarships: No one should feel they are unable to afford membership. Participation in the scholarship program is confidential. For more information, contact TTN Executive Director, Betsy Werley at 212-803-6121 or betsy@thetransitionnetwork.org.


* The TTN Membership Directory is for personal use only. TTN does not sell or share our membership directory for business solicitation.

Book Club 
NEW SOCIAL GROUP FORMING: Santa Fe Literature Book Group

Dear Santa Fe TTN Members,


I am passionate about reading and discussing literature and hope some of you are too and would like to create a book club.  I recently joined TTN and I need friends to talk to about literature, to share the joy of an exquisitely written passage, to explore complex metaphors for deeper levels of meaning, to share wide knowledge and insights that each person could bring to a group to increase all of our understanding, and to ask questions together. 

I imagine that we can use more than one book club based on interests, so my suggestion would be to meet in a public place that's quiet, like a library room, for our first meeting.  My sister is part of six book clubs--yes--six--that are very successful, so I have asked her for advice, and she suggested beginning this way and to keep each club to about 7 members. 

She also suggested a book for our first meeting that was popular with all of her clubs:  The Leopard by Giuseppe di Lampedusa.  Just a suggestion.
And a book many of you have read but might want to read again is Verghese's Cutting the Stone.  I'm dying to read this sometime next year. 

As a good friend once said to me:  "Don't ask me what I'm reading.  Ask me what I'm re-reading."

My own interests are broad in terms of era but focused in terms of genre (ie, I'm not interested in detective novels, though Steven King is an excellent writer, or thrillers, or romance novels--books written for the plot only).  Eventually I'd hope to be part of a group that is open, inquisitive, and adventurous, willing at times to delve into literature that may be challenging to normal readers' expectations.  Contemporary authors such as Salmon Rushdie and Jose Saramago come to mind.  Also I'd be interested in including classics perhaps once or twice a year--you know, those books you once read when you were too young, or didn't read at all but want to now--and not just because "you should."  Though that could be a good motivator!  I know I have several of these on my list, such as Dante's Divine Comedy, The Iliad, Don Quixote, and more modern classics such as Moby Dick (which I didn't finish years ago) and any work by Tolstoy.  I haven't read War and Peace!!  Last year I read Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain.  Difficult.  Wanted to throw it across the room.  And so glad I didn't because it moved me profoundly, and I think of it often.

Will you join me in this adventure?  If so, please email me with a brief paragraph about your interests:  glynn@scatter.com

Glynn Anderson 

Santa Fe Pin photo

Members can display

brochures, flyers, and

announcements at the

monthly programs and are

responsible for bringing them

and picking them up each time.

Save the dates!
Details to follow:
February: Zip Bonding
Neighborhood gatherings
to honor/foster TTN
friendships. Members
will receive personal
invitations. Contact
Membership Chair
wish to host.
Sun, April 14: Membership
Showcase and TTN
 Santa Fe Birthday Party
at the Women's Club
of Santa Fe. (Event will be
open to public, but only
members can showcase.)


Coffee Club 

The Coffee Club Social Peer Group

Meets every Wednesday at 3pm

and is open to members and

first time non-member visitors.



El Tesoro Cafe,

Inside the Sanbusco Mall
500 Montezuma # 104
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone # 505-988- 3886 

 See Events page for details and RSVP contact info.


Hiking Group  

The Hiking Social Peer Group

Next meeting will be in early

2013, details to follow in

February newsletter. See

Social Group Highlight to

the left for more information

on this group.


Book Club 

The Book Club Social Peer Group.  A new group is forming.  See article

in left column. Contact Glynn Anderson if you are interested.


women's peer group hands
Transition Peer Groups
are always forming.  A 
Transition Peer Group is a
group of 10-12 women
who meet for an extended
period of time to talk about
subjects of their own
choosing and provide support.  
View our
Peer Groups web page
for more information. 
Contact Jean Palmer
to sign up.



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This is the year to:

  • Sponsor a national or local TTN program;
  • Advertise on the website and in the national or local newsletter, or on the website alone;
  • Mix and match your advertising with postings or Tweets to our rapidly growing Facebook fans and/or Twitter following audience.
Our national website and social networking programs will put you in front of the women you  want to reach...and you can expand the impact with an ad in our newsletters. 


For more information download our Ad Rates flyer here
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