The race season is quickly drawing to a close.  Congratualations to all of our TTT members and friends to competed in Ramseur, Augusta, Chattanooga, and other locations!  Our last TTT Race Series event, the North Carolina State Triathlon Championship, will be this weekend.  And we will have several members traveling to the newly branded Ironman North Carolina in Wilmington towards the end of the month, as well as a few additional sporatic races during the fall.
As winter approaches, remember to take some time to look back at what you've accomplished this year.  Give yourself a pat on the back for all the good stuff, and if you missed a goal or had a tough race use that as motivation to keep pushing yourself in the off season so you're ready for next year!

As fall and winter approaches it is often a time when we slow down (or in my case sometimes stop) our training.  This year, the TTT is putting together some training opportunities that are a bit outside of the box from what you're probably used to.  As these events get set up, I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunities to get outside of your comfort zone and try some new things with your TTT teammates and friends.  Let any board member know if there is anything in particular you would like to see us take on as a group!

This month's AOM is Priscilla Nobles ! How appropriate to name Priscilla Nobles our Athlete of the Month! October is going to be great for Priscilla since it is her favorite month due to Halloween, she is getting married to Adam and she will have run her first marathon. What a month! Priscilla is always smiling while being a supportive and motivating training buddy. She helps push others who need that extra "umph", which bodes well for her since she is a personal trainer and wellness coach at the Y. Take a moment and say congrats to Priscilla for all these wonderful events for her this  month!
Great job and congratulations to Priscilla. 
Get to know Priscilla more by clicking here: 


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Until the end of 2016  , GSP is offering free gait analysis for all TTT members! 
 Ensuring proper mechanics is critical to your success and overall pain reduction, and Dr Rodulfo is a trained expert in spotting movement issues that could be holding you back.  
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This month's team meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 14th at 6:30 PM. This month will be back at Earthfare. We will be hosting Tom Strader from Mg12, and he will be sharing with us information about his product lines and what kinds of benefits they offer. Hope to see you there.

October 2, North Carolina State Triathlon Championship
December 5, TTT Christmas Party at Gibb's Brewery. Mark it down now, you will not want to miss this annual party! 

REMEMBER to visit the TTT website at http://www.triadtriathlonteam.com/
for updated events, info and training opportunities.


Monday Recovery Runs:
There are now two Monday recovery runs, one starting at 6 PM from the Payless Shoes off Battleground, and one at 6pm from the Ragsdale YMCA parking lot near Jamestown.  Both of these are paced to be slow and are about 3 miles long.  Anyone of any speed or ability is welcome to show up and run for as long or as little as you'd like, and socialize after the run is over.                             
As with all workouts and events, consult the TTT Facebook page for any last minute changes.


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