TUSD Weekly Update| 1.29.18
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TUSD All Students' Performance
Marjorie Bettencourt, Director of Assessment and Accountability
C alifornia has a new website designed to help communities across the State access important information about K–12 districts and schools – including ours. The California School Dashboard features easy-to-read reports on multiple measures of school success, including test scores, graduation rates, English learner progress and suspension rates. Districts, schools, and subgroups receive one of five color-coded performance levels (blue, green, yellow, orange and red) on the State indicators. Performance levels are calculated based on current performance (status) compared to past performance (change). The Dashboard will help inform the local planning and stakeholder engagement process around our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) as well as help identify Districts and schools in need of additional assistance under state and federal law. For more specific information, including subgroup data, visit the Dashboard website or view the Dashboard update Board presentation.

Child Nutrition Center
Scott Soiseth, Director of Child Nutrition
After two years of planning and nine months of construction, Child Nutrition has officially started moving into the new TUSD Child Nutrition Education Center. CNC staff are excited to finally be housed in the same building! The final batch of concrete was poured last week on the ramp for a new 5,000 square foot freezer and the contractors are finalizing their punch list for the project. One small hiccup is that a re-design was necessary to fix the freezer’s fire suppression system which will, unfortunately, push out food production for four to six weeks. 

The CNC staff is looking forward to ramping up production of Real Fresh meals including their famous rotisserie chicken and healthy salads. Fresh fruits and vegetables will also be processed at the new center. And, great news, they even have a pizza deck oven for class parties. Form an orderly line!

Scott is looking forward to the completion date so he can start showing off this wonderful facility with many tours and cooking events. Congratulations to all the CNC staff on their beautiful new work space.

App/Web Resource Review and Approval Process
Jay Brem, Director of Technology and Innovation
Interested in using a new app, Chrome extension, or web resource with your students? Great! If it supports student learning, go for it! But first, let’s make sure that resource is safe for our students to use. Just like we protect our students physically with measures like fencing, locked doors, and emergency drills, we need to take the same approach when we ask them to sign up for an educational website or put personal information out on the web. Fortunately, we have a process in place to help with that. We created it with the help of legal counsel, and while it’s still a work in progress, it’s a good start. You can see an overview video HERE that explains the steps, and the process form with links to necessary documents is HERE (you’ll need to be logged in to your TUSD Google account). Thanks for your work in keeping our students safe, and contact the Technology Services Department with any questions you have!
Hometown Hero
Lauren Lavelle is a 2009 Turlock High School graduate who also attended Julien Elementary and Turlock Junior High School. Lauren joined the military to help pay for college and is currently serving at Otis Air National Guard Base in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Lauren has spent the past 8 1/2 years as a Cyber Systems Operator and reached the rank of E-6 Technical Sergeant (TSgt). She is currently attending Officer Training School and will graduate in March as a Second Lieutenant and then will become a Logistics Officer. Lauren's biggest challenge is balancing her civilian and military career. As a traditional Guardsman, Lauren works a full-time civilian job and performs her military duty one weekend a month as well as two weeks a year. Lauren would like to recognize her parents who always taught her to never take no for an answer. They also taught her if she wanted to do something then she should find a way to accomplish it which led her to join the military so she could afford to attend college on the East Coast. Lauren is very thankful for the teachers she had throughout her schooling in TUSD and shared that she often thinks of the lessons and skills she learned and still applies them today. Thank you for your service, Lauren!
Meet Liz
Program Specialist
Elizabeth "Liz" Ladine has worked in TUSD since 2003 and is in her 22nd year in the field of education. Liz got her start in TUSD as a School Psychologist and is currently working as a Program Specialist. In this position, Liz facilitates special education programming at the District and site level primarily to support compliance but most importantly to be part of a team that works to ensure positive learning outcomes for students with disabilities. Ensuring compliance is one of Liz's biggest challenges but she is proud to be working side-by-side with "very talented, gifted experts" and to be considered a valued member of their team.

Liz's husband Steve is a teacher and they have three children who attend Turlock schools. In their free time, her family enjoys traveling and have visited 34 states with their children so far. Liz shared that, as a child, she lived next to the current On-Track building which formerly housed the Turlock High School Lead Custodian. Liz and her sister would often ride on his cart around campus and they also enjoyed feeding the stray cats that lived under the District Office. Liz shared that she feels "at home" in TUSD and is honored to be part of the "US" in TUSD. She stole my line!
Congrats to 2018
Employees Making a Difference Nominees
Rufus Keaton
Turlock High School
Yia Moua
Walnut Elementary Education Center
Carrie Manzo
Crowell Elementary School
Where in the World is . . . Colin King?
Turlock High School
Colin King was a 2006 valedictorian at Turlock High School and also attended Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy and Dutcher Middle School. After graduating, Colin headed to UCLA where he majored in Psychology and minored in Statistics. Colin currently works for Hulu in the Consumer and Market Insights Department. He fondly remembers both Ken and Kathlyn Donaldson at THS and credits them both for fostering his love of math by making it fun and interesting. Colin advises students to "be nice to your teachers as they are really looking out for your best interests," a sentiment bound to get approval from our staff! Colin shared that although he couldn't secure the spot of being the most successful "Colin K" to come out of the Class of 2006 in Turlock, he is hoping to be at least #2! Best wishes Colin!
Kids' Corner
Itzel Salas, Grade 6, Wakefield Elementary School
Six Word Stories
Sophia Guerino
Pitman HIgh School
Grade | 12
Fave Subject | Physics
Activities | Works at La Mo, Church, and Intern for Assemblyman Heath Flora
Career Goal | Pilot or Aerospace Engineer
College Goal | University of Alabama
Fave Thing About School | Friends
Last Week in Social Media
Thank you to our CTE Advisory Committee members who attended our annual dinner meeting. Shout out to the Pitman High School Culinary Arts program and instructor Mohini Singh for preparing our delicious meal. Contact 667-2990 if you are a business interested in partnering with TUSD! 
Shout out to our M & O crew who worked to replace the dugout roofs on the Turlock High School varsity baseball field: Marcos, Martin, Chris, Ricky, Valentin, Robert, & Blake! Play ball! 
Congratulations to Turlock High School Speech & Debate/Drama instructor Michele VanNieuwenhuyzen who received $5,000 at the TUSD Board of Trustees meeting from the Carlston Family Foundation. She has earmarked this award for student scholarships!
Congratulations to Turlock High School students Andrew Wright, William Foote, and Rachel Day on their outstanding performances at the Rotary Speech Contest. William will be advancing to the next round and all contestants received a scholarship check for their efforts. Yay!
‪It’s Earl Elementary School night at the Board of Trustees meeting! Shout out to Julieann Diaz and Ishaan Singh who gave the Inspiration and Flag Salute, respectively.
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