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2022 Routes

Access via RideWithGPS


RSVP to the RideWithGPS Event:


You can view and pin the routes from the event page. 

Route information, coupons, partner discounts, aid station products, and food/drink ticket redemption information is contained in the RideWithGPS Experience Portal. To access the Experience you must do so through the app on a mobile or tablet device. Instructions to access Experience:

1) Open RWGPS app (yes, you need the app) 

2) Hit “More” in bottom right corner 

3) Tap “Open Shortcut” enter TUFF22 and submit.

4) Enter your details 

5) Download the Guide to your App 

You cannot download the routes from the Experience page, only the Event page above. 


Raffle Update

Bellwether cycling clothing has contributed $500 in gift cards to the raffle and we have also added a gift bundle from Purist Natural Medicine.

Since BikeReg has closed, you can get more raffle tickets on our volunteer page or in person.

Raffle prizes are listed on our website. The more raffle tickets we sell, the more we can give back to MLR and MMCF. Current raffle value = $10,350. 

Raffle Prizes

Upcoming Instagram Lives:

Monday, Sept 12, 7pm PST

TUFF TALK: Course Reveals!

Friday, Sept 16, 6:30pm PST

The Rider Meeting: Final Updates

The TUFF Guide review, TUFF FLUFF, is saved on our Instagram profile. You can watch/listen to it back at this link

Volunteers & Pre-Ride Reg

We are in need of volunteers at aid stations. Location and shift info here.

Reminder to register for one of the three available pre-rides on the Pre-Ride section of sign-up below. 

Volunteers & Pre-Ride Sign-up 

Ride with GPS - Get 20% off a paid account.

1) Sign in or sign up for a Ride with GPS account.

2) Click this link

3) Choose which account type you would like (Premium or Basic).

Existing subscribers will have 20% off their next renewal.

Remember: Aid station  nutrition and hydration information is in the Experience portal.

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Get any last-minute gear from Competitive Cyclist or Backcountry.com, supporters of the TUFF. 

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