Triad Tri Team Newsletter

From the President

Hey team! The New Year is rushing up on us fast, and we've got a handful of end-of-year things to do leading in to the off season training time.

First up, membership renewals are happening now! If you need to renew your membership for 2019, you should be getting emails from RunSignup about it, along with a renewal discount code $10 off. That code is only good until the end of the year, but for us to get our t-shirt orders in for 2019, we'd like you to get in there and do your renewal as soon as possible so we can be sure we have enough of the right sizes for everyone! If you've got any questions, let us know, but please try and get in there to renew soon!

Also, our famous TTT Christmas Party is coming up on December 7! Invitations from Betsy were sent out Friday afternoon for Signup Genius to all current paid members. We'll be having chicken kabobs along with potluck sides and desserts, a cash bar, music, and a raffle! Spouses are welcome at no additional charge, but no kids this year. Also, if you've got any friends who might be interested in joining the TTT in the future, they're welcome to attend with you for a $10 cover, which can later be applied to their membership. Or even better, now is a great time to join for the 2019 season, and they'll get the Christmas party this year at no additional cost! We're hoping to see you there!

Last, we're lining up a handful of training opportunities at High Point University over the winter months for some off season workouts. We'll have access to their indoor pool, space to setup your own bike trainer, the roads around High Point for outdoor riding if the weather is decent, and running opportunities indoor and out. We'll also be looking to try and line up some possible limited swim coaching opportunities at these events as well. Keep your eyes on the Facebook group for these events as they get scheduled!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas Party!

Meet Keith Gardiner!

Meet Keith Gardiner or AKA "Chef G"!
Keith, a chef instructor, has been doing triathlons for two years now. You  may have seen him at the "Tour De Chef" bike ride, which he organizes to raise money for the local community. Whenever training with Keith, he is usually with a smile on with a great attitude of getting it done! 
Keith has his eyes on the prize for next year,  with two 70.3 races next year, Eagleman 70.3 and IM NC 70.3, and he is planning  on doing the full Trivium series again. Way to motivate and be motivated by Keith!  

If you see Keith, tell him congrats on being our Athlete of the Month!

See more about Keith here:
Friday, December 7th, 6pm-10pm.
Food, Fun, Prizes and a DJ for dancing and having a good time!!


High Point Univeristy Club Sports will be hosting us for an indoor brick training session for our November team meeting! 

Here is the link for details:

Check FB for group events, posted weekly!
As with all workouts and events, consult the TTT Facebook page for any last minute changes.

The 2018 TTT Race Series includes the following races:

Northeast Duathlon - February 24, 2018
Belews Lake Sprint Triathlon - April 14th, 2018
Belews Lake International Triathlon - April 14th, 2018 - Double Points!
Nat Greene's Revenge Off Road Triathlon, On Road Triathlon 
                         (formerly Lake Brandt Sprint), or Duathlon - June 9, 2018
High Point Triathlon - August 11th, 2018 - Double Points!
North Carolina Triathlon Championships - September 16th, 2018

Teamindure Race Wrap Up

What is teamindure? teamindure was started as a way to honor those individuals running a race with long term health issues, a race that they did not choose to enter. None of us may have their disease process or physically/emotionally know how they feel, but we can hold a sign and cheer them on.

So why the name teamindure with the tagline "the i is silent?" The thought is that no one should have to race alone. So "i" as part of the team will do what I can to help them remain firm under suffering or misfortune and that it will be done or felt without needing to be spoken. But to be silent also implies a habit of saying no more than is needed. That is where the oxymoron lies. If I remain silent than my message is unseen. A gesture no matter how well crafted it is meant to show support that goes unnoticed, will not reach its intended target. So as part of teamindure it is important to let them know that I am on THEIR course. No race challenge I have to face compares to the challenges of those with cancer or other long term illness.

So, I challenge everyone to stand on the course for someone that they may or may not know, just to provide them with encouragement. Your sign whether through words, actions or deeds will not go unnoticed. I promise you that if you add purpose to your training schedule there is nothing you cannot accomplish no matter how difficult the obstacle!! Just be sure to let them know that they were in your thoughts, prayers and miles!!!

Eventhough, the i is silent, the message speaks volumes.

I would like to thank the TTT board and its members for your support over these past 3 years. I have learned many things as my time as a sponsor to the team. Most of all is that is necessary for teamindure to reevaluate its future. Although I will be exploring a new direction, the above mission will not change. I look forward to what the future holds including helping you reach farther than you thought you could as well as honoring those who truly define strength!


Pete Barusic



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