Triad Triathlon Team Newsletter
Happy New Year! I wish each and every TTT'er the absolute best in love, career, and sport! Hopefully Santa brought you a few triathlon goodies to make this year one filled with fun, excitement, and PR's J
The TTT Christmas party was a blast! Lots of prizes from our sponsors and friends as well as tons of fun for all in attendance.  Special thanks to the Ribando family for hosting the event and to Pete Barusic and Brian DeYoung for accepting TTT board positions as Activities Co-director and WebMaster respectively.
The TTT is rolling out a 16 week Ironman 70.3 group training program. The goal is this program is to provide a structured framework for TTT Members looking to train with a group in a fun, intimidation-free setting. The program starts on February 1 st  and ends third week of May, just in time for IRONMAN 70.3 CHATTANOOGA or IRONMAN 70.3 RALEIGH.
We are looking to get a minimum of 5 participants. For each participant that joins after the fifth, $75 will be donated to the American Cancer Society - Relay for Life on behalf of Team Indure.
Lastly,  TTT'ers interested in joining this group coaching program can  join for FREE with the purchase of a WAHOO KICKR power-based cycling trainer.  The KICKR is the new generation smart bike trainer capable of elevating your bike fitness to reach any cycling goal you may have.  For additional  information about the program and how to purchase a Wahoo Kickr and participate in the program for FREE, email
 Registration deadline is January 15 th. You can register by completing and mailing in this form.
TTT Half Iron - Group Coaching Package Details
  • Must be a TTT Member
  • $200 for 16 weeks (Minimum of 5 Athletes)
  • Starts Feb 1st and ends May 22nd, 2016
  • 1 weekly evening coached group workout (minimum...)
  • 1 bi-weekly weekend coached group workout
  • Initial 1 on 1 consultation for each athlete
  • Pre-race 1 on 1 race planning meeting
  • Unlimited coach access via email
  • Group information sessions on Tri related topics such as race nutrition, peaking/tapering, recovery, etc.
  • Free training peaks account with coach uploads
  • Discounted  fees  for  additional 1 on 1 consultation with coach
  • Coach certifications include IRONMAN Certified Coach and US Master Swimmer Level II
This month's AOM is Walt Maxwell. Walt is an active member and supporter of the TTT. His enthusiasm, energy, and positive attitude are contagious and have inspired many TTT'ers to push through barriers they had previously considered impossible to achieve. Even before completing his first full iron distance triathlon at Beach2Battleship, Walt had signed up for IM Canada AND IM Chattanooga! With such a full agenda, expect to see Walt out and about all over Greensboro.  I encourage you to click here to read a short Q&A about Walt.

This month, we are having separate TTT Girls/Guys Nights out! The ladies will enjoy a challenging yet relaxing Yoga session at FleetFeet Greensboro before heading to Char 7 for dinner and drinks. 

The guys will meet at the newly opened "World of Beer". So come join us for a few more drinks before the season really kicks in and we all limit ourselves to Gatorade and GU.

Our TTT branded caps and visors have finally arrived!  These embroidered caps/visors are made by head sweats and will last a long time! Available for $15, you can get these at our team meetings or by completing the form from our website. (Click here for more details)

Track Tuesday:
5:30 AM @ Greensboro Day School Track: Interval focused running. We provide the workout which typically lasts 45-60 minutes. We all turn in circles, so no one gets dropped and you can modify the workout to suit your fitness level.
5:30 PM @ NC A&T Track: Join Fleet Feet's coach Carl for an intense AND rewarding track workout. Free of charge and lighted track. See Fleet Feet Greensboro's website for additional info.
Thursday Trainer Nights:
Bring your bike, indoor trainer, water, and a few towels to participate in High Intensity Interval Training. This is the best way to get a great cardiovascular workout while significantly boosting your power and speed on the bike. Be on the lookout for our FB posts confirming location and time.
Friday Swim:
6 AM @ Spears YMCA: We'll provide the workout which typically lasts 60 minutes. Focused on drills to help improve your technique. All level's and abilities welcome.
As with all workouts and events, consult the TTT Facebook page for any last minute changes.


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