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"Every kid is just one caring adult away from being a success story." ~Josh Shipp
Teacher Tip: The Remind App
Kim Smith, Julien Elementary School
Communicating with parents has changed over the past decade for teachers. The vast majority of parents either have a smartphone or have an email address. The Remind App is one of the current apps used to quickly communicate with parents. My colleagues and I have found using this app is a beneficial form of communication. Knowing that parents are able to get information in a quick timely manner is helpful for both the parent and the teacher. Two years ago I switched from using primarily paper communication to regular electronic communication. The Remind App allows me to give parents a heads up on upcoming events, a change in homework, important papers that are being sent home, and most importantly, pictures of our class and what we learned that day. I often send a picture of students in active learning time and ask the parents to find out from their children about the activity. Parents have commented to me about how this has allowed for great after school conversations. Parents have also expressed how nice it is they are not missing any information about the classroom, as there can be times the note might have not made it home. The use of the Remind App allows parents to have a window to look into the daily happening of their student’s classroom, which fosters a closer relationship for parent, student, and teacher. I start each school year with a note regarding Remind. Back to School Night is perfect to have the info listed on the board and have them sign up while they are in the room. You can use Remind as an app and the message is sent to the parents as a text, or you can sign up and have them receive your messages as an email. The app currently is a free app on both Android and iPhone. 
SCMEA Festival
Dan Ijams, Music Educator
Congratulations to the following TUSD secondary music students on their selection to the 2019 County Music Festival, held on January 25 and 26, 2019, at Modesto Junior College. Thank you to our students, their families, and TUSD secondary music educators-Daniel Baudino, Sarah Carpenter, Don Grishaw, Silva Kachadorian, Ruben Modesto, Yohan Partan, Zach Stillman, and Joe Tovar-for supporting music education in Stanislaus County. 
PHS and THS Honor Choir Students 
Isaac Aguirre, Alexis Alvarez, Frank Alvear, Eden Arnold, Aden Autra, Giovanni Barros, Gracie Brogdon, Gisele Caballero, Nathan Carbajal, Kayla Costa, Madison Cunha, Arryn Daniels, Kylie Duffy, Robert Escobar, Kareli Gutierrez, Irene Gutierrez-Perez, Frances Haydock, Morgan Haydock, Delaney Holmes, Abrianna Hyatt, Zachery Kellison, Edward Lopez, Grace Marson, Elizabeth Martinez, Clara Medeiros, Faith Neumann, Cameron Nycum, Rachel Olthof, Marissa Osqueda, Brenda Pineda, Josue Ramirez, Emerald Smith Antella Sargis Warda, Jordan Somers, Ashlyn Storie, Elyse Swanson, Aaren Tracy, Grace Urban, Miguel Zambrano, Jasmine Zapata
DMS and TJHS Honor Orchestra Students
Aislinn Brown, Joel Carrillo, Francis Angel Daroy, Juan Pablo Davalos, Ethan de Oliveira, Sarah Foster, David Garcia-Soto, Mia Karr, James Kiehn, Eve Lewis, Esmerelda Mendez, Adelin Partridge, Maya Salvador, Nicole Selkow, Aaron Shields
PHS and THS Honor Orchestra Students
Caitlyn Bell, Skye Cardoza, Joseph Carlsen-Sutherland, Aiden DeCure, Giuliana Delgadillo, Sharlien Envich, Jaden Fonoti, Katrina Hawley, Andrew Ippolito, Charlotte Laska, Maxwell Lee, Ethan Linn, Anh Luu, Annie Moen, Rose Savelson, Amiya Keturi, Kayla Khodi, Jacquelyn Mendez, Sevrin Radzins, Ruth Ramirez, Ashlea Rosenburg, Gabrielle Sotomayor, Sarah Shahbazian, Rosario Ramirez, Chuc Luu, Diana Olthof, Andree Shields, Sacha Thompson-Sargoni, Molly Thompson, Jennavieve Van Oostende, Alyssa Wallen, Edward Yaco, Lina Yang
DMS and TJHS County Honor Band Students
Lexie Addington, Andrew Azevedo, Aidan Beekman, Brynn Cardoza, Sam Carlsen-Sutherland, Liam Collinson, Harrison Day, Sarah Dunn, Adali Guerrero, Jonathan Jarchow, Isaac Lara, Venize Llena, Kory Odisho, Nicolas Mendes, Mimi Olthof, Anika Olive, Matthew Perry, Justine Piro, Andrew Rivera, Alice Stessman, Richard Wang, Joshua Weatherbee, Jayden Wiley
PHS and THS County Honor Band Students
Mitchell Amos, Simon Bacon, Emily Bernardo, Jason Bricky, Matthew Brown, Morley Brown, Brandon Byers, Joshua Curby, Charles Dunham-Filson, Lillian Escobar, Tiffany Figurell, Ximena Flores, Jaysa Garcia, Sarah Gordon, Alyssa Myrta Gonzales, Katja Guerrero, Emma Hoover, Lauren Machado, Giselle Miranda, Ethan Robinson, Nicholas Tullio, Roberto Virgen, Evan Wright, Maki Waters, David Zhang
Tech in TUSD
Marshall Beyer, Ed Tech Coach
Calm App
Jennifer Carlsen, Student Support Clinician
Do you need a little more “Calm” in your classroom? The Calm app, which helps educate kids and adults about mindfulness and relaxation strategies is now free for educators. The makers of the Calm app have launched the “Calm Schools Initiative” which includes giving every teacher free access to Calm’s paid subscription service including all of their “Calm Kids” content. Teachers know that calm minds are ready to listen and better able to learn. As a therapist I have often recommended this app for clients struggling with anxiety, depression and concentration difficulties. Research supports the use of mindfulness meditation to improve mood, reduce worry and increase self-control. 
Athletic Director Weekly Wrap-Up
Mike Brown, Turlock High School
Boys Basketball 
11–10 overall and 4- 1 league Tied for 1st in league with Gregori. Beat Modesto 70-58 and Enochs 84 -71.

