TUSD Weekly Update|3.5.18
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Project GROW Site Swag
Jay Brem, Director of Technology and Innovation
After months of waiting, we finally received the last few pieces for our swag bags for our Project GROW Kickoff Initiative-winning sites: Roselawn and eCademy. A big shout out to staff at both sites for their participation and patience. Who knew we’d have to get mice sent in from out of state? Keep up the good work with technology!
Helping Your Anxious Child: Two Ways Parents Can Help 
Jennifer Carlsen, Student Support Clinician, C.A.R.E. Program
Every kid worries now and then, but some children are constantly anxious. The two types of anxiety that are most common with kids are fears of specific things, like social situations or leaving their parents, or a more generalized anxiety disorder, which is continual worrying about everyday life.

Worrying is distracting and can impact concentration, and it has physical side effects as well. Anxious children often get headaches or stomachaches and can have trouble falling asleep.

Two ways parents can help their child manage worry is to 1) get active and 2) practice relaxation.

Activities like dancing, walking, running, jumping jacks, push-ups or anything that gets your heart beating fast for 20-30 minutes is helpful in calming down anxious thoughts and also helps the physical side effects of anxiety.

Relaxation activities like taking deep breaths, taking a bath or shower, listening to music or picturing beautiful, natural settings can help calm down that over-active nervous system and can help an anxious child do better problem-solving.
Where in the World are . . . the de la Mottes?
Turlock High School
Mark and Laura de la Motte were long-time TUSD employees with 38 years of teaching under their belts when they retired in 2013. Theirs is a Turlock High School love story as they met in the fall of 1975 as first year teachers and were married by June of 1976! Mark taught social studies at THS and also coached a variety of sports, including baseball. The Bulldogs are fortunate to still have Mark at the helm as the Head Varsity Baseball coach at THS. He enjoys working on the baseball field and also meeting fellow retired coaches for a monthly “Old Coaches Breakfast.” Laura taught home economics at THS which encompassed everything from sewing and cooking to life management and child development. Fittingly, Laura still enjoys experimenting with recipes and also meeting her circle of fellow retiree friends for a monthly lunch and book club. Laura and Mark have two daughters, Sarah and Rebecca, who are both married and, as a family, they have all travelled to Oktoberfest in Munich and also St. Marteen. Their family was very excited to welcome Jacob, the first grandchild, last year! Thank you Mark and Laura for your long record of service to TUSD which still continues today.
Meet Lisa
Coordinator of Campus Supervisors
Lisa Narciso has worked in TUSD for 20 years and is currently the Coordinator of Campus Supervisors at Pitman High School. Prior to coming to TUSD, Lisa worked for various other employers including Stanislaus County Alternative Education, John B. Allard, Petersen Alternative Center for Education and Juvenile Hall. In TUSD, Lisa has been a Cunningham Eagle, TJHS Tiger, Turlock Bulldog and is now a proud member of the Pitman Pride. Lisa shared that she loves her job and some days are fun, some not so much, but every day brings challenges which keep her on her toes and young at heart. When not at work, Lisa loves doing DIY home projects, lending a hand to help friends, and heading down to Huntington Beach for some rest and relaxation. Thank you, Lisa, for helping out the “US” in TUSD.
Kids' Corner
Mary Asgill, Turlock High School
Evan Wright is a sophomore at Turlock High School and is involved many extracurricular activities. He is a loyal member of the Poetry Club and BSU. He is also Vice-President of the Philosophy Club. Along with these activities, Evan has a passion for music through which he hopes to cultivate beauty and compassion in the world. Evan has three brothers that push him to understand how his actions impact the world around him and help to make his impact on the world positive. Through his poetry Evan strives to create work that asks critical questions and continues the push for equality and progress of both the Civil Rights and Black Rights movements. During Black History Month, Evan recently shared his poetry on KFCF 88.1 in Fresno, CA, as well as over the PA system during Advisement at THS for the entire student body to hear. We are proud to share Evan's voice to the world and look forward to his attendance at the upcoming BSU Conference.
You are a miracle, you are a
revolution waiting to erupt,
But one day they will come for you,
they will rip your tongue out
and demand that you speak

They will take your black from you,
tell you that they don’t see color
that you are no different, then,
they will tell you to go back to Africa.
They will make traffic stops feel
more like Judgement Day
They will move your family reunions
from parks to prisons

They will move your home from
the Bay Area to the Valley
They will put you in schools where none
Of your classmates look like you

They will take your music and act
like they invented it, act like blues
wasn’t slave vernacular, like it wasn’t
ululations uttered through melancholy melody delineating suffering

They will teach you that to be black
is to be criminal to be violent
They will teach you that black
is something to be feared that you
are something to be feared
Teach you that the police will
Protect you, unless you look like suspect,
like criminal, like perpetrator
Unless you look dark, as if the night
had swallowed you
Unless you look threatening,
look dangerous.
Unless you look at them

And see Jim Crow, because they
would not hesitate to silence the
Nat Turner in you so move slow.
Do not give them a reason to bury
you because they already think
that they are above you
But do not mistake your compliance
with defeat, because one wrong move
could turn you into a martyr for a
cause that you never intended to die for

They would not let you get out of the cradle
before putting you in the grave
To them you are subhuman,
They will turn you into a man before
you ever get to be a child and call you
boy far beyond your childhood

They will make you want to be violent,
want to be criminal, want to show them that
you have teeth. But you must stop,
And realize that it would not take a miracle
to move them, it would not take a miracle
to educate them on the social injustice that this country was founded on, it would not take a miracle for them to realize that you are human too.

And even when they try to take this from you,
Strip you of your humanity as if it were a privilege
You must remember, that you, are a miracle
Ahora Paiman, Grade 2, Crowell Elementary School
Yailin Gutierrez, Grade 2, Crowell Elementary School
Anahi DelaTorre, Grade 2, Crowell Elementary School
Matthew Nazarpour, Grade 2, Crowell Elementary School
Six Word Stories
Pitman High School
Name | Jazz Dhami

Grade | 11

Career Goal | Become a mechanic

College Goal | UTI

Fave Thing About School | The teachers
Last Week in Social Media
‪“You’re never too old,‬ too wacky, too wild‬ ‪to pick up a book‬ ‪and read to a child.”‬ ‪It's National  #ReadAcrossAmerica  Day — in other words, happy  #DrSeussDay ! Thank you to our staff and community members who pitched in to make this a day to remember for our students!
We ❤️ our TUSD staff. Have someone you appreciate? Give them a shout out! #tusd   #EmployeeAppreciationDay  
❤️ this lunch-time “Mix it Up” activity at Turlock Junior High School. Counselors organized tables with various questions designed to get students talking as part of their Bullying Awareness Month.
Who doesn’t love a training that includes a huggable teddy bear? TUSD educators attended a training today from our friends at Jessica’s House on Trauma Informed Strategies. Thankful for our community partners who help us provide social-emotional supports for our students in need.
Love ALL our Career Technical Education community partnerships but this one very special and close to our ❤️! Juniors and seniors in our Health Occupations classes have the opportunity to intern at Turlock Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 4 days a week assisting staff and residents alike. What great real world training for future careers in the healthcare industry! 
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