The weather is warming up and it's time to get into the sprint training and race season! We had a great time supporting the racers that participated in the Spears YMCA Indoor Tri on March 19th, and I'd like to welcome several of those racers to the team. Coming up in about a week are the 2nd and 3rd races in the 2017 TTT Race Series, the Belews Lake Sprint and International Triathlons. Right now the weather is looking like it will be much better than last year. No snow! Also towards the end of the month we've got a good sized group of TTTers headed to White Lake for a weekend of racing and fun!

If you're going to be racing or volunteering at the Belews races, be sure to come by the TTT tent and signup to get your race series points. Also, if you're not racing but would like to come support our team members or help out at our tent, let me know. It's a great way for beginners to learn the ropes and prepare yourself for triathlon, and a great way for experienced triathletes to share some knowledge and cheer on your friends. Hope to see a bunch of you out there!

-Brian DeYoung


This month's Athlete of the Month is Beth Warren. Beth is new to the team, but not new to triathlon. She and her husband, Alan, both compete in many races, including the Lake Placid Ironman. She is running Boston again this year, she was there the year of the bombing, this is her first time back since. Congrats to Beth our AOM!


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Friday, April 7 6:30pm, Pete with Team Indure and Julie about Ragnar

Pain Management and teamindure - Myths versus Reality
Pete Barusic, Physical Therapist and founder of teamindure will help sort out some of the myths and reality when it comes to Pain and teamindure.  Attendees will get a better understanding on the physiological reasons for pain, what the short and long term implications are for pain and what to do about the pain they may be experiencing.   This will be a great opportunity to discover the difference between pain you may be able to push through and when it may be necessary to seek medical treatment.   
He will also discuss how to get the most out of 2017 and how teamindure is more than purchasing shirts or magnets.  The merchandise only provides the ability to demonstrate the length you are willing to go to race along and cheer on those that define strength. teamindure is a lifestyle wrapped up in signage.  
Not sure how the Ragnar Relay Races work?
 Julie Greene will start off the meeting by discussing the Ragnar Trail Series.    Ragnar Trail Relay-Carolinas is an exciting running and camping weekend race experience for teams of 4-8 runners of any level. For a second year, Ragnar Trail Relays will be coming back to the Carolinas and we are hoping to build excitement for this year's event. In early October teams will come together at the gorgeous Anne Springs Close Greenway, just outside Charlotte to conquer a set of trails that start and stop in the amazing Ragnar Village. We want you and your running friends to be a part of that!  Julie will bringing with some cool swag so be sure to join us
We will be in the community room at Earthfare on Battleground. Come at 6:30 to enjoy Earthfares hot and cold food bar and some social time with teammates. 
The talk will begin at 7.

Membership Renewals
- Just a reminder that most of us will have our renewals due in January. Download from our website and mail to 4 Altamont Ct, Greensboro, NC 27410

Each year several local races are selected to use for the TTT Race Series. Racing, placing, volunteering, and sporting your team kit can earn you points for any of these races. See the Race Series Points tab on the team web page for more details.

The 2017 TTT Race Series includes the following races:

Hagan-Stone Park Duathlon - March 11th, 2017
Belews Lake Sprint Triathlon - April 8th, 2017
Belews Lake International Triathlon - April 8th, 2017 - Double Points!
Lake Brandt Triathlon - June 10, 2017
Nat Greene's Revenge Off Road Triathlon - June 10, 2017
High Point Sprint Triathlon - August 12th, 2017 - Double Points!
NC State Triathlon Championships - September 17th, 2017

Come join the fun either racing, volunteering or cheering your team on!

Monday Recovery Runs:
 Monday recovery run, starting at 6 PM from the Payless Shoes off Battleground.  These are paced to be slow and are about 3 miles long.  Anyone of any speed or ability is welcome to show up and run for as long or as little as you'd like, and socialize after the run is over.     

HIIT Indoor Training Sessions - check facebook or website for dates and times.                        
As with all workouts and events, consult the TTT Facebook page for any last minute changes.


Please support the businesses that support the Triad Triathlon Team. Visit our website for a complete list of sponsors and TTT discount providers














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