Girls Basketball       
14–7 overall and 4–1 league. Tied for 1st place in our league with Pitman. Beat Modesto 72-17 and Enochs 53-46. The latter was a very close game and came down to the last seconds!

Boys Soccer
15 – 0 – 3 overall. 5 – 0 league. 1st place in CCAL. Beat Gregori 3 – 0 and Modesto 5– 0.

Girls Soccer
16 –1 -1 overall and 4 – 1 league. 1st place in CCAL. Beat Gregori 6– 0 and Modesto 8– 0.

Huge week for the bulldogs winning every contest for the week. Next week will decide league championships and playoff picture. Go ‘Dogs!

Coach of the Week:  Doug Sperry (Boys Soccer). Doug has coached his team to an undefeated season so far this year. His team is ranked 1st in our section, 12the in California and 42nd in the nation. He graduated in 2000 from Turlock High School, received his degree from UC Davis, and was hired to teach history at THS. Doug started coaching about 18 years ago. He has coached basketball, baseball and soccer. Congrats Doug!

Athlete of the Week:  Alex Mejia (Boys Soccer) sophomore who scored 2 goals in win against Gregori on Wednesday. Has a 3.5 GPA. Great young leader for the team!
Dave Walls, Pitman High School
Boys Basketball
The Pitman boys continue to fight and grind as they work to increase their win total for the season. The Pride endured another tough week as they drop two close games. Falling to Gregori on Wednesday night 54-45 and to Modesto on Friday 53-67 in front of a large Hoopscoming crowd. The Pride fall to 1-7 in CCAL and 8-14 overall.

Girls Basketball
The Lady Pride kept pace with league leading Turlock as they went 2-0 of the week. The Ladies beat Gregori of Tuesday 77-40 and Modesto on Thursday 57-27.  A victory on Monday over Downey could set up a winner take all game on Wednesday for the CCAL flag with Turlock. The Pride are 15-9 overall and 7-1 in CCAL play.

