TUSD Weekly Update| 2.12.18
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Bitmoji Fun
A team of folks has been working on an a new TUSD Communications Plan and Event Protocol that will be rolled out in the 2018-2019 school year. As part of our ongoing effort to put the "fun" in TUSD communications we have twisted the arms of our District administrators and Bitmojied them! They drew the line at SnapChat filters. Can you identify all 16?
Shellie Santos, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
TUSD principals meet monthly in collaborative teams to "learn by doing," which is the premise behind a Professional Learning Community. This month, the principal team focused on critical question #3 "How will we respond when students don't learn?" Each shared their RtI/MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) model. We examined the different levels of support provided in Tier 1, 2 and 3. We gained valuable information and examples throughout the day from our Solution Tree Associate PLC Lead Paul Farmer. The principals are eager to work with their site leadership team to develop a systematic process for their school. We know that every student does not learn the same way and every student does not develop at the same speed. If we can target instruction and provide time, the school is more likely to achieve high levels of learning for every student.
TUSD-STAFF Wireless Network
Jay Brem, Director of Technology and Innovation
If you’re a staff member trying to connect a phone, tablet, or laptop to our wireless network, click HERE for instructions. The staff network “recognizes” you and provides access similar to what you experience when you’re logged onto a wired computer on the network. If you have questions, call our Help Desk at 664-9220.
TUSD Farm Field Trip
“I highly encourage our elementary students to visit the farm… it’s a great opportunity to learn about the importance of agriculture in our community, and the science behind it all. Contact David Lattig for more information about the farm.”

~Bret Sutterley
Walnut Elementary Education Center
On Tuesday, February 6, the Walnut Discovery 5 th graders took a tour of the TUSD Farm. Teachers Dave Sutton and Bret Sutterley were both recipients of Ag in the Classroom grants this year. Using their funding, they have offered multiple taste tests of California crops (varieties of apples, pears, and citrus so far) and field trips to their students. The two classes visited the Ag Farm and were led on a tour of the facility by Pitman High School’s Laura Brem. Students learned a great deal about soil preparation, crops, irrigation techniques, and animal care that will all be centered at the farm both now and in years to come. The two classes will return in the spring to participate in planting vegetables! They also plan to visit the new nutrition center to learn from Scott Soiseth about food preparation and nutrition for our students.
What Ever Happened to . . . Jacqueline Holt?
Pitman High School
Jacqueline Holt was the 2008 valedictorian of Pitman High School and has gone on to amazing achievements in her life after TUSD. Jacqueline credits teachers throughout her time in TUSD as having a powerful impact on her education and personal life, but would like to recognize her volleyball coaches—Paola Inman and Kristen Pontes-Christian—in particular, for helping cultivate her leadership style, strong female voice, and drive to accomplish goals she never thought possible. 

After graduating from high school, Jacqueline attended Stanford University where she received a B.A. in Human Biology with a concentration in Healthcare, Business, and Organizational Management. After graduating from Stanford, she worked at Apple and then transitioned into the field of fund development, first working at CSU Stanislaus as the Director of Annual Giving and launching the One Purpose fundraising campaign. Currently, she serves as the Manager of Donor Engagement and Stewardship for the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination, helping to fundraise $25M for this growing, multiethnic, intergenerational church comprised of approximately 875 churches in the United States and Canada, with ministry partnerships in over 40 countries. 

Some of the greatest advice Jacqueline ever received from a mentor was to choose your influences wisely because you will never just "drift" into becoming your best self. Jacqueline shared that to actually “grow as a person requires you to be surrounded by a community of people who are speaking truth and love into our lives." She encourages students to take a moment to reflect on what or who is influencing your life right now and ask whether that influence is helping you to be better tomorrow than you are today. If not, Jacqueline advises, then maybe it is time to make a change. Good luck, Jacqueline, on your future endeavors!
Meet Jennifer
Coordinator of Library Resources
Jennifer Gehl has worked in TUSD since 2011 and during that time has worn a variety of hats including a substitute para-professional, para-professional, library tech and now Coordinator of Library Resources at Turlock High School. Prior to coming to TUSD, Jennifer worked as a paralegal and office manager for 14 years at a local law firm. Working in a library with students, Jennifer shared that is important to strike the right balance between helping students and teaching them to help themselves. She enjoys working with so many people who are truly focused on helping the youth in the community succeed. Jennifer's husband, Scott, is a teacher and baseball coach at Oakdale High School. Their oldest son, Dalton, graduated from THS in 2015 and is currently finishing up his degree in Criminal Justice at CSU, Stanislaus while their youngest son, Spencer, is enrolled at THS. When they are not at work, Scott and Jennifer enjoy spending time with family and friends. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping put the "US" in TUSD!
Hometown Hero
Kelsee Moore graduated from Pitman High School in 2013 and is currently serving in the U.S. Army and is stationed in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Kelsee is a Second Lieutenant and her job assignment is a Health Care Administrative Assistant/70B for the Medical Services Corps. Kelsee shared that she joined the military because she had a passion for "wounded warriors." After enrolling in ROTC at Liberty University, she knew that military life was her calling and loves working in the Army medical field. Her favorite part of the job is its "intensity" and she enjoys watching people "push their bodies to the limit" and succeed in things they never thought possible. Kelsee is married--her husband is an Infantry Officer stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia--and being separated due to their careers is her biggest challenge. She is currently working on a Master's degree in Exercise Science: Human Performance and hopes to someday be a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the Army. Kelsee is thankful to her father for encouraging her to join ROTC as she had a "phenomenal" experience at Liberty University and also met her husband through the program. According to Kelsee, "Army ROTC has taught me how to effectively communicate, make rational decisions under stress, and push my body to new limits." She encourages anyone that is thinking about becoming a military officer to give it a shot as you never know where it can take you. Thank you for your service, Kelsee!
Kids' Corner
Thank you to Crowell and Medeiros Elementary Schools for their Valentine's Day art work!
Last Week in Social Media
Shout out to CSU, Stanislaus and Titus the mascot for visiting Wakefield Elementary School and inspiring our kindergarteners to keep pursuing their education so that they can attend college in the future! 
Congrats to our secondary February Students of the Month who were treated to a special luncheon and recognition courtesy of the Noon Rotary Club. Great job!
‪Educators from all over TUSD gathered at the Professional Development Center for a quarterly Equity Task Force meeting. We’re not settling until ALL barriers to learning are torn down! 
Shout out to eCademy Principal Tim Norton, CTE instructor Serena Navarro, and counselor Esmirna Imperial for organizing a trip for 33 students to  @mercedcollege  and @ucmerced . They toured both campuses, snagged a course catalog, & got a taste of college life!
‪Double the fun! Shout out to eCademy’s Sin family and Cassandra Peck on providing the Flag Salute and Inspiration, respectively, at last week's TUSD Board of Trustees meeting.
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