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Happy April 1st! The school year is almost at its end and we are entering the final lap before we break for summer and start it all over again come fall. For some of you, this means returning to familiar faces where you can expect a return to normalcy. For others, this normalcy may have been disrupted and now you face an uncertainty of what to expect - you have grown in these few months and that comes with new perspectives and reactions. However, there are still some of you who may return to a normal that is not productive or nurturing to your growth and wellbeing; rather, you seek out a drastic change of lifestyle to support your needs and values.

This is where we have to question ourselves and ask "Is a return to normalcy really what we desire?" Who is this normalcy designed for and how does it benefit and oppress our communities we exist in? Rather than crave a return to normalcy, we call you all to demand a new normalcy - a normalcy where the world is kinder and appreciates each other more. Let's learn from all we have gone through and shared with each other these past years and push forward a new social climate that speaks to us all equally. In this, we can expect a brighter future to create and be proud of; one we created together.

Questions? We are here to point you in the right direction. Contact our team by emailing orientation@tulane.edu. You'll also find helpful resources on our website, orientation.tulane.edu. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@tulanenslp) to get to know our team and learn about resources for new students!
Roll Wave,

Rachel Weber
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