Boys Soccer
Like the ladies - The Pride also stayed in the hunt for the CCAL Championship and secured a playoff spot by going 2-0 for the week. The Pride defeated Downey on Wednesday 4-1 and Gregori on Friday 5-0.  The Pride are 15-2 overall and 7-1 in CCAL play – and a victory on Monday could set up battle for the championship on Wednesday with league leading Turlock.

Girls Soccer
The Lady Pride stayed in the hunt for the CCAL flag and secured a playoff spot by going 2-0 for the week. The Pride defeated Downey 3-0 on Wednesday and Gregori 2-0 in the wind and rain on Friday night in Modesto.  The victories kept the Pride 2 games behind league leading Turlock with two to play. The Pride are 13-4-1 overall and 6-2 in league.

Pitman Wrestling continued their outstanding season by taking home honors at the CCAL Wrestling Championships held on Saturday at Pitman High School. The Pride sent all 14 of the their wrestlers to the finals. Pitman came away with 7 Champions and 7 – 2nd Place finishers.  Pitman and Turlock dominated the day wrestling in 9 of the 14 championship matches. Pitman will head to the SJS DII Individual Championships next Friday and Saturday at Gregori High School.
Kids' Art Corner
Walnut Elementary Education Center
This is TUSD
Meet Scott Cortez, Crowell Elementary School
How long have you worked in TUSD? I have been with the district for 13 years. I started in food services, then I was a custodian for Turlock until I finished school and became a teacher in 2012.
What is your job title? 6th Grade Teacher at Crowell Elementary School
Where did you work prior to TUSD?  I was a custodian and sub for TUSD and, before TUSD, I worked with my father-in-law as a tile setter.
Any info you would like to share about your job? Average day?  I love it! Best career choice I could have ever made. I can honestly say I love my career and I do not dread Mondays but look forward to them. An average day is not average because things can change from day-to-day. When my days get average is when I get bored and then my students will be bored.

Things you are most proud of? I am most proud that I am always trying to learn something new. Every year I reflect and improve my teaching craft. I am not a complacent teacher but a teacher who responds to his students’ needs.

Challenges? The challenges which get to me the most are when I learn where some of my students come from. The lack of love they get from home is sometimes hard to understand. I feel fortunate students feel confident to share with me their experiences and worries.

Favorite memory/story ? My favorite memory is when students come back to tell me they are succeeding in junior high or high school. When they share this to me I feel proud and a sense of accomplishment.

What are you reading? I just finished reading The Classroom Chef: Sharpen Your Lessons, Season Your Classes, Make Math Meaningfu l. Next, I plan to finish reading West Coast Bodybuilding Scene: The Golden Era . Or a book on Restorative Justice that is recommended on Twitter.

Any favorite shows you’re watching on TV? I like anything crime related like First 48 but, at the moment, I am watching reruns of Cheers .

Anything surprising we may not know about you? Something surprising about me is that when I was a custodian, I still worked full-time and went to school full-time. I am thankful for the opportunity and support my past managers and TUSD has given me.

Anything about your personal life you’d like to share? I like to go on long bike rides and. at the moment, am going to the gym. This is where I can unwind and think!
Students of TUSD: Crowell Elementary
Something new in communications . . . Last year we introduced you to our schools, this spring we are introducing you to our students—a little feature we’re calling ‘Students of TUSD.’ ‪Thank you to Crowell Elementary School Principal Margaret Osmer for letting us visit with Fisher, Jantin, and Monique today. Shout out to their teachers—Molly Farrar, Barbara Hemphill, & Scott Cortez. Go Cougars!
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Pitman High School Hoopscoming
Congratulations to our Hoopscoming Royalties!
TUSD Farm’s new entry gate!
The 411
LCAP Survey Now Open!
Deadline: March 1, 2019
It is once again time to let your voice be heard. The purpose of the LCAP survey us to gather input for creating TUSD’s Local Control Accountability Plan. The LCAP will be used to guide decisions regarding how we allocate resources for our programs. We appreciate you taking the time to help us plan for the future needs of our TUSD students—your voice matters!
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