TUSD Weekly Update| 8.28.17
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TUSD Eclipse of My Heart Video
We will have to wait until August 12, 2045, for another solar eclipse like last week's to be viewed in Turlock. Can you imagine what the future will look like then?! Thankfully, due to the outstanding efforts of our educators, TUSD students will have the memory of the 2017 solar eclipse to hold them until the next one in 48 years!

Having Solar Eclipse withdrawals? Check out Science Friday's teacher resources for information about the Golden Record as well as great suggestions for classroom activities.

Science Friday Spoonfuls | What Message Would You Want ET to Find?
Solution Tree Principal Leadership Training
Each month, during the 2017-2018 school year, TUSD Principals will participate in Leadership Trainings facilitated by Paul Farmer from Solution Tree. At last Thursday’s first training, Principals worked through a jam-packed agenda. They furthered their understanding of the leadership in a Professional Learning Community to affect higher levels of collaborative work and student performance. One of the goals of the day was to develop the purpose of our Principal Guiding Coalition. The Principal team created the following purpose statement:

The purpose of TUSD’s Principal Guiding coalition is to develop our leadership capacity to focus on collaboration and results to ensure ALL students learn at high levels.

Principals can look forward to next month’s training where the focus will be on essential skill identification, assessment alignment and the 4 Critical Questions.
Meet Andy Walker
Andy Walker has worked in TUSD the past thirteen years teaching social studies at Pitman High School. In his after hours, Andy is a TUSD Energy Educator and he is tasked with monitoring and tracking our energy usage throughout the district. Each month he enters and analyzes over 100 bills from TID, PG&E, and the City of Turlock! TUSD implemented the energy program eight years ago in order to become more fiscally and environmentally responsible in regards to energy usage. Since this program was implemented, TUSD has reduced our energy usage by 25% and have a savings of over $3.6 million dollars. Due to TUSD's efforts, we have been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Energy Star Partner, as well as a top performing energy conservation district. When Andy is not teaching or conducting energy audits, he enjoys spending time with his wife April who teaches at Walnut Elementary Education Center and his three children Drew, Nolan, and Taylor. He also has a passion for baseball and woodworking. Thanks Andy for helping put the "US" in TUSD and for making us a little more green!
Where are they now? | Sunita Saini
Sunita Saini was just 16 years old when she graduated from Turlock High School as the Valedictorian for the Class of 1991. After high school Sunita went on to UC Davis where she majored in Neurobiology and Physiology and Behavior completing her degree in only three years due to the number of AP exams she successfully passed. Sunita then went on to medical school in the Midwest and is currently a practicing pediatrician in Turlock as well as an Attending Physician for the UC Davis School of Medicine. Sunita credits her 5th grade teacher at Crowell Elementary, Denise Lanini (now Loomis), for teaching her compassion and culture as well as a commitment to community service. At Turlock High School, Sunita fondly remembers history teacher Wayne Hinds and math teacher Ken Donaldson who pushed her to the highest levels, challenged her constantly, and helped her find value in doing more than was required. Sunita's own children have also found success in TUSD schools at Julien, Walnut, Turlock Junior High, and Turlock High School. She applauds Turlock as "the best place to raise children" and the "best public education in the Central Valley." Sunita and her husband will be competing in Turlock's Dancing with the Stars this Fall and she encourages you to visit her website at http://www.dancingwiththeturlockstars.com/avkash-sunita .
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