TUSD Weekly Update
Look for the Helpers
As we prepare to go into an unprecedented school shutdown, we want to take a moment to recognize all the "helpers" in TUSD who have stepped up to meet the challenge of COVID-19 with grit, determination, and collaboration. Whether it is delivering remote instruction, serving meals, sanitizing classrooms, answering calls, or just "keeping the trains running," we all have an important role to play during this crisis. We will emerge from this experience a stronger school, District, and community because of people like you, the "US" in TUSD. Stay safe and healthy and we hope to see everyone again soon for a second, first day of school!
Thank you to the TUSD Student Support Clinicians for These Resources!
10 Tips to Settle Coronavirus Anxiety
Darrah Wilson, Student Support Clinician
1. Limit Exposure to Media
2. Be Intentional with Thoughts and Words
3. Engage the Five Senses
4. Be Here Now
5. Distract Yourself
6. Thank the Amygdala
7. Be Kind to Yourself
8. Be Kind to Others
9. Excavate for your Resilience
10. Seek Help from a Professional

The Yucky Bug
Jennifer Carlsen, Student Support Clinician
One of our favorite children’s authors, Julia Cook, has written a book for young children about COVID-19 called “The Yucky Bug. ” Please enjoy this sweet book its and illustrations by elementary school kids. We feel this text is appropriate for students in TK-2 nd grade. 

California Peer-Run Warm Line - Services Available 24/7 to Avoid Crisis During COVID Outbreak
The California Peer-Run Warm Line is a highly accessible, low-threshold mental health resource that people can use to seek support before they've reached the crisis point, in the hope that support now will prevent crisis later. We are also able to help link you to local emergency, mental health, or social services. All calls are free and confidential.  

Toll-Free Number: 1-855-845-7415
Share Your Awesome!

Marie Russell
Chief Communication Coordinator

We would love to have ALL staff help share our TUSD story to the world, but if that is not really your thing, just email Marie Russell for an opt-out form.