Triad Tri Team Newsletter
JULY 2018

From the President

Great job at the Nat Greene's Revenge TTT! We had a fantastic turnout for the mid-series race event, and it was awesome to see so many people crushing that event. In addition to some great finishes from our team members, I also talked to several folks who had their first full open water tri swims without stopping along the way, and we had several members taking on their first open water swim event entirely! I think the success we're all having is in part due to the support that we're able to provide each other, whether it's race or planning advice, workout opportunities, or social support on race day. I love seeing the friendships we're all building!

July is a fairly quiet month as far as events go, but training is getting underway for the High Point Sprint Tri coming up in early August. We're starting up regular weekend rides and runs of the course which will continue up until race weekend. If you're out training, be sure to stay hydrated and fueled with the hot temperatures!

The race series points have been updated on the website, and the field is starting to spread out some. There are only two races left in the series for this year, so if you're aiming for an award, come out and hit those last two races hard! Keep in mind that you can get some bonus points for participating in races outside of the official race series if they are with one of our partner race providers. Just email your other race events to, and I'll get them added to your points! Also, be sure if you're racing in local races or Ironman races, put a team down and help get your team some recognition!

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you at our team meeting this month for some swimming and pizza!

Meet Jon Graham!

Meet Jon Graham! Jon is new to the sport of triathlon having done his first sprint in 2017, and has now successfully finished a 70.3 in Chattanooga this past spring. Jon has a great energy and spirit when you speak with him and train with him. His friendly demeanor makes him a great fit for the ttt. It is hard to believe he is new to the sport the was he naturally rides, runs and swims. He shared his wife (an avid swimmer herself) is a great inspiration to him as well.
If you see Jon, tell him congrats on being our Athlete of the Month!

See more about Jon here:
Saturday, July 21, 4-6pm

We're going low key for July, and looking to have some summer time fun! Mary Roach has invited us to join her for some swimming and a pizza party for some social time. You'll have an opportunity to get some opwn water swim practice in, and we'll also have an opportunity for an optional short clinic for those who may be interested and new to open water swimming. The swimming will start at 4, with pizza arriving around 5. Bring your swim stuff, and a folding chair for eating and hanging out.

Parking is somewhat limited at this location, so it is recommended that you try to carpool with someone if possible. We'll also probably be working out some options for parking at the Food Lion on the corner of 220 and 150 and getting a ride over to the lake.

3910 Waterton Rd, Summerfield, NC 27358-9143, United States

Check the Triad Triathlon Team Facebook page for this month's team meeting

Tuesday Night Social Runs have been going on, go out and join them at where Payless Shoes used to be, to run down the greenway. ALL PACES WELCOME! 

Weekend bike rides and OWS are posted on FB page as well.
As with all workouts and events, consult the TTT Facebook page for any last minute changes.

The 2018 TTT Race Series includes the following races:

Northeast Duathlon - February 24, 2018
Belews Lake Sprint Triathlon - April 14th, 2018
Belews Lake International Triathlon - April 14th, 2018 - Double Points!
Nat Greene's Revenge Off Road Triathlon, On Road Triathlon 
                         (formerly Lake Brandt Sprint), or Duathlon - June 9, 2018
High Point Triathlon - August 11th, 2018 - Double Points!
North Carolina Triathlon Championships - September 16th, 2018




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