July 2015
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This summer, Theatre Unbound returns to the Minnesota Fringe Festival with a remount of our 2009 production:  THE MOST MASSIVE WOMAN WINS.

Same beautiful story, same creative direction, with some new talent and a new venue.  If you missed it last time around, now's your chance! See the show that MN Fringe Audiences called:

" Wonderfully thought provoking. "

" The gutsiest, most engaging, painful, wonderful, transforming show I've seen in years. "

" By far, my favorite performance of the entire Festival. "

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TU Fringe Picks 2015

Theatre Unbound supports other companies that create space for women artists. We scoured the MN Fringe Festival website and picked our TOP TWENTY best bets for great theatre by women. In no particular order:


"Mom?": A Comedy of Mourners
by Box of Clowns

A Mermaid in Narnia (on LSD)
by Mermaid Productions

A Woman in Berlin
by Dirt Road Daughter  

Confessions Of A Butter Princess or Why The Cow Jumped Over the Moon
  by Little Lifeboats


Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader
by FurTrader Productions

Couple Fight
by Weggel-Reed Productions

Dance with the Devil
fringe logo
Check them out on the

by Erin Sheppard Presents  

Don't Move To Toronto
By Fresh Hell

Getting to Ellen
By BOOM! Theater

Leaving St. Paul
by Babo Works

Petunia and Chicken
by Animal Engine

Post Traumatic Super Delightful
by Pair of Animals

Pretty Girls Make Graves
by Loudmouth Collective

Pull Yourself Up By Your Bra Straps Part 3: Electric Boobaloo
By Swell Gal

Reinventing the Wolf
by Burntail Arts

Stuff That Reminds Me Of Other Things: a walking tour
by Keely Wolter

Teacher in the House
by Watson Arts

The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret
by Really Spicy Opera

The Mrs.
by Schmidtshow Productions

Under the Current
by Sharon Picasso Dance/Theater


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